"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Monday, 15 November 2010

Random photos

Oh My!!! Two posts in a week?!! What's goin' on?!!!

Thought I'd post those (promised) pics of Tiny's 3rd birthday - plus a few other random photos from the last couple of months!

Tiny with her best pal (Tiny is 4 months older than her friend!)
Tiny & I made a pinata for her party - you can just see Tiny, poking at it (in the foreground)
We gave Tiny a kitchen for her birthday - she's playing happily with her cousin!
my three babies
I made Tiny a Dora cake! When I asked "Who's that?" Tiny answered, her own name! My friends always say, she's chinese dora!!!
Mouth full of lollies!
Jumping on the trampoline!

Eating a donut for breakfast on her birthday!
We also gave her a Melissa & Doug birthday cake set
Tiny "conducting" us as we sing happy birthday!
Blowing up balloons!
My angel... truly - she is!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


HOORAY!!!! After many, many, MANY years of dreaming of coming to America - WE FINALLY ARE!!!! WooHoo!!!

We decided its now or never - especially since our dollar is faring so well against the US$ at present! So we bit bullet, and have purchased our tickets to our 'Californian Dream' tour! Well, I say tour... but we haven't booked a proper tour... its just us, booking as we go!!

We plan on a couple of weeks in Anaheim, around a week in Las Vegas, then finishing off with a few days in Santa Monica or Hollywood (I haven't decided yet!)!! I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!!

So, if you've got nothing better to do in May next year, and you want to meet some FANTASTIC Aussies (that really want to meet you!!!) you better get your butts to California!!!

We toyed with the idea of hiring an RV and doing a "Robin Williams style" RV tour across America... but figured with three kids, in a tiny RV, that we're not only driving in, but living in... I'd probably end up killing someone... or four!! (and I could totally see us wearing poo, as RW did in his movie, when emptying the poo tank, too!!!) So... this trip its just the West Coast - hotels & shuttle buses!! No poo fountains. No confined spaces for hours at a time!

Did I tell you I was EXCITED?!!!!


Email me if you want specifics! goingdigi@gmail.com
(yes its a different address - was having issues with my four2five one!)
PS my folks will still be at home... just in case you thought this was a good opportunity to visit my house when I'm not there!!!