"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Birthday Madness!

The month of May, particularly late May, is party-party-party for our family! I'm sure every family has a month, that is just crazy-silly with loads of birthdays. Ours is May. Miss M was born one day after Mr T's birthday. She was induced, and Mr T wanted me to be induced on his birthday, but they weren't doing those procedures, so she "slipped" into the world one day later!! I'm sure that's waaay too much info, hope no one was eating!

So my 3 words, is in honour of our first born... our baby girl,

And Happy Birthday to my main squeeze...

Geez, what a sexy couple! No wonder we're still in love... what's not to love, right?!! Sorry, my Mum always said, "self praise is better than none"... I think I've got it down-pat?!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR T, you ARE the best husband in the world... not perfect, coz we all know no-one's perfect... (just in case you get a big head, and decide that gives you permission to do nothing!!!) ...but you are simply the best.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

My week so far

I wasn't going to post, coz I thought, nothing's really happened... but when I look back over the last 4 days - alot has really happened! To be truthful, I'm just feeling all a bit "blah". Just can't be bothered doing anything.

Saturday night, although still feeling pretty seedy from the food poisoning on Friday night, we went out to dinner, with our ops manager, his partner and some very good friends. I ate my grilled chicken, even had a cocktail (which I probably shouldn't have done!). I woke up feeling pretty ordinary Sunday morning, we picked the kids up from Mr T's sisters, and stayed for a while. Next, we went to an electrical store to spy out a new TV. Our treasured $200 TV from "the cheap shop" had bitten the dust (after 5 years!). Oh! The decisions! There was Plasma and LCD, there was Digital and High Definition, there was FULL HD and built in tuners! How the hell are you sposed to pick one?!!! We ended up snaggling a display model, 127cm or 47" LCD, FULL HD TV. It looked pretty big in the shop... but at home it looks ENORMOUS!!! It's pretty funny, really, people seem to think, that because we own our own business we are loaded. You wouldn't believe the amount of people that come round and say "Oh! You don't have a Plasma?" What the?!!! As if that matters?!!! I was more than happy with my $200 TV. Anyhoo, we got a bargain, (albiet substantially more than $200!) and have an enormous kick-a$$ TV, just to concrete everyones impression, that yes... we truly are rich! ...in debt!

Yesterday, was my good friend's birthday HAPPY 39TH BIRTHDAY, KARYN! Yes... now the world knows you're 39!!! All 6 of my readers! In the morning, after doing uniform shop at school, I went to a "Jelly Baby Month" morning tea. Jelly Baby month is to raise money for Juvenille Diabetes. One of H-Man's good friend's has Type 1 diabetes. From about 50 ladies, we managed to raise $1,600! Almost tripled the organisers expectations! Absolutely fantastic. I went home and flew through my house (cleaning) like Tassie Devil. Made tea for the fam, then got ready to go out to dinner. I took my "birthday friend" out to a China Earthquake Fundraiser dinner. We couldn't stay right til the end, but when we left, they had raised about $200,000!!! Holy guacamole!!! It was a very interesting night, put on by the local Chinese Community. We had a chinese banquet, and they sold raffle tickets and auction items. The Chinese Student Association, in our State, donated $9,000 on their own. I was absolutely blown away.

So it has been a very productive week. I hope that all the money raised for the different causes, is put to very good use, and truly makes a difference to someone's life.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

3 word Sunday

Its been a week of prayer in our house this week. With the shocking news of little Maria Chapman being tragically killed, to the rising death toll & homeless in Sichuan, China. And I even called out to God, to help me, last night, as I had a shocking case of food poisoning. It appears that toilet bowls and I have made quite a bond, over the last month?!! I'm alot better this morning, after Mr T called out a locum (after hours doctor) last night, at 1am. Fear not - I have no pictures of that event!!!

Here are my two 3 word Sunday pics.

Thursday, 22 May 2008


I think I'm up to 27. I've lost count.

No mood for cute pictures this month.

I feel like taking the 27 and jamming it right up...

well I'm sure you get the picture.

