"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Thursday, 28 February 2008

A glimpse of home

I went on excursion with Miss M and her class today, which took us to the City. It was a perfect day, about 25C (77F) - the sun was shining, there were a few clouds in the sky and a gentle breeze. As I walked back to my car (the kids were on a school bus), I marvelled at how pretty my City is. So, looking like a first-class tourist, I was snapping happy snaps - to share with you!

Enjoy a walk through Adelaide, known as "The City of Churches"! (if you put your cursor over a pic, it will stop sliding, and give you a caption)

It's my home, and I love it!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Bear with me!

I was walking past the toy store the other day, and this little darling caught my eye! She is a China Girl Beanie Kid. You can't see very well with the navy background, but she has a little black "bun" on her head with the chopsticks going through the bun!

She is part of the Skansen "Beanie Kids" collection. Not sure if they are worldwide? They are bears - in costume! They've been around for 10+ years. Every month or so, they release about 5 new bears, then after a while, they "retire" them. Once they are retired, they are worth more, and are harder to get. If they're kept in pristine condition, with tags attached and in good condition - they can be worth alot of money. We don't collect them, as a collectors item... my kids like to play with them!

Here is Mini's collection:

From Back left (to right), then front left (to right):
(the Australian Animal collection) Koala, Kangaroo, Platypus, Wombat
China Girl, Rat, Ladybug
I plan on sending "Gummy" (that's the koala's name) in a care package to Mini. He is sooo soft! I hope we get Gummy back... (he's retired), but if we don't there's always E.bay!!!

Here is Miss M's collection:

She's been collecting for about 5 years, so she definitely has the most! She's received alot as gifts, but she's also bought alot of them, with her own money. I'm not going to list them all, coz there are WAY too many! (I think she has about 35?)

I installed the shelves about 2 months ago, so they are kept in one place, and (hopefully) won't get too trashed... looks like I need a bigger shelf!!!

And here's H-Man's collection:

H-man has only been collecting for about 2 years, and has predominantly "super heros" (generally with a sword, gun or axe prop!) and he has quite a few animals too. H-Man loves them. They don't stay on the shelf for too long, and usually about 10 make it into bed with him, every night!!!

I wasn't that keen on them, when Miss M got her first one. They're about $10 each - and I thought, "Who the heck wants MORE soft toys"? But the kids absolutely love them. In most stores their range has about 24+ different bears to choose from (and about 15 of each bear) - there's alotta bears!!! The kids stand there for ages, trying to decide which one should come home with them! So once again, proves to me, it doesn't matter what I like or think is best... they're the ones that need to like it!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Don't speed

This happened in the early hours of this morning, Mr T was one of the first one the scene. When he got back, I asked "Is everyone ok". He bluntly stated "All dead". I thought he was kidding. He wasn't. He described the scene, and said if they weren't dead, they were all extremely messed up.

I can't stop thinking about how tragic this is - if only they weren't going so fast, they could have easily taken the corner.

Please, please, please - don't speed. It only takes a second for your life to be over, or severely changed forever. If you pray, please pray for the families who've lost someone today.

Melissa has thrown out a challenge, to sum up your week in 3 words, and post it on Sunday. I forgot to do it yesterday, so it's a good thing I'm a day ahead of most of my readers!!!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

What to expect when expecting (from China)...

Friends and Family- Please read this.

What to Expect When You're Expecting (from China)…….A MUST Read for Adopting Parents.

Below is a letter from Amy Eldridge, from Love Without Boundaries, addressing the recent adoption disruptions and parental preparedness. If you are reading this, think about posting it on your site - a waiting parent who reads your blog may benefit from it.

"I have been so saddened by this situation. I most definitely wish there was a way to educate ALL adoptive parents about the truths of institutional care, however I have come to realize in my daily work that there are just as many parents who are not online reading everything they can find on adoption as are.There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of parents out there who have no idea what life is like for a child in an orphanage, and who head overseas to pick up their perfect child only to be handed a baby who is unresponsive, thin, unable to eat….. and on and on and on.

While adopting my son last month, I walked several times over to the White Swan to talk to parents, and over and over I spoke with moms and dads who had no clue whatsoever about the issues their kids were having. I heard so many times things like, "she won't eat solid foods" (oral aversion), "she has no muscle tone" (muscle atrophy from lying in a crib all day), "she won't smile" (pure grieving from being taken from her foster mom). I guess since I live China 24/7, I assume everyone adopting does, too, which is not the case.I talked to at least a dozen parents who didn't even know their child's orphanage name, and while I gently said "you might want to memorize that for your child's sake", at the same time I was trying to process how many parents get all the way to China without ever reading about post-institutional issues. It was sobering to me.

