"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Friday, 27 November 2009

Eye Candy for you!

No words needed... the teeshirt says it all!This girl couldn't get anymore sophisticated if she tried!!! hehehe!

Kisses for you.... right back at ya, sweetheart!

[how cute is the ladybug hairclip? it's not a real good shot of it - but its downright adorable! can't get anything like it here... we have the gorgeous KIM to thank!!! The Queen of Clippies!]

Thursday, 12 November 2009

12th November 2009

Another month has disappeared - which marks, nine months from the first day we held Tiny. I was looking back through our trip photos the other day. How things have changed!!! I remembered the emotions. I remembered the sites and smells. Still gives me goosebumps to this day. How, oh how, did the person at C.c.A.@ allocate Tiny to us? It baffles me, how a person can place a child with a family - a child they've never met, new parents they've never met - yet they are perfect for each other? How does that happen?!!!

Well, they've done it again - CATHERINE finally has Hannah in her arms. Catherine has been an amazing encouragement and outstanding example of true faith in God. I feel my faith is so pathetic when I read of her strength and unwavering peace!!! I never doubted God... but I was such a bad example of peace (especially the week before we got our allocation!!!) Ah, Catherine - you deserve every blessing, that is to be had!

AND Doris and Dan received their allocation late October too!!! WOOHOO!!! I tell ya, there is NOTHING more heart warming than seeing families made. Seeing the photo of their sweet daughter, just gave me chills. They can finally put a face to their long awaited baby!!!

And in closing (ha! I should be a preacher, no?!!) here is my monthly photo report!!!

Tiny is:

* screaming like a banchee when she pitches a fit (I mean - peel the wallpaper off the walls, screaming!!) - I say this first... because she is screaming right now. I think H-man has something she wants?!

* mimics everything we say, but doesn't seem to use many words, on her own

* is now 8.6kgs, 83cm tall and is finally into size 1 (although still fits in many sz 0 dresses! they're made for 9 month olds!!!) still wears size 4 shoe

* still sleeping like a champion - 12 hrs at night, 3 hrs during the day

* is a very fussy eater. will eat something one day, but not the next etc etc. is currently loving oranges and grapes... everything else is on a day-to-day basis

* absolutely adores her older siblings. especially loves to play the piano with miss m, and play on the play equipment with h-man

* LOVES water. It got very warm, very quick here last week. We took the kids to the beach, Tiny just didn't want to get out of the water!!! She threw a huge fit, when we went to leave!

* loves music... even in the supermarket!!

* I think she has hayfever. Has had a constant (clear) runny nose for nearly 2 weeks, and has watery eyes. (**see last note: could be why she's had a runny nose?!)

* Loves LOLLIES! She is a sweets garbage disposal!!! Devours anything sweet in seconds.

* still loves her bath. She's doing a wee on the toilet before every bath, and even done a couple of poos on there... now the weather is warmer - I MUST pull my finger out, and get onto toilet training... I just need to find knickers that'll fit!!! Size 2 just won't stay up - and you can see through one leg - to the other!!! Mr T is going to Bali soon, will measure her, and get some tailor made!!!

* is just starting to get the hang of "loving" a soft toy, or doll. She'll give them hugs now.... then throw them to one side!!

* is much better with men now. Mr T has Wed off, and stays home with her (while I go to work!) and it has helped enormously!

* is screaming when I go to work, or leave her with someone else. Breaks my heart.

* loves my Mum!!! My Mum lives interstate, and has been over a couple of times in the last 6 weeks or so - so just LOVES her! (when my Mum is here... Tiny would rather be with her, than me!!! :(

* turned 2 late Sept... it was like a switch flicked, and now we have a "terrible 2"!!! She is just throwing fits, all the time!!! Over ridiculous stuff!!! And if I tell her off, she gives the most incredible pout, then turns around and slaps the closest thing to her!!! NOT something we encourage... so then she gets told off for doing that!!!

* still has bad teeth, at the front - must take her to the paed dentist (she had black on her teeth when we first got her - it went away for a month or so - but is back)

* has a gorgeous laugh - a real belly laugh

... and finally, to wrap up her 9 months with us... I'm pretty sure she has Chicken Pox!!! Urgh.