"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Sunday, 25 July 2010

We're still breathing!!!

I know, I know... its been forever!! We've been really busy!! Unpacking, sitting by the heater, cooking soup in my new kitchen, trying to have a hot tub (which keeps leaking!), walking our acres, chipping ice off our windscreens in the morning, tending to the chooks (inc gathering eggs... huge eggs!)... plus of course, all the usual daily chores!!!

OK... enough of the chit chat - I know you only come here for the pictures!!

This is what happened one day... when baby girl was sposed to be in bed sleeping!! She sneaked into big sisters room... helped herself to the moisturiser, painted the mirror... thankfully only a small bit on the carpet
...and gave herself the beauty treament
Tiny LOVES playing in the dirt/mud
My little bro got married! Tiny in wedding gear

Playing with H-man

Patting the chicken (which is a HUGE milestone!!! Tiny was absolutely petrified of just about all animals, til we moved onto the farm!)

Big Sister, Miss M, is really into cooking at the moment - guess who licked the spoon(s)?!

Our big bonfire! I LOVE living on the farm, where we just burn our boxes... in the city, it took about 3 months to get rid of all the cardboard, in the recycling bins!

I love this photo. I was in the house, I looked out, and there was H-Man taking Tiny for a walk. Protectively holding her hand... so cute! He then gave her a piggyback, back to the house

I've been doing a bit of reminiscing of late. Hanging all my photos, putting out all my picture frames - it's official - Tiny has been at home, longer than she was in the Orphanage. This is Tiny exactly 12 months ago
She's still our baby. She's still tiny. She's still perfect in everyway... even when she's throwing an almighty 2yr old fit, or smearing moisturiser all over the mirror. I definitely have bad days, when I feel I can't cope - its all the life of being a Mama, but more than anything, I'm still in awe of this child that God blessed us with; that China officials matched with us; that a mother gave.