Babies in the NSN (non special needs) as well as the SN (special needs) path can have issues with attachment, motor skills, emotional issues and more. I think all of us on the WCC (Waiting Children China) list acknowledge that, while also acknowledging that all children (whether bio or not) can have these same issues. Living in an orphanage of course increases the odds.I think the easy out is to say that agencies have to do more, as well as social workers, but I do think that most of them do try to give information to the parents but often parents don't want to hear it or else think it won't happen to them. Again, I am often surprised to talk to parents leaving soon and to realize they are not prepared. One family was adopting from our foster care program, and when I told them that the child was DEEPLY attached to the mom, the father said, "guess she might cry for an hour or so then?" An hour or so? She had been in foster care for over a year! I tried to explain that this little girl was about ready to lose everything she had ever known, and that they should not expect her to be sunny, happy, and full of personality after an hour. I told them to please remember the 72-hour rule.......that after 72 hours they would probably see her spark, but that she would probably grieve for a long time after that as well.

I think for many adoptive parents, they just don't want to read the "bad stuff", and so I do think that ultimately it is the parents who are at fault for not doing more to educate themselves. There certainly are books galore out there about post-institutional issues. I equate this to when I was pregnant with my kids and I would read "What to Expect When Expecting", and I would get to the C-section part and always skip it. Each and every time I would jump to the next chapter as "that wasn't going to happen to me". Well, on my fifth baby, when they were rushing me in for an emergency C-section, I sure was wishing I had read that section earlier! But at that point in the OR, while they were strapping my hands down to the table, it was too late, and so I felt complete panic when I could have been prepared. I think adoption from China is very similar to giving birth...it is much more rosy to only read the happy stories on APC, but I now encourage every family I meet to read the harder ones as well, because if you are the family who is handed a child that is limp and listless and who looks autistic, what you have learned in the past will help you make the right decision for your family during those very emotional first few days.

I have been called many times in the last few years by parents in China worried about their children. I agree that having a support network to help you through the initial time is essential. Everyone should go to China with at least one phone number of someone they can call if they are panicked upon meeting their new child. I remember feeling so alone when I was handed my daughter and she was so tiny and limp. Because our foundation often helps with the kids who have been disrupted, I am aware that sometimes there are children who have much more serious issues than originally reported…. and that is such a hard thing for a parent to get to China and then discover their child is truly autistic or has serious mental delays. I think everyone on both the China and international side would agree that it is absolutely wrong of an orphanage to not be honest in their reports, and no one would excuse that, but I also know without a doubt that the majority of kids who are disrupted are just suffering from institutional issues and would catch up quickly in a loving home. It is always a very sad day for the orphanage and everyone involved when a child that they know is absolutely fine, but perhaps thin and grieving, is returned by their new parents for being "delayed".

I think far too many people believe their child's life is going to begin the moment they meet them. The truth is, and everyone must realize it….. a child's life is going on RIGHT NOW in China, and all of their experiences are shaping who they are. The vast majority of aunties that I have met in China are such kind and caring people, but it absolutely is not the same as having a mom and dad at your beck and call. I have had new parents call and say "we didn't think living in an orphanage would affect her at all", and those statements truly puzzle me. How could they not contemplate life in an orphanage?

Walk through Babies R Us and you will see every gadget known to man to make our children's lives here as ideal as possible. Now Americans have two way video monitors, so that when baby awakens not only can mommy see when to immediately rush in and comfort him, but she can talk to baby so that he doesn't even have one single second where he feels alone. How many new parents would have a newborn and then put that baby in a crib 22 hours a day on their own? How many would only feed their baby, even if they were really crying hard, every 8 hours? Or prop the bottle in her crib and then not watch to see if she ever really ate?

Of course no one would do that…... we feed newborns on demand, comfort on demand, love continuously…. and whether people want to recognize it or not, that is NOT the life of an orphan in an institution. .….. even when the aunties are as good as gold. I remember one night when I took some volunteers in for the night shift in an orphanage, when normally just a few aunties are working. One mom looked at me with tears in her eyes as she slowly realized that it was absolutely impossible with just two hands to feed every child, to comfort every child, to soothe every baby who was crying. She said her heart was aching to realize that her own daughter most likely had many, many times where she cried without someone to comfort her..... and she told me that for the first time she finally understood why her daughter had such a deep seated fear of being out of her mom's sight.