Good grief - I've just read this on Deb's blog, and want to put it out there - PLEASE prayer for the Chapman family, it appears Steve Curtis Chapman (and family) have just lost their youngest daughter, Marie, in a tragic motor vehicle accident. Here is the newspaper article. I can't even imagine what the family must be going through. Please pray for them.

Prospective is everything.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

China Earthquake & added whinge-fest

I'm sure most of you are being updated on the Earthquake that hit Sichuan province in China. I've been getting daily updates from Half the Sky, (charity organisation for Orphans in China), and each day the death toll rises.

The current statistics are:
There are 34,073 people confirmed dead, 245,108 injured, still more than 35,000 still missing.
Our morning news, also reported that more than 5 million people are homeless.

It truly boggles the mind. Please continue to pray, and financially support the Aid Organisations supporting Sichuan.



So while the earth is closing in on China, I feel the world is closing in on lil 'ole me. Every woman and her dog (literally!) are having babies. 5... yes FIVE... friends from Church and school have had babies in the last couple of weeks, and 3 more are due in the next couple of months. I am so happy for them all, really I am. I love nothing more, than to cuddle newborns, buy cutsie baby clothes - and just join with them to celebrate a new member of their family. But when I'm home on my own, all I can think about is Mini's room, just waiting for her. Her brother and sister, waiting for her. Her drawers of little clothes, waiting for her. Her Mummy and Daddy... desperately, waiting for her. Its just crap, really. Each month, we seek out how many days have been allocated with so much anticipation, only to be kicked in the guts, again, to discover they got through 3 days. I can't tell you how annoying and frustrating it is.

In true Lee-Anne fashion, I sought the comfort of the shops. Those neatly stacked aisles, red sale tags flapping in the gentle heated breeze, the choice of colours, every gadget known to man. No, I probably don't NEED anything. But "comfort" shopping isn't about NEEDING. So here are my purchases... ridiculous, since entering her room gives me so much pain... yet the satisfaction of adding to her closet brings me joy. Bitter-sweet.

White whicker baskets, lined with white fabric and come with choice of 4 coloured bows. (note: I didn't buy all the dolls and teddies! Most have been given to Mini). The teddies will have to find another home, at a later date - I'd like to use the baskets for wipes, nappies and that kind of stuff.

Cushie loo seat! How cool is this! It folds up, so you can put it in your bag, for when you're out and your toilet training!!! Miss M, had a cushie loo seat, but it wasn't foldable. These things are fantastic! And check out the cutest little dolly, you ever did see. She's only little (about 20cm high), and she has a little bell/rattle in her!!! Her hair is made out of ribbon, for that "touchie feelie" urge. Apart from her PVC face, she is all soft and squishy. I love her. She is definitely coming to China with us!

And lastly, the piece d'resistance! A gorgeous red chinese brocade nappy bag. I've got a backpack for our China trip, and wasn't going to get another nappy bag... but I've been eyeing this baby off for a while now... and when you're in the mood I was in today... the bag was coming home!!! Not only is it gorgeous, but it is covered in clear pvc - so any spillage can be easily whipped off. Its got lots of pockets inside, and a thermal lined pocket for bottles. It also has a matching change mat! I think I forgot to mention - it was also 30% off, making it $37!

I do feel better. Although I sense another bout of depression, when my visa bill comes in!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

3 word Sunday

I know 3 word Sunday is supposed to sum up your whole week, but I had a very boring week! H & M played "Mulan" yesterday! I heard Miss M say "You may look like a bride, but you will never bring your family honour!"... I can only assume, that H-man was Mulan?!!! Unless she was telling him what to say, which is usually the case! I think, H-man wanted to skip the first half of the movie (acting), and get to all the fighting!!!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

China Holiday - Photo Saga...

You know that 8gb stick we downloaded all our photos to, and how they are all corrupted and we can't see them or use them? Well, they are gone forever. Our I.T guy has had it, tried to work his magic, to no avail. Apparently one of the "business centre" computers I used to download our camera, had a different format, and that's why I can't view most of them. The ones that I can see, that are corrupted, were put on in another format again.

I've been thinking about it, and I'll take the stick to China with us, when we go for Mini, and see if a photo shop there, can get them off - I'll get them printed.

