"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Photos - no dribbling!

No dribbling on... just gorgeous kids, today!

This is my favourite. My 14 yr old niece took this picture - isn't it beautiful??

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Attachment issus etc

Of late, I've read on several of my fav. blogs, how life with an adopted toddler can not only be hard, but throw all sorts of "curly" ones at ya! Stuff that isn't "common sense" to us, Western Folk! I read a dozen books, on attachment / bonding / adoption "blues" etc, before we brought Tiny home. Of course, things are always different when you have a "real live, in-the-flesh" baby or toddler at home! I'll admit, I'm naive. I've never been one to claim to have it "altogether", or sprout knowledge on parenting. I do speak from my own experience, and my thoughts. Well, the more I get together with fellow Mum's, the more my thoughts change! That's normal, right?! I tell ya, when I do talk with my Mum friend's - I certainly walk away, thinking I'm a moron, sometimes!!!

What am I prattling on about? I'm a bit embarrassed to say, I was one who thought "How on earth can a newborn remember his or her beginnings?" Coz that made sense to me. Now, after many hours of talking and reading, I DO believe that its possible. As I said before, I don't claim to know everything... not very much at all, in fact! But I want to know more. I want to try to understand. I get very confused, as I get told "but my 18 month old is doing that, and she's not from an orphanage" so I struggle with what exactly is "normal" and what is not?
Our baby girl has only been with us 2 and a bit months. Its very very early days. I've got no idea what the future holds - I can only pray that Tiny grows up to feel loved, secure and protected. Take each day as it comes.
OK, I've done waaay to much thinking - here's the good stuff! Another free kit, at Stacy's blog (and links to 2 other blogs from there!) Mr T was watching some "shoot em up" thing on tv last night, I wasn't in the mood - so it was a good excuse to hit the scrapbooking!

I designed this page for a friend's little girl, and loved it so much, I had to do one for Tiny too!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

More pages, more freebies

This first page is made with the freebie kit (all except the wings on Tiny) See the links below

A couple of these, I did a while ago, but can't remember if I posted them?! I found another freebie kit, if you're interested, on Loucee Creations blog & Vicki's blog (they did a collab-kit).

My washing machine, appears to be working normally... for now! At least the repair dude, didn't charge me for the last visit. He said "the belt had partially come off, that doesn't normally happen".... of course not! it would only happen in THIS house!!!

What's the go? I have a new baby in the house, I'm completely exhausted, don't get anything achieved all day - I mean NOTHING! I start a thousand things, but nothing actually gets done. What is most ridiculous, is I have two children before Tiny, and I'm still shocked at all this?!!! How quickly I forget. Due to the exhaustion (that I feel very embarassed about, because tiny is a GREAT sleeper), and the frustration that I'm not achieveing anything, and the pressure of another person relying on me to meet their needs... I had a bit of a melt down this week. I feel so pathetic, as I've had 2 other babies, why aren't I more prepared? Because nothing prepares you. Not even past experience. I chucked a huge wobbly at Mr T, I cried, I threw stuff, I had lots of "I'm so pathetic" thoughts. I am OK. I'm just trying to find my groove. I'm just a little "derailed" at the moment. I know I'll pull it all together. The seams just exploded this week. For whatever reason, I felt so under pressure, so many people relying on me.... and can't get things done.

Ahhhh. I guess there's always next week.

When I look around me, I know I'm blessed beyond comprehension. I have absolutely nothing to complain about, whatsoever. I pick myself up. And I will try again.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Kits & Bits!

I've quickly put together these two pages, from the new freebie kit from Stacy. The kits are only free for one week - so get over there and download now! I use Photoshop Elements, then download or buy kits online. Kits are usually around $1-$6 if you want to buy. Here are a couple of great stores: Sunshine Stuidos, Groovy Scraps, Scrap that idea, Peppermint Creations, Lilypad, Free Digital Scrapbooking, And then there are the blogs that offer free kits - see a my post from last week for links. Its easy-peasy, and I love it!

This first page, is from our Bali holiday in 2004, H-man had his 3rd birthday in Bali! We went on an "Elephant Safari" - was really cool!

This next page, was from our last trip, in March, we visited the new Bali Safari Park, and got to pat a real live lion (albiet I'm pretty sure he was totally wasted on some kind of sedative!)