The aunties are trying their absolute best, but that doesn't equal mother/child care. I remember being in an orphanage in the north this past winter and the aunties were so proud of how they had 6-8 layers of clothes and blankets on every baby to keep them warm. They were swaddled so tight that they couldn't move, but it was freezing in the orphanage and so the aunties wanted the babies to stay as warm as possible. What alternative did they have? It really was freezing there…... I was cold in my wool coat, so the babies couldn't be up and about with just 1-2 layers on, with the ability to move their arms and legs. To stay warm they had to be immobile, and so of course all of those kids have weak muscle tone. But the aunties were truly trying their best, and when a parent is given one of those beautiful children on adoption day, I am sure they will go back to their room with concern and say "she can't sit up by herself…. she can't put weight on her legs". That is absolutely the truth, but she also survived 10 degree weather in a very cold province and she will catch up soon enough with parents to encourage her.

To not acknowledge that living in orphanage circumstances can cause lower body weights, low muscle tone, inability to make good eye contact is very sad to me. Can it be overcome? Most definitely! The one thing I have learned over and over again about the kids in China is that they are fighters and survivors. But for some reason, people seem to want to ignore these issues in public forums.

Recently, one of our medical babies that we had met several times in person was adopted, and we all knew that this child was a "spitfire". When the family arrived and spent a few days with her, they decided she was too much of a handful for them and they wanted to disrupt. She absolutely was not what they expected. When they called their agency, they were told they had two choices: adopt the child, bring her to the US, and change their expectations of what they were hoping for, or adopt the child, bring her to the US and the agency would have a family waiting at the airport to adopt her locally. Option three of leaving the child in China was never once given. I admire that agency so much, as they were thinking of the child and the child alone. The family followed through with the adoption and handed the little girl to a new family upon her arrival in the US. As horrible and tragic and emotional as it was for everyone involved...I still feel this was the right decision for the agency to make. It was done in the absolute best interest of the child, who had waited a long, long time for a family. I wish more agencies would advocate for the rights of the child, instead of always seeming to give in to the parents, especially in those cases when they know with absolute certainty that nothing is permanently wrong with the child.
Recently with another disruption, the agency I spoke with told me that it was "easier" to just get the family a new baby.

Sometimes easier does not equal right. The first baby who was rejected has now been labeled "mentally challenged" even though the agency knew the child was really going to be okay. I think all of us, who do realize that delays occur and that babies can usually overcome them, should be these children's advocates by continually trying to educate new parents on what to expect in China. By helping them be better prepared, we just might help stop a disruption in the future. I love Chinese adoption with my whole heart, and it is my life's work…. but I also want every family who goes to get their baby to go with their eyes open and to be as emotionally prepared as possible, for the child's sake."
Amy Eldridge,
Love Without Boundaries

And these are my thoughts:
Wouldn't we all like to think it's a perfect world, where our children will be well looked after before we meet them? That they sleep well, cry little, are well fed, are warm and safe? It would be very naive of me to think this is how it is. I am a "researcher" by nature. If I'm buying a new car, I've spent min. 3 months beforehand reading about it, crunching the numbers and comparing to something else. New house? Same deal. Even food shopping takes me forever, coz I read the labels to see which brand has less sugar, or which product will give me the best deal. So extending our family has been no different. Mr T would tease me, about how obsessed I was with reading adoption stories etc. But I feel they've given me great insight, as to what to expect. I'm not big on surprises. I like to know what I'm in for. Particularly, the "not so nice" stuff. I've heard some pretty horrific stories, of treatment of children in orphanages and foster homes. A great book I read (early on) is called "the post-adoption blues ~ overcoming the unforeseen challenges of adoption" by Karen J Foli and John R Thompson. Really sheds light on some issues you may not be aware of. And "Cross cultural Adoption" by Amy Coughlin and Cary Abramowitz is a very easy read and great resource to pass around to the family.

I like to think, I'm well informed... and ready?!! Truth be known, there'll still be things that I'm not prepared for. I know this has been a long post - but if you can copy Amy Eldridge's words and share them with fellow adopting parents and their/your families - it'll help.

Friday, 22 February 2008

24 big ones...


That sucks nuts - big time! Count em and weep, my friends.

