"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Monday, 28 January 2008

Sleepless in Adelaide!

I've got a shocking cold, and have been popping pills to dry up my "running tap" of a nose. The brand Mr T bought when he last had a cold, does absolutely nothing for me, so I made a trip to the Chemist to buy me some hard-c0re dr.ugs! I got me some, that work fantatic! I made the mistake of taking on at about 8pm last night, and at 330am... I was still wide awake! Urgh!

I think I nodded off at about 4am. I had so much going on in my head.

One of my (many) unfortunately personality traits, is once I come up with, what seems to me, to be a good idea - I can't rest til I've researched it, in its entirety. Since about Oct last year, I've been thinking about moving closer to school. The drive is about 20 mins on a super duper good day (if I leave early), and 50 mins if I hit traffic... which usually happens. Late last year, the kids were driving me absolutely bonkers, arguing and annoying each other in the back seat. I started to fine them $2 everytime they argued, which helped! But... I still think about moving. We currently live fairly close to the beach, and school is near the hills. I love my house, I love where I live... and I love our school. If only I could move one closer to the other - it would be a perfect world?!!

I did some searching for properties and found 2 that I think are just what we need... Mr T disagrees. He won't move. Another of my unfortunately traits, is that I won't rest til I have my way!!! Well, that's not entirely true, but I believe I'm always open to new ideas... the timing may be a little off... but I'll consider most things! So here I am. My brain wants to move (we've finished our house... maybe I need a new project?!!!) but my heart wants to stay ~ and keep the peace. My brain says, now is a good time, the market is good - we'll get excellent return on our house - and if I play my cards right, we'll go to a "posher" area and create some growth there too. My heart says, enjoy your finished house... relax. My brain says, moving sucks and is too much work. My heart says, it'll do you good, you need a clean out anyway! My brain says, the kids will have I.O.U's up to $200 by the end of first term, in Arguing Fees!!!

I dunno. My brain won't rest. It hurts from too much thinking.

I need sleep.

Damn you hard-c0re super dr.ugs!!!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Oh I missed it!

I just realised, I missed marking our 700 days logged in! So I'll have to be a bit obscure...

I wonder if we'll hit 1,000 days?

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Happy Day!



My E.b.a.y purchases came in the mail today! They are the cutest baby shoes, ever! Wouldn't you know it... they're from China! Each pair ended up costing me around AUS$8 (inc postage!) They're all soft leather, and have heaps of gorgeous designs. I've bought some before, but I know about 8 girls due to have babies in the next couple of months, so thought I should get some more, as gifts! I love dragonflies, so they'll be going straight into Mini's wardrobe!! Check out their e.b.a.y store they ship worldwide.
*sigh* If only Mini were here to actually wear all this gear?!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Quad Action

Glad it was a wide beach... they weren't always watching where they were going!!! Cousin K is driving, and H-man is on the back. Miss M chases them up the beach. *hear the crappy wind?*

Thought I'd also mention, that the two boys, did roll the bike later that day... going too fast around the corner!!! The boys just sort of plopped off the side the bike went back on all 4 wheels, the boys dusted themselves off and jumped back on... taking it easy round the corners!!

I love the one, where Mr T is having a scratch, on the back of the bike, and H-man decideds he'll give the throttle a handful!!! hehehe!!!

Can you believe this Spunk-bubble is dead? Absolutely shocking news. And so so sad. He is most definitely one of my all time fav actors. I absolutely loved him in "A Knights Tale" and "10 things I hate about you". EDIT: KRJ reminded me of the Four feathers movie... I'd forgotten about that one - watched years ago... might be time to watch it again! From memory it was a bit like Legends of the Fall?

Rest in Peace, Heath.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Been Busy...

Sorry! We've been busy for the last few days!

It's not working again! Grrr.... Click on View All Images.

The beach house is on a "crabbing beach" - the tide goes out every morning (waaay out, bout 500m) and comes back in every night. Its not a great swimming beach, but the kids spent hours looking under all the rocks, finding shells, looking for crabs and worms. It blew an absolute gale the whole time we were there which was a bit crappy, the seas were too rough for the fishies... we caught nothing. Lucky we were happy just to relax, and have fun with the quad bikes and play boardgames!

SideNote: Oh yeah- I've just noticed it's the 22nd!

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Friday, 18 January 2008

Idiots & Swimming Pools!

Firstly, the idiot. Me. Good Grief! I just can't believe how much of a moron I am sometimes (ok... probably more than sometimes!) A friend wanted to take his girlfriend to the new stage production "Miss Saigon", and asked if we'd like to go with them. I said "Sure!" He said, "can you book it, I don't have the internet"... ok... so I see the real reason he wants us to come?!! I spent about an hour, pouring over the seats, and doing several "dummy" bookings to see where we'd be seated, for the different "class/pricing" tickets. I finally hit the jackpot and scored great seats, 10 rows back from the stage, and in the middle of the row! Wicked! I gave myself and enormous pat on the back, and sent a message to friend to say how great I was!!!

