"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Friday, 30 January 2009

Quickie ~ turned marathon!

I was sposed to have left 10 mins ago to take the kids to school... but hadn't finished my coffee yet... to here's a quick update:

Took laptop back. Famous last words "Geez... we've never seen that before" (you wouldn't believe how many times I've heard that before, regarding all sorts of things!) Their policy is, they must fix mine. BUT they rang their manager, and he said I could take a floorstock one, as long as I supplied our itinerary and my driver lic. WooHoo! So I have to go back today, to give them that, and pick up my new one. (I really, really, really hope the new one is good).

Gotta fly!
Have a good one!
(its hot again... 44C....urgh)

~ I'm back. Picked up the new "borrowed" laptop, got home, went to charge the new battery... no power cord. UN-FRIGGIN-BELIEVABLE. I got straight on the phone, and told the guy, I'm NOT driving all the way back there again, he can courier one out to me. He was apologetic, and is sending it out. URGH!!!

I also wanted to add, a couple of photos, I took with the new camera... and to flash my latest gifties via mail! (thank to a VERY gorgeous girl, up in Bris-Vegas!)

THANK YOU Sweeite, I love 'em!

...I'm back, again! Geez, this "quickie" post, has turned out to be rather long and drawn out?!! I called into the office to pick up the mail... and there was more! PugMama, is an absolutely gem, and sent these gorgeous things! This woman, doesn't EVER do things by halves!!! One outfit would've been more than enough... but no... this uber generous soul has sent FOUR! Plus a baby sign language book... plus a little something for me!!!

Plus a little something for me!!!!

God bless you, Pugmama, for not wanting me to smell "funky" for my sweet daughter!!!

My Gymboree Order arrived (HAD to spend my Gymbucks!)... *drool*.... now I'm going to have to repack Tiny's bag!!!

When I swapped the laptops over, I just HAD to whip into Pump.kin Pa.tch to see how their sale was going... it was going very well....

And lastly... my SIL decided that Tiny couldn't live without this.... ooooo! SO CUTE!

SO A MASSIVE THANK YOU! To all my wonderful friends/family that are just as excited as us, to see our sweet daughter! We can't thank you enough. Your love and support has been overwhelming!

(I had to change my profile pic... as my little angel went away!)

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Mixed Bag...

Because I can...
Its funny that I made this scrap-page, yesterday... the hottest day in Adelaide in 70 years. The mercury was boiling at 45.8C (114.4F)... it was HOT! Today we get a bit of relief, its only about 40C (104F) today!!! Its our 3rd (or is it 4th?) day in a row, over 40C.

Only 11 days to go. Its suddenly hit me, all the stuff I need to get done!!! Phone calls, bank trips, business tax stuff... the list is as long as my arm! I'm slowly getting there. Visited the bank today. The RMB exchange rate is almost half what it was when we were there last year. That totally sucks, for our donation. I paid for our "internal" travel/guide expenses today - that had to be in US$... and that exchange rate is crappy too.

Other news... the tiny laptop I bought just before Christmas... the one, "purpose-bought" especially for China.... has decided its not going to work. I can't believe it. The bloomin' thing is only 6 weeks old. I'm VERY ticked off. I'm taking it back to the store today -and demanding if its not fixed in a week - I'll be needing a new one.


*scroll to top of post*...

There she is. My Sunshine on a cloudy day.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy Australia Day! Happy Chinese New Year!

The 26th January 2009, has proven to be a very busy day! The 26th of January, is Australia Day and our very good friend's birthday... but in 2009, it also marks the begin of Chinese New Year! Here's a slideshow of our day, we were invited to join our friends at the beach to celebrate their daugher's 13th birthday.




Friday, 23 January 2009

Afixing labels

Due to SeaStar's request, I'll tell you about my labels! I know some of you, will think I'm totally crackers, and "over the top"... but I figure, if you're going to do something - do it right.

When I gathered the few things I was going to send Tiny, I knew I wanted to make sure my baby got them. I don't care, if they get left behind for the other kids, but thought it'd be nice to know that she got to play with them, and see our photos and get the disposable camera back.

Its easy-peasy. If you have "word" or another word processing package. And a box of adhesive label sheets.
Go click on "tools" menu.
Click on "letters and mailings".
Then on envelopes and labels - when it opens, make sure you're on the "labels" tab.
I "cut & Pasted" Tiny's referral pic, onto the label text box.
I also scanned the front page of Tiny's chinese medical report - because it said: CHILDS NAME: PING MEI - and then had chinese characters under it, so I assumed it said the same thing in Chinese. I then opened the scanned picture. Cropped just the CHILDS NAME: PING, MEI (only the chinese line - not the english) - then saved that as a jpeg. I then "cut & pasted" that picture of the chinese characters into the label text box. (I'm sure that even the referral pic would be enough... but, as always, I wanted to be clear!!!)
Click on "new document" - and you'll get a whole page of labels

Voila. Personalised "baby" labels.