Good thing, I like sucking nuts - only chocolate covered ones, of course!!!
Peanut M&Ms are deeeeelish... what were you thinking?!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Bargain Shopper strikes again!

After dropping the kids off at school this morning, (after a marathon 50 mins in the car! traffic SUCKS!) I had a coffee with a couple of other Mums, then head for home to do paperwork. Yuck. I was passing T@r.get and it was calling me to drop in, and check out her beautiful racks.

I walked out about an hour later ~
$10.06 for a pair of boardies for Mr T
$4.87 for a silver baby photo frame
$7.86 for a pretty pink polo tee for me
$3.86 for a pair of thongs (otherwise known as flip-flops or jandals!) for Mr T
$6.06 for a pair of thongs for Miss M
$20 for a pair of jeans for Mr T
$7 for a "boulder holder" for Moi
$5.56 for a nightie for Miss M
$5.56 for a satin night shirt for sis-in-law
$11 for pair of jeans for Mini
And the clincher in my spending spree was...
2 pairs of jeans for me @ the enormous price of $3.64 each!!!

$3.64 for a pair of jeans... please tell me T@r.get lost money on that sale, and that some poor folks in China haven't worked for free?

The day finished with my first official match as Coach of the basketball team. The girls have all played before ~ thank heavens!!! We lost, but we scored 5 points!!! Trust me, this is a huge deal! Miss M's team usually struggles to score at all!!! WE SCORED!!! I must say though - if a coach needs to ask how many players need to be on court... SURELY, that's not a good sign?!!!

PS Ford... keep those pointers coming my way!!! We practiced shooting hoops, one on one defense/shooting, and some ball passing, at last practice... it's quite apparent we need to work on shooting hoops - and we'll definitely be taking your advice and practicing leading TOWARD the ball!!!

EDIT: Sorry my Aussie talk has some of you a little confused!!! Boardies are mens swim shorts (surf style? does that make sense?) And yes, we call flip-flops "thongs"... open footwear that has a "bit" that goes between your toes... not between the cheeks!!! We call the underwear a Gstring here... one can only imagine why its called that?!!! Also, Julie - we've had T@r.get for at least 34 years, one of my earliest memories of going to my Grandma's house, when we passed T@r.get, we were nearly there!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Just call me "Coach"

Yep. Another of my newly acquired gigs this year is coaching Miss M's basketball team. This is wrong on so many levels.

Firstly, I've never played basketball, and don't really know the rules. Secondly, Miss M is in Grade 5 - they didn't have enough players for the Grade 4-5 team, so she's been pushed up to the 6-7 team. I'm worried the "older" girls won't involve her, because she's "not one of them". I hope I'm just being silly, our school has wonderful students - but girls can be real cows sometimes. Thirdly, I've taken on being the "Uniform Shop Lady" (taking up at least 2 days a week) and Parent Rep (hopefully the other parent will do most of the organising, and I'll just be there for moral support) for Miss M's class as well this year, then there's reading with H-Man's class on Tues & Thurs afternoons.... that is, on top of all my normal work with our Company. Don't forget Girl Guides, Church, Sunday School, Basketball practices & matches, and I might just get to have the odd coffee with a girlfriend every now and then?!!

And I wonder why I can't sleep?!!! I went to bed around 1 last night, finally fell asleep around 2ish. Mr T's phone rang at 230, waking me up - I think I finally dozed off around 430am, and had to be up by 7, to be at school by 830am for our first basketball practice. My stomach is churning. I really don't want to be Coach....but no one else will do it, and I was kind "told" by the School office that I'd be fine.

Yeah right.

Sunday, 17 February 2008


No. No moving. Mr T is quite adamant. He does not want to move.

*sigh* Looks like I'll be driving across the city, approx 3 hrs a day, with 2 screaming, arguing or to the extreme~ ridiculously silly children.... soon to be 3. (Mini will be perfect, though - right?!!!) If you have children (more than one) between the ages of 4-14 I'm sure you have heard the following:
"You're on my side!"
"You touched me - go away!"
"That's mine - give it back"
"Muuuuum, H did thiiiss..."
"Muuuum, M did that"

"You're an idiot"
"No, you are" (repeat last 2 lines, about 10 times ~ before I explode in ranting about why calling someone an idiot is a horrible thing, why do you have to constantly argue? blah blah blah)

When I snap at my kids, I can totally hear my Mum in my voice. Poor Mum. I know exactly what you mean!!!! Just sitting in peak hour traffic, is enough to drive me mental, without having the kids dribbling on. I'll just have to keep going to my "happy place" ~ "I love our school, I love my home".