That was until moments later, when I was seated upon "the throne"... that it occured to me, that the date that I'd booked for... was the very day Mr T was going overseas on business!!! OMG!!! I'm a friggin moron!!! I had to then ring friend and tell him, that I'm not as good as I initally thought!!! I'm waiting to hear from the ticket people, whether or not I can move the day the tickets are for. If not, I've got two friends on my hit list to bring as my "date"... of course, they have to have money, coz I'm not paying for them!!!! I never said I was cheap?!!

So moving on from my idiocy... I took the kids to the local Swimming Pool today, and met one of H-man's classmates there. His mate has twin 3yr old sisters, and they are just cute-as-cute-can-be! They are so NOT identical! They have quite different body shapes, one has dead straight hair and the other tight curls!!! H-man says, before we saw them this morning, "I just love *mates* sisters!!!" (*insert mates name here!) We had a fantastic time. I got to chin wag with mates Mum. And the kids got to swim (currently their most favourite thing to do... other than play Wii & playstation!!!) We thought we'd both head off around 3pm, but at 2pm it absolutely bucketed down with rain!!! We all went running for cover (the Mum's who straighten their hair, anyway!) To keep the changes of clothes dry & the towels dry! So we packed up early, kids got changed & we bought them and icecream.

Oh what a happy day!!!

PS you'll be happy to know that Mini's "wall hanging" (2 posts ago) DOES say her name... well nearly!!! It doesn't say Goats Nose, thank you iCon for your wise interpretation!!! So if you get to it, and start learning Chinese... you might find out pre-referral what our daughters name will be (*hint Lisa*!)

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Ahhh... I love shopping!

I've got shopping fever!!!

I redeemed my Gymbucks, then whipped over to Pumpkin Patch and cleaned up at their summer sale; and today I was kid-free, which is always a good reason to hit the shops!!!

And Man! Did I score!!! Target was having their Summer clearance,

I scored:

a skirt ($7!!! was $45)

top ($14 was $40)

knitted cardy ($11 was $50)

sleeveless shirt ($11... was $30)

2 nighties ($10 was $20) = $53 spent / saved $132!!!!!

Ahhh.... I REALLY love shopping.
Yes, I do have a "thing" for black and white.
Yes, I did sticky tape the sleeves of the cardy to the door, so you could see the sleeves.
Yes, I need to buy more clothes, coz I'm getting fatter.
Yes, the clothes are on a "hand-knitted" coat hanger that my 80 year old Nanna made for me.
No, I haven't cut those ribbon-hangy-thingies off the cardy yet.
No, I won't be wearing the black & white top together with the black & white skirt (unless of course, I smoke some hippy weed, coz I reckon that'd be a real spin out!!!)
No, please don't ring my social worker, I don't smoke hippy weed. Its ok to eat in cookies though, isn't it?!!! No, no, no!!! I really am kidding. Only good Christian folk around here. ;)

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Wall hanging

Miss M was at vacation care last week (a school-aged kids care programme run during school holidays, so working parents can keep working!). While she was there, she made this awesome "asian wall hanging". Miss M carefully folded the fancy paper, and stuck the wooden bars on each end. She brought it home for me, and said she thought it would be good to paint Mini's name on it, in Chinese characters! So, I've given it a crack. I printed her name off the computer, then cut out the lettering, to make a stencil, then painted it on. My stencilling wasn't perfect, some of the paint squeezed underneath, and made it a bit "blobby"! I also, painted her name in English, along the bottom. I love it. Miss M is so clever!

So... if you can read Chinese, please email me (see complete profile, on sidebar, to email), with the translation... coz I kind of made it up - so I hope it reads her name!!!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Lost in Translation

I saw this on Emma's blog, and just had to share, coz it is FANTASTIC! Enjoy!

Friday, 11 January 2008

I'm honoured... literally!

The gorgeous Lisa, has honoured me with an Award!

This is what Lisa had to say bout lil ole me:
2. Australia to China - Who knew I would become blog buddies with someone on the other side of the world from me? Ozimum shares her mantra "Laugh. Live. Love." with the blog world. I love her upbeat attitude about the wait for her China daughter, and I enjoy reading about her life and family.

Wow! I'm speechless!!! Nah, not really... I've always got something to say! So here 'tis...

Firstly THANK YOU LISA! I truly am honoured.

