"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Saturday, 28 June 2008

3 word Sunday

Far out! What a week!!! I feel like a dog chasing her tail!!! My head feels like its about to explode... it could get messy!!!
End of financial year. (yes, we Aussie's finish our taxable year 30 June. End of calendar is too hard, everyone is on Christmas/summer holidays... since tax is depressing, may as well do it in the most depressing season... winter!) PLUS we're changing business software. PLUS it looks like I've sold my car... and have no new one lined up! PLUS we might be moving. PLUS we're doing renovations at the office. PLUS there's the new puppy, and all the "new puppy" poo and wee on everything!!! I woke up this morning, thinking about Superanuation... you know you are too involved in your business when you wake up thinking about work!!!
Hopefully next week everything will settle down a bit!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

3 word Sunday

I did 2 "3 word Sunday" pics this week. The first one I realised, I can't count, and there are more than 3 words (although technically, there is one number and 3 words - and I'm not counting the proverb at the top!!!) And there's 4 words on Milo's pic as well, but I'm saying that "MILO" is "art", not to be included in the word count!

Geez, I'm waffling a bit today, hey?!! Might have something to do with, having 7 kids this weekend?!!! I don't know how my sister-in-law does it, every day!!! Cooking a meal, was like cooking on camp!!! I had to cook the mash potatoes in a huge stockpot!!! I cooked more than was needed, but I'd rather have too much, and have kiddies with full bellies, than not enough, and have them asking for junk after dinner!

....And then there's the added bonus of a new puppy to add to the mix, of overly excited children!

Lastly, we saw Kung Fu Panda yesterday - FANTASTIC - you must go see it!!! Can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

Friday, 20 June 2008


Miss M's new puppy, that is!!! Milo officially joined our family today. He's a 12 week old Spoodle, Miss M named him Milo. Surprisingly, Chewy was brilliant with him. Sniffed the poor pup to pieces, but didn't snap or growl at him at all!!! VERY unusual for Chewy! He has "little dog" syndrome, and is forever trying to show big dogs, how big he is on the inside, by barking, growling and generally being a bully!!! But, so far, so good. We've put them in the laundry tonight, to sleep together... so I'm hoping we still have 2 dogs when we get up in the morning! Milo is one of 6 pups, along with his Mum and his Dad and wonderful "Mummy" owner, all living in a little one bedroom apartment! So the poor thing was all a bit bewildered and "sookie" coming into our house (with two VERY excited children!), lots of space, and no mummy dog.

Here's some doggie eye candy for ya!

850 Days Logged In - today.

Monday, 16 June 2008

A week!

Geez, I haven't posted for a week!!! Been flat-chat at work getting ready for the dreaded "end of financial year" (30th June). We're also making a major switch in software, and are trying to get as much training as possible, before 30th June, so we can start the new financial year, on the new system... oh joy!

The weekend was busy. H-man got a very special invitation, to go out on the field at half-time, with some other Auskick kids, at the Adelaide vs Hawthorn football game - and made his "Aussie Rules Football Debut"... in front of 45,000 people!!! I tried to download the videos I made, but they're not downloading... will work on it! He was a little champion! A huge thanks, to his classmate, that invited him along - to the experience of a lifetime! We asked him, what it was like, being out there infront of all those people, he said "what people?"!!! We said, "all the people in the stands" - he said "oh them - yeah". Unfortunately, after an extremely close game, our team, Adelaide ("The Crows") lost by 4 points. :(

So my 3 word Sunday pic, is in honour of our little footballer -

If you didn't work it out - he's the one the yellow arrow is pointing to -in black, long black socks and shiny white boots!

Last Friday, was Grandparent's Day, at school. Miss M and my Grandma (Miss M's GREAT Grandma!) featured in the Newsletter! I'm going to ask for a copy of the photo, but for now, you'll have to be satisfied with a scan from the Newsletter!

I thought it was a really nice photo! They drew a vase of flowers, together! H-man and Mr T's Dad, also got a spot in the Newsletter -

And lastly... CONGRATULATIONS! To the Adelaide families who received the wonderful news of their precious new additions! Including, one little boy (that I know of!)! I'm really starting to think that we might be seeing blue!!! Like I've said before, we don't care if we receive a boy or a girl... we just want to receive!!! (ps. I'll be advertising my e.b.a.y id if we do see blue... as I'll have a wardrobe full of pink that'll be going cheap!!!)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

June Long Weekend

Happy Birthday to The Queen! And thank you for the long weekend to celebrate your birthday!!!

We took the opportunity to visit our friend's farm, with a bunch of other friends, and our motorbikes! It was glorious weather, and loads of fun! The kids had a ball, getting dirty and flogging their little bikes & quads, around the track - and the big boys, impressed us with their "serious air"! While the Mums enjoyed a cuppa around the campfire!

Thank you so much to D & K for sharing your fantastic property, and of course, your wonderful company! We all had such a great time.

My 3 word Sunday pic:

Isaiah 40:31

Saturday, 7 June 2008

At a Guess...

OK, so I stole this from Shannon - who stole it from RumourQueen (thanks RQ for your awesome poll skillz!)

I was having a good look at the chart, on Shannon's blog, and it occured to me that looking at these numbers, and comparing with the days left til our LID (22Feb)... there is a very possible chance we COULD see Mini before Christmas! I know, I'm being ridiculously silly, "hoping" - especially knowing how unpredictable cCaA is - but here's what I was thinking.