It's obviously not the right time to move... I hope the right time, comes soon!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

A year ago

One of my best friends passed away. My sister-in-law, confidant, shopping buddy, baby sitter, no1 supporter of Mini's adoption.

I can't believe she's been gone a whole year.

Trish lived in the hills, and will forever remain there. Mr T & I drove up to the cemetery. We bought a bunch of mixed flowers, with bright pink gerbras - her favourite flower. I said to Mr T, I'm so sad that she never got to see or hold Mini. She was so excited for us, and wanted to know everything that was going on with our process to bring home our little girl.

I'm sure that she has seen her, from her front row seat in heaven. But, Mini will never know her voice, or look into her kind eyes.

It still breaks my heart, that you are gone, Trish.

I miss you.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

In reference to last post: Geeez, aren't you all so sweet!!! (you know that's why I posted a pic, right... I just needed a good old self esteem boost?!!!)

14th February 2008
My hunky spunk just got home from an overseas business trip... so I've been kinda busy! (hence, I've been on leave from the blog ;) nudge nudge, wink wink! ;) This morning I printed off a photo from our wedding, and wrote L loves T 4 EVA! on it. (I wrote our full names... but my hubs being the suspicious bloke he is, likes me to keep the blog all "non-descript!") And on the back of the photo, I had a little picture of the movie "Jumper" with 14/2/08 11am ~ GOLD CLASS. We've just come home from the movie and a bit of shopping! I LOVE GOLD CLASS MOVIES! There's only about 18 seats in the cinema, all fully electric recliners, and you order your "gourmet food & beverages" before you go in, and request them at certain times. We had Chicken strips and a diet coke at 1115am, and ordered gourmet tandoori chicken pizza with a latte for 1200. They were a little late with the chicken strips, but I'll forgive them. The movie was fantastic! A great "big screen" movie.
Well... I'm off to have dessert with my husband ~ strawberries and whipped cream served on...
As if I'd tell you something like that?!!
This is a G rated blog.
I don't have any strawberries anyway....

Sunday, 10 February 2008


Poxy Title, but I've done "Bit of this - Bit of that" about 6 times now!!!

Anyhoo- On Friday, I had my hair "Chemically Straightened". Sounds scary!!! I was a bit frightened, I'd wake up Sat morning, with my hair all eaten away... but thankfully it's all good. My gorgeous hubs, bought me a gift voucher from my hairdresser, specifically to have this procedure done! He nagged me all January, "Why haven't you used your voucher?" Maybe he thought I was ungrateful? No way!!! Its the best present ever - but I knew it would take 3 hours, and there's no way I was dragging 2 kids with me, and endured them trashing the joint, while I couldn't move, for 3 hours!!! So, kids back at school - off to the hairdresser I went! I'm stoked with the result! Its VERY straight. And after the hairdresser straightened with the hot tongs/iron, its beautiful smooth and sleek! I feel like I should be in a Pan.tene ad!!! I haven't washed it myself yet, but it should still be straight, even after washing, but I'll probably need to hot iron the top layers, to cut out the frizz. I was blessed with super-frizz hair. Eww. She also hacked a few layers into the back, which is awesome, my head feels so much lighter!!! The hairdresser comments (several times, per sitting) "You've got so much hair!" "I can't believe how much hair you have!" I think she charges me more, coz everything takes more time, coz I have so much damn hair!!! I couldn't have it coloured on the same day as the straightening so I'm back there in 2 weeks to have my granny-grey roots done!!!

I took a photo of myself in the mirror last night - its not great - look at the hair, not the face!!! (I don't have big white spots on me... its the flash reflection in the mirror!) It was about 1130pm, I was just about to go to bed - EXCEPT the neighbours were having a kick-a.ss party, and had their doof-doof music blasting til I phoned them at 1.15am, and asked them to turn it down!!! I think I finally fell asleep around 2. I woke up at 3.30, and thought "Ahhh... it's quiet!" I'm such an old lady, when it comes to loud music! I like MY music loud, when I feel like it. But thats it. Everyone elses music annoys me!!! I'm 34 going on 73!!!