And secondly, yes, I started this blog for one purpose. To journal our journey to our Daughter. But it's become more than that. It's a chance to connect, with like-minded folks. To share my highs & my lows. To lean on the "invisible" shoulders of so many that have joined my journey and walk with me. I am, who I am, on my blog. I don't hide the fact that I'm a Christian (like I did when I was younger). I don't hide the fact that my kids, do drive me nuts sometimes ~ but I'll love them forver. I don't pretend that life is perfect, instead celebrate what I have.

I'm so blessed to have great family and friends. That's who this purposeful blog is for. To celebrate life with me, even if they don't live near me. Thanks again, Lisa!

Now, I have to nominate 5 people who've not been nominated for this award, and their blog must serve a purpose. Each recipient must link back to this site.

I nominate:

Cristina: A fellow Aussie, who makes me laugh, and said "poo" on her site!!! It's been so exciting watch her meet her baby girl, Alice, and watch her live and grow, through her blog.

Ford & Alyson: Wow. You guys always make me think. I love your amazing attitude. I do imagine Alyzabeth An, you won't need to imagine for much longer!

Ruby is Coming: I just love the title of your blog! There is no Question - RUBY IS COMING! This little award still isn't enough. You are truly an amazing lady. I love your stories of travel - and am hanging out for your China story!!!

Mary-Mia: I'm sure someone else has already nominated you, coz you are just a legend!!! Long before I met you, you inspired me, with your wit and love for life. I met you, and you're just as amazing in person! (and you too, Rod!) I feel so privileged to have been able to be with you (good ole www.) when you met your girls. And through every post, see their sweet little faces.

Connie: Once again, you are one popular chick, on the blog circuit, Lady, so I have no doubt that someone has already nominated you!! But I'm going to do it anyway, coz you inspire me. Encourage me. And you always make me laugh! You are so generous. AND you are logged in the day after me, so that's got to count for something doesn't it?!! Keep swimming with those duckies, Jayden will be coming home.


1. Awarded parties must nominate five people who have not received the award.

2. The blogs that receive the award must serve some purpose.

3. In their post about the award they need to link back to this entry.

4. Awarded parties must post the award banner on their site. The banner must remain linked to this site.

My corner of the world

What's been goin on at my place?

Well we're still on school holidays, the kidlets go back to school on 29th Jan. I've had to work full-time for 2 weeks... which SUCKS. The poor kids have to come to work with me most days, and bring some games or colouring in. I had H-Man standing next to me nagging for a drink, when a client came in. You'd think the fact that I was ignoring H-Man and talking to the client, would have given the idea to zip it, and wait... ooohhh nooo, he just kept on nagging. Gotta love that?! The kids had been in Vac-Care for 2 days, but H-Man informs me that he doesn't like going there. And they spent a day at their cousins house, in their swimming pool. So the kids haven't faired too badly, although I hate not doing stuff with them. Anyway - it's my last day today - WOOHOO! Then we're off to a beach house for a few days next week. No internet there... hopefully the shakes won't be too bad?!!

Our neighbours bought a 6 week old Border Collie (this isn't a pic of her). They named her Harlequin, but call her Harley! She is so cute! She has an all white face, and blueish eyes! But the poor baby whines constantly and is sending Chewy mad! Poor Chewy whines along with her and keeps trying to jump our 6" fence. She was only vaccinated yesterday, so they said Chewy can't come for a visit for 2 weeks. She's going to be an outside dog, and where she sleeps/sits is near the back of our house, where Miss M's bedroom is and our laundry, where Chewy sleeps. Poor Miss M has missed a bit of sleep, listening to both the dogs crying!

Well, I'd better go... it's after 9, and I should actually be at work by now! Its good being married to the Boss! (cept when he makes me work!)

Thursday, 10 January 2008


I first read about it on Doris' site:

I don't know whether its the 42 degreeC (107F) heat today, but I've officially moved into the "Whatever" zone. If the heat is effecting your brain too - it means... NO MORE UPDATE BOX. Our Agency is not very helpful, and advises it's clients, NOT TO RING! I sure as crap can't see them coping with folks phoning them every month for an update.

I just don't give a rip anymore. Yes, it's great for the families that finally receive their allocations. But for the rest of us... we'll just sit here in the dark, til someone comes and shines an almighty spotlight in our eyes and tell us that it's over.

So, what do you think, waiting with the "lights on" ~ being fully informed, or waiting in "the dark" ~ and getting a surprise?!!

My answer:

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Monday, 7 January 2008


First of all, Chewy-Dog looked so cute. Sitting obediently while I waved a Schmako overhead! My second random fact is, my Amazon order arrived today, with this awesome book below, in it. I must thank Julie, for her excellent recommendation and book review! Its a gorgeous book, if you're looking for a beautifully illustrated and lovely simple story. Can't wait to be reading it to Mini.
Third random fact, is that I also received a parcel, post stamped USA in my mail box today, from the gorgeous Rachel, and her beautiful bundle of joy, Olivia ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH! You never cease to amaze me with your generosity. There were some little beads for our daughters name enclosed, in the parcel as well... but I'm not tell what those letters were... not yet, anyway! And this "to die for" sweet onesie! Thank You Rachel!
Fourth random fact. My husband needs help. Look at the pic below, and tell me whether or not, this is normal? This is not a random fruit remnant plate... his remnants always look like this!!! Its not normal, is it?!!! Mr T if you're reading... I do love you... even if you are a little odd.