I stuck them to every single thing I sent. I sent 2 bags of lollies as well; I also added a sticky label that said "Caregiver" in chinese... I scanned - cropped - cut and pasted that from Tiny's medical report, too. I didn't want the caregiver's to give Tiny marshmallows or hard caramel lollies!!! Hopefully they worked out the lollies were for the adults?!!

I got the orphanage address here. I also stuck a "Tiny" label on the front of the package, so they knew who the package was for (although - there were labels stuck on everything inside... so I guess it was a bit hard to stuff up?!!) I printed the page - and taped it to the postage envelope - and then covered it with clear contact... didn't want it to get wet and the ink to run!

I sent:
1 disposable camera, with letter thanking SWI for their care & asking for photos (thank you M3 for great link!)
1 "lovie" (decapitated teddy stitched to a satin backed blanket!)
1 Sassy "Who Loves Baby" album... full of pics of us - including one taken on Christmas day, with us (as a family) holding a blown up referral pic of Tiny (I made chinese name labels for each page too! - copied and pasted from THIS SITE) Words like "family", Mama, Baba, Big Sister, Big Brother and also the kids names.
1 Sassy mobile phone toy - with lights & sound (the one in the pic below) - small & easy to hold (which was actually a last minute addition... I'm SO glad I put this in!!!)
2 bags of lollies (candy for my American readers!) for the carers

There are varying opinions on whether you should or shouldn't send care packages. I don't regret it for a minute. Just make sure you allow plenty of time for it to get there. If possible - allow up to 4 weeks... you just never know how long it may take.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Unbelievably Blessed

Oooooohhhhhh my goodness!!! I've just received 2 new photos of Tiny (go ahead, scroll down... I WOULD!!!)

I wept like a baby when I opened them.

She is just so so so so so so beautiful (geez... I'm crying again!!) She's not just a little face anymore - she's a WHOLE baby!!! Oh my. She is real. One of the photos is date stamped 21st Jan. (yesterday!!!) This is what she looks like RIGHT NOW!!!

I sent Tiny a care package, right after we received our allocation. I didn't know if it'd arrived... til I saw these photos. In both the photos she is holding a little toy... I GAVE HER THAT TOY!!! I picked out that little phone, because it was colourful and had lights... her medical report said she likes toys with colour & lights!!! In the garden photo, you can even see the little label of her face, that I stuck on it!!! I'm so blown away. It also means, that she has seen US!!! I sent a little album with photos of our family.

Geez, I can't stop crying. She is our baby girl.

What am I going to be like when I actually meet her?!!! I don't know who'll howl louder, her or me?!!!

Enjoy the pics....

Pugmama... you may notice her hair still hasn't really kicked in... think I'll take those hair clips out of her suitcase!!!

Can I just say, to all those fabulous families still waiting for their Angels... I feel your pain. We experienced a 2 day batch just before we saw Tiny. Its so so disappointing. But scroll up a little.... I want you to know, that no matter how long it takes... you will be crying tears of joy...one day. ((hugs))

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Penguins and Panda Eyes

One guess, as to where this gorgeous gift came from?!! Yes! Tiny's SPECIAL Ohio Auntie!!! Aaaawww... I absolutely LOVE this gift! How cute are those PJs?!!! And the little "no spill" cup thingie... I've never even seen one like that before! Cool!!! (we live under a big rock, here in Australia... there's lotsa things we don't have ~ canned pumpkin ~ cheese in a bottle ~ butt paste... I could go on forever!)

This morning, I awoke from my slumber at 215am. I was thinking about our taxi ride from the Shanghai airport to our hotel - that we are arranging ourselves. I was thinking about how NOONE speaks English (including taxi drivers). I was worried, we wouldn't go to the right hotel!! So at 3am, the worry got the better of me, and I got up to surf the net to find our Hotel name and address in Chinese, for the cabbie!!! I found it. I can rest easy now. I did some other things, then went back to bed at 530am. I woke up to the phone ringing at 930am!!!

What am I going to be like when we are REALLY close to travel?!! Yikes. In our Tari Forever Day photos, I'm going to look like an inverted Panda!!! (white with black rings around my eyes, instead of black with white rings!!!)