And lastly I thought I should tell you, that every now and then you may see "four2five" comment on your blog, with my little China Angel profile pic. Its me - Its just that I tried to change my email address on my blogger profile, and it says I can't use a gmail address as a primary address... then all of a sudden it's created a separate identity under my new email address, asking me to creating a new blog?!! What the?!!! If I can't use a gmail address - why can I set up a new identity including blog etc with a gmail address?!! Stupid. Anyway, four2five is an alias for OziMum. Depending on how I'm feeling on the day!!!

(four2five = family of 4 going to family of 5... just in case your wondering why I chose four2five!!! A Mum at school said she thought it was going from a 4 year wait to a 5 year wait!!! Geeeezz... don't wish that upon me?!!!)

Saturday, 9 February 2008

It occured to me...

Its Saturday. Yay! I love Saturday! I slept in til about 930. And only got up because H-Man said Miss M was strangling him. All was well. No one died, and no blood was shed. It occured to me, that a 10 year old and 6 year old, don't get on. Well, that's not entirely true ~ they do get on... but it's the petty arguing that is driving me insane. I hope it passes soon (the arguing. I'm sure the insanity will only get worse!)

But as I strolled around in my PJs til noon; I contemplated life as we know it. Sleep ins on the weekends and school holidays. Freedom while the kids are at school. Shopping alone. Kids that can go to the toilet on their own, swim on their own, feed themselves... It occured to me (yes, I must be having a very enlightened day!) that soon, life will be changed forever! Of course, I knew it would - but it was all very real this morning, as Miss M was quietly watching TV in one room, and H-Man was playing games in another room... it was so quiet. I stood in my kitchen making a cup of tea, imagining a toddler:
Clinging to my leg, whining "up". Tripping on toys spread throughout the house. Mountains of washing from messy feed time, or worse - blow out nappies! Screaming because someone is using a toy. Sticky spots all over the floor from dropped/spilt drinks. Having eyes in the back of my head, watching what will be snatched off the table next! Two school-aged children screaming because a little person has just broken their prized craft from School.

Don't get me wrong! I'm not whining about it - I've already done it twice... it was just "real", for some reason, this morning. One day, this year... all will change. There will be heart melting smiles, first words, first steps, and hilarious baby antics.

There is nothing more precious, than being given the gift of being a parent and watching your children learn and grow. I hope I remember that, when I'm having a bad day!!! Children are a gift.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Happy New Year!


Year of The Rat

Click here, to see what you are! Mr T & Miss M are both piggies otherwise known as a boar), H-Man is a snake and I am a cow (otherwise known as an Ox or Buffalo, on this site!). We've got a right farm going on here!!!

I'm not a supersticious (see I can't even spell it!) person at all, especially when I read that "a cow", would be best suited to being a surgeon, a general or a hairdresser!!! In my mind, I imagined Hitler hairstyling!!! I have told you before, I am a nutjob.

I can't stand blood or any of those (real-life) medical shows, so no medical school for me. A general? Well... I reckon I could probably do that! On a bad day, you can hear me screaming 2 suburbs over!!! But then a general would probably have to see blood... so once again, no boot camp for me. And a hairdresser - no. The hair that falls on the bathroom floor annoys me, let alone being covered in it!!! And (no offense to hairdressers) they are one of the lowest paid professions.... obviously that's not the right job for me!!! Now if someone would pay me to shop! THAT is the job for me!!!

Thursday, 7 February 2008


I don't want to get old.

I went to visit my Grandma today. She lives in a nursing home, but it's semi-selfcontained. She has her own little kitchen sink area (no stove) and own bathroom. My Grandma has Alzheimers Disease. We'd asked several times to find her a place in a home, we were told, she couldn't unless "something happened". Grandma kept forgetting to turn off her gas stove top. I was so angy, she nearly gassed herself to death... but that's not "something". A few weeks later, she fell over, and almost broke her hip (again). Apparently, THAT is something. Anyway, she's been in the home for about 2 years now. It is a really nice home (I ask her all the time, if they have a spare room for me! They cook, clean and do laundry... how good is that?!!!) In the two years Gran has been there, her Alzheimers has steadily gotten worse.

Today, when I entered the room, she just kind of stared at me. This is the first time, she hasn't known who I am. Previously, she's just repeated the same thing to me about 5 times... but today was different. She did work out who I was, but was very confused. I talked with her about our up and coming holiday in China. I told her "we're taking the kids. We're going to Beijing and will catch and overnight train" She'd cut me off, "Are you taking the children?" She repeated alot of stuff as well. And to make matters worse, she's chipped one of her dentures, and I came in just after the dentist had been, and took her teeth away - so the poor Love had no teeth in. People look really different with no teeth. She just didn't look like Grandma at all.

