"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Its been FIVE months!!!

Hooley Dooley this year has FLOWN! We're in JULY already?!!!

Well, Sunday came and went, and I even forgot the significance of the day!!! It marked 5 months, exactly since we first laid eyes and hands on our sweet baby girl. Geez - FIVE months?! It seriously feels like an eternity ago (even though, I just said, this year is flying!!!) Little Miss Tari Mei is a pea in our pod. We had an interview with a head master the other day, we introduced our children, oldest to youngest. With great enthusiasm, he knelt in front of Tari and said "this little one is obviously adopted, which country is she from?" (turns out, his youngest child was adopted from Taiwan) - but I had to stop and think "Is it REALLY that obvious, that she's adopted?"!!!!!! I know, I laugh about - because apparently she looks very asian?!!! I CAN'T SEE IT!!! I keep looking at her, trying to see how chinese she is - but all I see is my funny girl laughing back at me!!!

Its like people telling you (when you're waiting for your precious child of your dreams) - "she'll be worth the wait". When she's not in your arms - that statement is no comfort and makes no sense. People told me, that our daughter wouldn't be "our adopted daughter" - she'd just be Tari, your third child. I couldn't possibly realise the magnitude of this statement, until our daughter was living in our house... BEING our third child.

Life is good. Unbelievably good. Tari is more than the child of my dreams - I could never have dreamed how wonderful this little girl is. And how fulfilled I could be. Oh yeah... VERY important news... Tari finally has enough hair for it to sit down flat!!!! And what does a Mummy do, when her daughter's hair is long enough to sit flat? Put it up in a tiny pony tail of course!!! (you can just see it in the 12 July photo!)

I'm sorry I don't get to "pop in" to as many blogs (and certainly not as often), as I'd like - but I think of you all often. Are the Salsa twins baking cookies? Wondering how Harlow is? I bet Bri is such a grown up little lady now. Hope Emma's health is on the improve. I wonder how many words Claire is saying now? Is Ava sleeping well? Is Abby at the park? Is Alice enjoying winter holidays with her siblings? I wonder how Delilah's toilet training is going? Is Oliver crawling faster than ever? Is Hannah at School? How long has Alyzabeth An's hair gotten? What are Naomi & Zoe up to? Is Eme loving her new family and home? Is Olivia visiting her farm? I wonder how Maisie's gymnastics is going? What's Elena up to? Is Maddie watching football? Are Aly & Lili singing? Has Tate had a haircut yet?!! Bet Adam & Jeane are doing something crazy with their brothers and sisters!! Lordie! I bet Gracie is just huge now?! I think of Tess everytime Tari wears one of her gooorgeous outfits. Is Julia in school yet? Bet Lana is blitzing her class (or is she still on holidays?!)

Then my thoughts turn to my beloved cyber-friends, who are yet to see their beautiful children. To Doris, Catherine, Krista, Stacey, Heather, Kim, Tonginnator's Mum, Fliss (geeeez... I shouldn't name names... I'm sure to have forgotten someone?!!) Ladies - I'm thinking of you all. Keep the faith... even if by a thread... one that thread will bind you so tight - to someone beyond your wildest expectations.

To Emily's family - YAY!!! You finally meet!!! (in China now)

And lastly, to those special families, who are in that "limbo" stage - of holding that precious photo... yet waiting to actually reach out and touch their blessing. To the Bouton Brood, Kris & Garth, Debbie & Shane, Amalia's family... hugs to you - I am thinking of you!

And Finally (yes... I'm practicing to be a Preacher?!!!), in closing...

Here's a snapshot (or 10!) of the last couple of months

Look who rules the roost?!!!