So - word of wisdom - either don't download anything while overseas, or make sure you take all your own equipment. I was paranoid about someone stealing the camera, or something happening to the camera, so I downloaded photos every couple of days. Next trip, I'll most likely be taking my laptop, so I'll download to it, but won't erase the camera memory card, like I did last trip. If I don't have my laptop, I'll have a couple of camera memory cards, and download when I get home.

Hey, you live and learn. We ended up with a few photos from Xi'An (terracotta warriors) and Hong Kong Disneyland, as Miss M had taken some with her camera. Plus we have movie. So, although I'm still sad, I lost most of my photos - there is always an upside.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Mr T's pressie!

It's Mr T's birthday at the end of the month. I've been researching his present for a while now... and settled on THIS!

Ahhh... it's lovely! (oh! it's on the counter, because I gave Mr T the option to open his present early... all for HIS benefit, of course!)

The grinding of coffee beans, is about the only action this house is seeing this week!

Monday, 12 May 2008

I looked!

I found a lovely sounding property, in the hills, on 2 acres... I went to the open inspection... bad move.

Ahhhh - it's gorgeous. I absolutely loved it. Mr T still isn't keen on moving. Why did I look?!!!

Here's the view:

Here's a side view of the house:

It's only 2 bedrooms, but heaps of room to extend (which from personal experience, would take about 6-8 months)... I can live with 2 bedrooms for 6-8 months!!! New upgraded Blackwood kitchen, with huge new stainless steel stove. Loads of built in wardrobes. Room for a pool. And still room for the kids to play, and ride their motor bike. It even has a large chicken coop (complete with chickens) and 2 goats!
I cannot shake the feeling or, wanting (?!) to move. Is it just itchy feet? Mr T says he wants to move, but interstate or overseas!!! Surely a few suburbs over is easier?!! We are strong believers in God, and I've been praying that God confirms/directs what we're sposed to be doing, and I just can't shake this "moving" thing. Mr T is praying too... but isn't getting the same vibe - how frustrating is that!!!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

3 word Sunday x 2

And a wish for all my friends with babes in arms, grown up babes and babes in waiting... and especially to the sexy chick on the right...

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Draw Customized Symbols - ImageChef.com

It appears that for the entire month of April c.c.a.a were flat out allocating a massive 3 days worth of files. Did some one say "speed up, pre-olympics"? Yeah right.... we're going so fast, I'm giddy.

Current Logged In Date (allocated up until): 12 Jan 2006

Our Logged In Date: 22 Feb 2006

Days between current & our date: 41 days

Divide by last months allocations (to get an average in months to wait): 13 more months

Making our total wait time, for an allocation: 39 months

Another joyful factor - the Olympics - I'm betting we get a total stoppage of Allocations in August, and maybe even Sept.


*Root canal went well, although have a toothache and headache now.... thank goodness for Nurofen plus - a toothache's best friend!*

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Gifts for 11

Miss M will be "11" at the end of the month... and I'm at a loose end as to what to get her! She got all the things, she'd planned to, in China. A silk parasol, a traditional fan, a chinese dress and a "china" doll (she actually came home with 3 china dolls - 1 china, 1 fabric and 1 wooden!) She has written a list:
Littlest pet shop figures (she already has about 20 though - how many can a girl have?!!)
a skate board (I don't really want to get her a skate board - H-man has one)
and money

Ho-hum. I'm thinking I might give her our old queensize bed, that's in the spare room. She'll get it eventually, but I was thinking, maybe we'll give it to her earlier - I've got some really nice funky linen for her too. Mr T was thinking of giving her a puppy! One from our friend's litter - they'll be ready right on her birthday. I said, I'd leave it up to Mr T to decide. The pup will set us back $400... hmmm "free bed" or "$400 dog"?!!! Yeah, I know, I'm tight. No wonder my friend's say I'm tighter than a fishes bum! So, if you have any (cheap!!) suggestions, let me know!

On another exciting note, I have my first root canal treatment tomorrow. Joy. I actually had a nightmare about it the other night - I woke up all sweaty!!!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

China pics

This is about all you're going to get. Have got a "Data Doctor" programme and will attempt to restore the crappy pics.

Here's "a few" pics of our first 4 days, in Beijing. (you'll probably be thankful, the rest of our pics didn't work out, or you'd be viewing tourist pics for hours!!!)