She kept saying "I don't know why God leaves me here"... I kept telling her, "Don't say that!"

My heart is so sad. I can't even imagine what it must be like to not even know what you did 2 minutes ago. But know, that you don't know. Grandma is so frustrated.

I don't want to get old.

Grandma & H-man - Nov 2001

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


I've been tagged... TWICE!

Firstly, from Chelley - a 7 Random Facts About Me Meme

So here goes:
1. I've never had a cigarette... not even one little choof. I can't do it. Can't imagine sucking smoke into my lungs and blowing back out... supposedly to make me feel good?!!! Then there's the lung cancer and brain malfunction... And people pay lots of money for this privilidge? If you smoke, don't give me a hard time... these are my opinions based on my own thoughts.
2. I detest ironing and dusting...but I'm ridiculous... I won't pay someone to do something I can do.... I just don't LIKE doing it!
3. I've gone up another shoe size in the last couple of years
4. I stopped drinking Coffee, cold turkey 2 years ago, and started drinking tea... I only drink coffee in Coffee Shops
5. I failed my drivers licence the first time
6. I kissed a boy at school named Sven
7. I can't hold the railing on escalators... I have a bit of a germ "thing"

There are a few rules for this Meme:
The rules are to link the person who sent this to you and leave a comment on their blog so their readers can visit yours. Post the rules on your blog~Share 7 strange/weird facts about yourself~Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, linking their blog~Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

I'm going to break the rules *gasp*! I won't choose 7 people... but if you want to do it - go for it, and leave a comment on my blog, so I can take a peek at your weirdness!

Secondly, Kim's Meme, calls for me to look into the closest book, turn to page 123 and read post the 5th sentence and the following 3 sentences!

OK... I'm going to break the rules (again!) *gasp even more loudly!* The closest book, is a childrens book, and doesn't have 123 pages... so I'm going to read from Page 23

And then the wind died down
The Dinki Di stood still
"We'll never make it now" said Skip
And even Nell felt ill.

From Sail Away, The ballad of Skip and Nell by Mem Fox and illustrated by Pamela Lofts
(Australian Children's book... if you hadn't guessed by the words "Dinki Di" or the name Skip!)

And I'll be a slacker with this one too... if you want to post, then go for it! Just leave a comment on my blog so I can have a look!

Monday, 4 February 2008

Speaking Aussie!

I had an email a while ago, from a lovely American lady, asking me why I called myself OziMum?!

I thought this was hilarious, as I thought it was very obvious... apparently not!!! No, I'm not a fan of Ozzy Osbourn, or Ozzie the Ostrich that used to be on Australian TV! Ozi, is the sound that Aussie makes! The American lady was quite amazed as she pronounced Aussie as O-see!

I did make a little video of me, giving a "how to speak Australian" lesson... but for some reason my (cheap a$$) camera made me sound like I had a lisp. I'm pretty sure I don't have a lisp... but maybe I do, and have never noticed?!!! So I'm not showing the video. Plus I look hideous, I haven't washed my hair for 3 days (keep the straightening to a minimum!) and I was "shiny" coz it's hot!!!

Hopefully, I've cleared up some "missed in translation" issues... I'm an Ozi. Not an Osee. Here in Australia, we just make our own rules up, about language! No wonder my kids have some much trouble spelling?!!!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Vietman to China

Went to Miss Saigon show last night, IT.WAS.AMAZING!

Now, I'd better tell you that I've never been to "the theatre" before! Yes, I've lived a sheltered life!

The stage was smaller than I expected - I thought it'd be wider. It was big... I just thought it'd be bigger!

The talent was absolutely amazing. The power and the passion in which they performed, actually gave me goosbumps! I teared-up a few times. It was such a compelling, involving story. Toward the end, they played a scene in which they flashed photos & video footage from orphanages after the war, in the 70s, so many children. Children born to vietnamese girls, with Soldier fathers. They sang a song "How can we forget them, they are our children"... that one made me cry.

It was just brilliant.

Recent rumours report of: up to26 Dec 2005 file Families are receiving Referrals. 28th Dec 2005, not included. CC.AA allocated up until 19 Dec 2005 last month ~ making 7-8 days worth of files being allocated this month.