According to the poll, 107 files were allocated (of course, there were a lot more than that world-wide, that don't read RQ, and didn't vote) between 13 - 22 Jan. At a guess, CcAa may get through til the 26th or 27th next month. But then there is virtually nothing logged til 6 Feb. So one could assume that they could get through to, anywhere from 6-13 Feb, in Aug (if they continue to allocate). Then in Sept, through til about the 19th Feb? And in Oct, to about the 26th Feb?.... Meaning and OCTOBER referral for us?!!! I've thought for a long time, that Mini would be born in March. (Only coz my birthday is in March, and I thought they'd be really cool!) That would make her 8 months in Oct - maybe that's a bit young, going on recent referrals? I also think she'll be in Guangdong. Don't know why, but I've thought that for a couple of years, now.

All completely hypothetical, and based on minute world wide figures, from one website. OK - it's not sounding all that convincing is it?!!! I'd settle for anything in 2008! Obviously the sooner the better, but the CcAa has proven, it won't be hurried!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Words of Wisdom


OMG! Just come from RQ - she's listed the latest rumour as an R3 (believable, but not 100%) - that C.C.A.A has referred through til 22 JAN!!! Geez! I just about pee'd my pants! I thought if they could get through til the 17th, that'd be awesome! (the SA batch ahead of us was logged in on 17th Jan!) But the 22nd?!!! Holy Cow - that's amazing! If it turns out to be true - we are just 31 days til they hit our file! I'm just so excited!!!

Oooohhh! Aly and Ford... thinking of you! You are so close!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


...Time, that is! I CAN.NOT believe how fast this year has whizzed by. It's great, coz with each day, we are that wee bit closer to Mini. If only the CC.AA were "whizzing"! Still no news on this month's referrals. I hope that doesn't mean there are none?!!! Yikes, I only just thought of that, and that's not a nice thought!

It's Wednesday already! I just had my 3rd treatment in my "root canal regime" yesterday, and have my last treatment on Thurs. Yesterday, whilst they were drilling, prodding, stretching my check beyond recognition and hammering away at my tooth - I decided that I should look at the "time in the chair" as an opportunity, not as the horrid torturous hour that it was otherwise known as!! An opportunity to think... no kids interrupting, no husband yelling from another room, no phone ringing... just the dentist asking me every 10 mins or so, whether I was ok! (when I arrived at the dentist, I told him, I was on the tail end of a cold, and was hoping I wasn't going to drown in my own fluids... he said, very concerned "so do I!!!"... so he kept checking I was ok, and hadn't drowned!)

Anyway... back to my revelation. I've been stressing out, over where to send Miss M, for High School. The school the kids go to, is only Primary School (up to Grade 7). The High School we've planned (for about 3 years) to send her to, has had a change of Principal, and just doesn't seem to be the same. I've spoken to parents and kids alike, that go there - and they all seem to have the same answer "we're not happy". Urgh. What a pain. There is one school relatively close to us, that is a brilliant school - only ever heard rave reviews... that is if you want to pay $15,000+ per child, per year. I'm sorry. but after we put 3 kids through -we could've bought an investment property with that money!!!! Education is a very personal decision. Our neighbours worked solely to put their kids through a good college. I just don't want to do that. I want quality of life with my kids, not working day and night, just to educate them. I value education, don't get me wrong. I just don't want to spend every cent we have on it! I want a school, that not only has academics, but one, that will encourage my kids to think "outside the square". Both our kids, are definitely that way inclined. They both "people persons" and Miss M, already comes out with business ideas!!! My thoughts on education, are founded from our own experience. Both Mr T and I, went to Public Schools. I went to an Agricultural School, and Mr T to a Technical College. Mr T didn't do that well at school...and here he is, he's built a successful, growing, business from nothing. Academics isn't everything. Passion for what you are doing, is everything. (if you are passionate about academics - you'll be fantastic at academics) My kids aren't the smartest in their classes, I wouldn't say either of them are terribly academic, at all - but they have loads of personality and enthusiasm - they will be brilliant, at whatever they want to do, as long as they do it with passion and enthusiasm.

That's my opinion, anyway!

On a completely unrelated note... lets move onto my bedroom...

I picked my King Size quilt up from the quilting lady yesterday! I cut and sewed... even DESIGNED the quilt, myself! And my quilting lady sews the backing, wadding (filling) and top sheet together - and the last photo shows the design I chose - hearts with a flower/leaf design in the heart! Mr T says it's so pretty, he may just wake up, kissing himself! Yeah, he's a real comedian! I have to "bind" it (sew the edging on... which has to be hand-sewn... ewww), lucky it's winter, I can do it while I watch TV in front of the fire!!! This will be our Summer quilt, so I've got a bit of time up my sleeve! I wanted to make a "pastel/floral" quilt, and thought I'd throw in a few "spots & stripes" for good measure. The "denim blue" fabric, is a bit darker than I wanted... but it had teeny tiny ladybugs on it, so I had to have it! I'm really happy with it. I'm guess I'm especially chuffed with myself, as I made the pattern up... all by myself - and for someone that has no idea what they are doing, I reckon it turned out ok!