*This is my 200th post on this blog! What a good way to celebrate!*


I am beyond pissed right now. I've just downloaded all our photos.... to the 8GB stick that Mr T purchased in Beijing. I've just open the photos, and every single one of them is ruined. They have stripes of colour through them, they look as they 2 photos have merged into one. I feel sick.

I'm SOOOOO annoyed with myself that I didn't transfer the last 200 that were on the camera directly to my laptop, then copy to the stick... but no, I thought I'd put them all in one place coz Mr T will want them all on his stick, then I'll transfer to my hard drive.

I'm so ticked, I'm not even going to try and salvage a few, right now. We have Beijing on my stick from home. And they're all good.

Woo-sa. Breath in, breath out.


Monday, 5 May 2008

G'Day Australia!

We're home! Sorry didn't post from Hong Kong - but we were SO busy, meeting Mickey & his friends, watching the wicked stage shows, lining up for ages for rides, swimming in the "piano shaped" pool, sunbaking, and of course buying tacky materialistic-mickey souvenirs!

Oh! Within the hour of publishing, my last post, (sprouting off that no-one had been sick) - I was hugging that porcelain bowl like it was my long lost friend... nasty! Damn that Murphy's Law!!! Once I got rid of everything (and then some), I was much better. AND I had to do it all in the dark, because Mr T was out having a massage, and took the key card with him - so I had no power in the room!!! Now that's some skilled heaving!!!!

Yes, I do intend to take my laptop on the next visit, as we'll be leaving the kids at home, and will need to "sk.ype" them! PLUS, I know you'll all want to be seeing the "main attraction" (Mini!).

I thought I'd do a quick run down on our experience in the "Great Orient".

Things that surprised me:
*how "clean" Beijing was - assuming they're in overdrive for the Olympics?
*how few people speak english
*how many people can "read" english, but not speak it?!!
*how many trees were in Beijing (I expected a concrete jungle)
*how much pollution was in Xi'An
*how hard the beds were (everywhere)
*how we could find our train gate, without speaking a word to anyone (showed our ticket and did lots of hand-signing!)
*the sense of "awe" when standing in the same shed as the terracotta warriors
*how humid Shenzhen & Hong Kong was!
*how "mountainous" Hong Kong was!
*Hong Kong Disneyland is SO clean - you could eat off the ground (I didn't.)
*how beautiful the country is
*our city has been established since 1836, we saw places that existed 6,000 years ago!!!
*how much I enjoyed the "local" cuisine
*Snickers are delicious no matter where you eat them!
*Disney Hollywood Hotel has no room service... is it ok for the kids to eat a Mars bar for dinner? (only on holiday, of course!)

Take with you:
*disposable razors
*ladies sanitary products
*packets of lollies (we like the "jelly" lollies, China like hard lollies)
*the "right" charger for your phone (yes... I'm a moron, and packed the wrong one... what a tossa-pot!)
*SMALL suitcases - ours were awesome. All 4 fit into every boot of every taxi.
*poo-stop pills
*spew-stop pills (will be taking some of these next time!)

Leave at home:
*hmmmm.... don't know about that - we used everything we brought! (except my phone charger!)

Something to think about next time:
*don't go the first week of May or the first week of Oct - China has a national "labour" holiday - they ALL go to Disneyland!!!! OMG! It was so busy in Disneyland. Lucky it's (apparently) a relatively small Disneyland!

My Summary:
I've decided to call it "an experience" rather than a "holiday". We didn't have time to relax - but I wouldn't change a thing about our trip. It was ALL an experience. I loved that I organised the whole thing. At one airport we were talking with some American's who were on a "tour". One lady wasn't that chooffed with the "tour". She said some people weren't physically able to "walk" around some sights, so they didn't go. We booked a couple of "main sight" tours, and winged it, the rest of the time! We hung out with the locals, at their parks, flew kites, cracked whips (video to come!) and ate in their restaurants. Our next China trip will be very different. I'm SO glad we had the opportunity to do this trip. From start to finish. Awesome.

Videos & slideshow will be coming... we only took about 600 photos - so I'll try and narrow it down!!!