Sunday, 6 January 2008


Every now and then, I find artwork that is just stunning, out of the ordinary, MUST HAVE. I found some today, via a link from another blog.

Mall The Artist, is a 30 something yr old Fillapino gal - and ABSOLUTELY AMAZING artist. Check it out. Mall, if you're reading - you will go a long long way with your art. You are amazing.

I have trouble drawing a stick figure! So I'm always looking out for extraordinary work for my walls - we picked up this beauty in Bali, in 2006 -

I was mesmerized by this painting. Its huge, about 2.5m across x 1.5m down. If you look closely at her eyes, there are camels by a well in them. I love my red lady. I now have to buy a red or black lounge suite to go with her!!! (we currently have a very old pink velvet lounge suite that my Gran gave me when she went into a unit/apartment 15 years ago!!! I'm ready to upgrade.)

If you know of any other great artists, please leave a link or web address in comments. My current fancy is, paintings of asian children. (geez that sounded a bit dodgey, eh?!!) Children playing etc and FULLY CLOTHED!! I love how Mall's work has that fantasy/fairyland feel about it. Gorgeous.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

My 2008 Mantra

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I've decided these are the three words I'm going to live by this year. I like this little sand/wave image thingy - coz I reckon that's how it'll be... I'm going about my own business Laughing. Living. Loving... then BOOM! A wave will wipe it all out. Then magically... it'll appear again

Laugh. Live. Love.

Try it out... I'm happy to share!!! (the laughing, living & loving... but if you wanna check out the imagechef website, I'm happy to share that too - I'm a sharing -caring kinda gal you know?!!!)

Friday, 4 January 2008


A couple of nights ago, Mr T & I were kid-free for a couple of hours, so we whipped in and saw a movie! Because of our time schedule there wasn't much to choose from, I was hoping to see I am Legend - but it was on later, so instead we saw National Treasure The Book of Secrets. We loved the first movie, and the second one was just as action packed (and had it's far-fetched moments too!!!) It was entertaining with a nice ending!

While we were there, we saw the trailers for Kung Fu Panda We are SOOOOO going to see this movie! H-Man absolutely loves Kung Fu stuff! It doesn't come out til June - but we'll be there!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

CC*AA Update

Unfortunately, it wasn't a joke. While the Matching Room were hard at work, the ENTIRE month of December... they managed to match a whopping FIVE DAYS worth of files. Did I mention these files were LOGGED in December (2005)... the month that most nations have holidays and Agency's are closed? One would think, that since Agency's are closed for holidays, they wouldn't be able to send files... meaning that a piddly amount of files would actually be sent to China in December? Or is just me that thinks that?

The year was going so well, til that hit the websites!!!

If CC*AA continue to allocate 5 days a month - we won't even see Mini til 2009... let alone travel. There are 67 days between 19 Dec (where they are currently allocated up to) & 22 Feb (our LID).

*sigh* I guess we are 5 days closer. And some families will see their sweetpea's face this week. Yes, I'm going to say it... it WILL be our family ONE DAY.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Its a joke, right?

You've got to be kidding? The cut-off is the 19th? No friggin way. A whole 5 days worth of allocations - FIVE DAYS?

Speechless. Except for several choice words, that I'll keep in my head ~ due to the G rating at my place.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Bringing in the New Year with Friends

*for some reason the slideshow won't appear in the big box ~ click on VIEW ALL IMAGES it will take you to the pics*

We had another great New Year's Eve, with good friends. They just put a pool in, about 2 weeks ago - which was very convenient, since the temperatures soared to about 43C (109F) on New Years Eve. We started off the afternoon with some cool pool frolicking with the kids, and moved onto a BBQ dinner. The kids broke out the glowsticks just after the sun went down (around 9pm) and we had them tucked into bed by 930pm!!! The drinks were a flowing, and the behaviour got decidedly naughty as the night went on!!! The boys decided to "skinny-dip" in the New Year, and a midnight swim was on the cards. A few more drinks, and the girls turned in for the night around 2ish (I think!) and the boys followed suit about an hour or so later! It was a fun night, followed by more swimming New Years Day and a bacon and egg BBQ breakfast! Somehow I ended up with a huge hole in my swimsuit pants.... hmmm....

There were heaps of laughs ~ I hope the happiness and laughs continue right through 2008!