My Washing Machine. Ahhhh, my beloved machine. It pooped itself again, on Easter Sat (why does it always happen on a long weekend - then I have to wait four days before I can even ring anyone, let alone have someone come out and fix it?!!) The repair dude, took my (rusty) little motor away, and said it'll either be the brushes ($165), or the motor ($380). A week later, my (rusty) little motor was returned, with new brushes. Its all fixed. Its still screaming like a banshee, but it working, so I'm happy. Well, kinda happy. I can't believe the amount of washing we stack up in 10 days! Our little weekend trip away, added to the carnage, because we had a bonfire too! Nice. Nothing like smoke to go through an entire bag of clothes. I managed to get about 5 loads done yesterday. I reckon there's another 10 sitting on my laundry floor! (no kidding!) I'd just stripped all the beds, the day the machine pooped itself too - so there's sheets and towels everywhere as well. And you people thought it couldn't happen - but Tiny HAS run out of long pants (that fit her). Truly. So we're down to a bit of a mish-mash ensemble today, of a mini skirt and stripey tights!

WASHING MACHINE UPDATE (5pm Wed) - Would you believe, it's shat itself again?!!! Un-freakin-believable. This time, the repair dude thinks it sounds like the belt, its either busted, or just slipped off. OH FOR PETE SAKE!!!! WHY THE HECK DIDN'T YOU CHECK THE "WHOLE" DARN MACHINE, THE LAST 3 TIMES YOU'VE BEEN HERE?!!!!! I'm really really not happy now. Still got about 5 loads on the floor - one wet one in the machine - and he's coming back in 2 days. Thankfully, I have a wonderful neighbour, who's letting me wash the "wet load" in her machine. Think I'll be visiting the laundramat tonight, to get the rest done. I'm TOTALLY sick of having piles of laundry all over my house. Oh yeah - is forecast for 5 days of rain. Typical.

And I've said the best til last:

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my wonderful QLD friend's who finally their beautiful children in their arms. Thinking of you all, as you and your kiddies work through these initial days. No, its not really easy for anyone. But it gets better (and then it gets worse) then it gets better again! (once you're a parent, this cycle happens forever, I think?!!! Biological or not!!!)

Monday, 20 April 2009

River Weekend

I was going to make a slideshow, but that sounds like, all a bit too much work, tonight!

Tiny had a ball, exploring all the sticks, bark, leaves, bottle caps and even the odd cigarette butt (ewww!) Here she is proudly presenting a big piece of bark she thought was very valuable!

Just clowning around (who else thinks she looks "cute as" in this outfit?)

Sunrise, on the river. God Bless Mr T, for getting up, and taking a very vocal Tiny out for an early morning (630am!) stroll along the river!

Mr T even took Tiny on the Ferry!We're all up - time to chase Tiny! (yes, she's still in her PJs!)

Going back for a re-run... of course, there were fierce arguments over, who actually won... I was too busy trying to take the photo, I didn't see!

Father & Daughter. Mr T decided to go all "Grizzly Adams" for the weekend! (note: stubble)

Father, Son, & "youngest" daughter! (Miss M took this pic.. isn't it great?!)

H-man digging his way to China?!

Watchin' how the big chicks do it? Do you dig it?!
H-man has an unusual take on "boat ride"! And there's no show without Punch - Tiny goes in to inspect!

Drive home... 1.5 hrs.

We had a great weekend. Tiny slept well, in her porta-cot, and even napped in her pram.

Just had to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Old Uncle Tommy and Hot-Mama Auntie Linda (didn't think you'd appreciate "Old" Auntie Linda!), and to your wonderful "River Friends", for being awesome hosts. For feeding us. For taking us out in your awesome boat. For "accomodating" our children! For "going without". And for just being great friends. THANK YOU. (now, that I've kissed your butt - I imagine the pay rise you expect is off the cards?!!)

Also, as you know, I'm a bit addicted to digital scrapbooking. I've stumbled across some fantastic blogs that offer free kits. So I thought, I'd let you know when a freebie comes up. Stacy has one this week, called Cirle of Life. Great for all those Zoo trip photos! I'll post some of my latest pages tomorrow. If you're into gorgeous kits - you should also check out SCRAP THAT IDEA store, they have loads of super cheap ones, and very reasonably priced new ones.

Friday, 17 April 2009


Up River!

See ya next week!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Love n Chocolate

(Overload of the elements!)

Just had to show this one... I thought she looked uber gorgeous today in her blue dress and white headband! (which she surprisingly kept on, most of the day!) I also found a baby hairbrush, which Tiny loved, and kept trying to "brush" the headband!!!

Just had to add one of H-Man too... (back in the day, when he was a different super hero, everyday!)

Friday, 10 April 2009

Spending my time..

SCRAPBOOKING! Its 11:10am Good Friday, and I'm still in my PJs!! Excellent!!!

While Tiny had her morning sleep, I thought I'd mess around with my digi-scrapbooking (again!) - its very addictive you know!! Anyway, here's what happened...

I think this one is my favourite~

I really like digital scrapbooking!