From 26 Dec - 22 Feb, there are 58 days. Divided by the 7 days allocated = approx 8 months til we see our referral (IF CC.AA continue to allocate min. 7 days per month)... Could October 2008, be our month? If they've allocated up until 27 Dec, divide by 8 days = approx 7 months til allocation. Of course, this is all hyperthetical, and not taking the Olympics into consideration.

Congratulations to the New Families! May your children be safe, warm and have a full belly.

Saturday, 2 February 2008


Yay! Its Saturday! I thoroughly enjoyed my 930am sleep-in! Geez, getting back into "school" routine is hard! AND H-man's teacher's routine is backward to his teacher last year! Last year, they did their good mornings, then we were straight into reading. This year, the teacher does the good mornings, then straight into singing! Reading isn't til 230pm... and I keep forgetting, to go in early! And trust me... H-man is one little man that DEFINITELY needs to be practicing his reading! So it's alotta "new" this year... one could even get all carried away and extend that to ~ "new member of the family"?!! Dare I think such a thing!!!

Saturday means Miss Saigon! I can't wait! Will report later!

No, Mr T hasn't been on any of my land search expeditions! Like Lisa & Chelley, I prefer to collect the "good stuff" then present it! I've found (yet another) "perfect" property, this one actually has a substantial house already on it - it just isn't finished yet! Do I have the energy to be painting, tiling etc? But here's the clincher, its on a huge piece of land - SO if the house doesn't suit us - I can build another one, and rent out the existing house - OR we have a family member who may need to move, so they could live there, with us next door - put in a "community pool"? Oh yeah, and the land is reasonably flat (very slight slope, I think) And its an excellent price. BUT (yes there's always a BUT) I've not gone to see it, but looking at the map - it's right in the hills - and with H-Man the Chuck-Man, I'm not sure we'd get to school chuck free?!!

Sorry for boring you with my thoughts. One of the main reasons I love blogging is, when I type my thoughts out, I see things clearer?!! Yes, I'm a nutjob...but if you're reading this, does that make you more of a nutjob?!!

Oh and I forgot to say... now pics of the office - did I say it was clean? Maybe I used the wrong words, it is de-cluttered... sort of!!! My desk is never free of clutter and paper etc. When I work I need to have the important stuff (tax paper work that needs to be submitted on a deadline etc) in front of me. So I have a pin board and pieces of paper stuck all over the cupboards above my desk. Yes, it looks horribly untidy - but I'll forget stuff if its in a drawer or a folder!! So I won't be posting any pics. Just take my word for it - it is laid out alot better.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Bad blogga

I've been a bad blogga! It's been so busy this week, for a number of reasons... none, a very good excuse though!!!

No new developments in the "moving" saga. It keeps me awake at night... thinking. Oh, to live in a beautiful, leafy, country setting, and still be 10 mins from the city. I've taken a couple of trips (it is a "trip" from our house!) to have a squiz at some land. Who would'a thought, that living in the hills - all the land is so darn steep?!!! LOL! I'm so used to living on "the flat" as it's affectionately known here. So now I dream how you can get a house... and swimming pool, on a steep block! I saw a beautiful block today, it has the most amazing view (it overlooks a nature reserve, thick with gum trees - and gum trees mean koalas!)... but it was steep - not nose bleed steep, but steep enough to make my calves hurt by the time I walked to the top of the block! BUT because it was steep (I should say, Not Flat... it doesn't sound so bad!), it was cheap! So cheap in fact, that if we bought the block, built a HUGE house on it, and a pool - we'd be freehold (after selling our current home). When I think about living there, I think about H Man riding his quad... on this block he'd go a squillion miles an hour, and end up at the bottom of the reserve, in 2 seconds... that is if he manages to miss all the trees!!!

H-Man has enjoyed his first week in Grade One. Probably because they haven't done any "real" work yet!!! Miss M is loving Grade 5, and her new teacher, is young & hip ~ Miss M adores her. She wrote Miss M (and all the other classmates) a little letter during the holidays, saying she hopes she had a great time in the holidays, and looks forward to having her in her class. It was really sweet. She also sent a little eraser.

Its been a crazy week for work - I actually had to do some! I've been putting so many things off during the school holidays! Last night, I got fed up with the pig-sty my office was in, and pulled everything off the shelves & out of the filing cabinet and moved all the furniture around! I love my "new look". But I was wondering why I was all a bit stiff and sore when I got up this morning?!!