"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

House Hand Over

We get the keys to our new house on Friday! WooHoo!!! I'm currently flat out trying to organise the flooring guy, air conditioning guy, heater guy, carpets, blinds... did I miss anything?!! I've been pouring over light fitting websites, trying to find "just the right ones"!

We had HEAPS of dirt moved last week, so it really feels like, we're almost there! We've got lawn areas prepped, and hopefully will get some lawn delivered late this week. And just to make our lives that little bit busier, Miss M is having her 13th birthday party on Sat! We're hoping to have a big bonfire, so her friends can toast marshmallows!

ahhhh... so much to do, so little time!

No pics today! Will attempt to post some more next week... maybe?!!!

I was just looking over the last few posts, seeing how much Tiny has changed. Its absolutely incredible. She's gone from being a tiny, scared, tearless little baby - to a confident, emotion expressing, 2 and half year old diva!!! She is absolutely hilarious. The things she comes out with really astound us! She was driving in the car with my parents the other day - they overtook a truck on the freeway, and as they drove past, she looked at the truck and said (in her best Simpson's Nelson voice) HA-HA! To my knowledge, none of us, have done that when overtaking a car or truck... so how come she has it all in context, and did that?!!! She loves to sing too! Its very very cute. And she's recently become a HUGE fan of Pooh Bear! She sings all the songs from the Pooh Bear movie!!! Its so cute!!!!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

New pics!

Few more new pics for you! The house has been painted inside, now... but I keep forgetting to take my camera! Shower Screens & 2nd fix plumbing all happened too! oh! And we have a concrete path all the way round the house, so when it rains, we won't be tracking mud into the house! (hopefully?!)

Ok, the pics...

Just walkin' the dog!
Farmer Joe! (fitting into farm life quickly?!)

(trying to wink?!) this pic makes me laugh, everytime I see it!!!

Struttin' her stuff!

(I asked her to smile and say cheese... not sure what she's doing?!)

Planting trees! We planted over 100, got another 200 coming this week!

Posing! (here she IS saying cheese!)
(Sheryl, I'm so sorry about that - I didn't realise your address was on the card, it certainly wasn't done intentionally - I've deleted all reference to you from my blogs, so hopefully you can't be followed?)
(Mary McG, we (my state) only have 2 families, due to receive allocations this month - I should hear about those shortly! You could also post on the Rumour Queen forum, I'm pretty sure there is an Australian page, maybe hook up there?)