I've got 19 days to get some sleep.

We saw Marley and Me last night. I really liked it. I was a little annoyed because my husband "let the dog out of the bag", so to speak, and told me how it ended... before the movie had even begun. Its a nice movie. A no-brainer. No real plot, its more of a "real life" kinda movie ~ which is funny, coz I don't tend to like those sort of movies!!!

Oh yeah, I bought a new camera. Coz that's what you do, when you're trying not to spend money, to pay for a hugely inflated donation. Anyway - I got this. It was almost 1/2 price, because it's been superceded. I don't care, as long as it takes nice photos!! Its what I like to call "semi automatic"! You can set it on auto - or focus manually etc. Its got the nice big lens for clear close ups. (which I've tested - and it's 100 times better than my pocket cam.)

Now, here's a question for those "been there, done that" people. Do I take it to China? I know, I bought it to take to China, but now, I'm thinking its alot bigger (and alot heavier than my pocket camera). We're taking the movie camera, and Todd has a new "underwater" pocket digital camera (just in case you do a spot of scuba diving with Tiny, in China?!!!) and we've got a Sony Cybershot pocket camera (which I love - takes good photos - is very easy to use).

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

20 Days...

Did you know it's only 20 days til we leave?!!


We've got someone looking at our house today. I told the agent yesterday, if it hasn't sold by the 10th, we'll take it off the market. I'm over it! I'm not going to bust my back, cleaning today, as the guy has already told the agent, he's looking at it, to see if its suitable as a home/office. He said he'll only be here a few minutes. Least he's honest. I refuse to clean for 7 hours, for someone to whip through in 2 minutes. If we don't sell our house, we should be able to still get started on building the new house, and live here. We'll keep this, and rent it out, once we move into the new house. Murphy's Law... we'll sell it, and have to move out in the 2 weeks we're home between China and Bali!!!

Did I tell you, its only 20 days til we leave?!!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Weekend Frivolity

We went up the River for the weekend! Our last holiday, as a family of four!

Miss M tried to water skiing... lots of times! She did get up and do quite well (which I didn't film, doh!) but fell off and said she'd hurt herself, so it was all over. H-man had one go at skiing, then cried and said he didn't want to do it anymore! Both kids, love the airhead (flat tube), and spent most of the weekend on it!

H-man found himself a little girlfriend, named Holly. He was quite taken with her!! They had several airhead rides together... it was very cute. H-man is terrible with names, and just referred to her as "the widdle girl". She was 6, but quite petite. Even Holly's Mum came over and had a chat and said "So you're the new inlaws"?!!! Too funny!!!

We have some great friend's who's parents own a caravan, that is based permanently at the caravan park, and let us stay there for the weekend. It was fantastic. And what's more, some other very good friends, also have a van, about 4 doors up! It was their boat that we were in, and they graciously let us join them in the water sports!

I must mention, that I (attempted) to ski. I "used" to be good at it. I haven't skied for about 3 years... 3 years too long!!! I was all off balance, and spent more time in the water than on it!!! Mr T says he's proud of me, coz I can still get out of the water! But, I think it'll be the last time. I AM SO SORE!! Every muscle is aching!!! My pathetic attempt at skiing was embarrassing. Observing in the boat, seems more my style these days?!!!

Friday, 16 January 2009



Here's it is:

10 Feb - Depart Australia - Arr Shanghai
11 Feb - Depart Shanghai - Arr Guangzhou
12 FEB - IS TARI DAY!!! This is what the last 4 years have been about...(among other things... but seeing/holding our daughter has been pretty high on the list!!!)
13 Feb - Official Adoption Day
14-19 Feb - Sightseeing and other lovely official appointments
20 Feb - Depart Guangzhou - Arr Shanghai
21-25 Feb - Sightseeing and other wonderful official appointments
26 Feb - Get visa
26 Feb - Depart Shanghai (late night flight)
27 Feb - HOME! Reunite with my babies...
28 Feb.... Live happily ever after.... forever.

Ahhhh. I still can't believe it. YES! It IS actually happening!!!

Our co-ordinator forwarded Hotel suggestions from our travel service in China. Now, forgive me for freaking out - but does US$125-US$250 a night for a hotel seem a little excessive to you? Let me convert it for you~ AUS$185-AUS$375. per night. If we went with the dearest one - it'd be AUS$6375 just for the accommodation!! Holy Cow!!! Anyway, I sent back an email, saying we just can't afford to be spending that sort of money, on a bed, especially with the huge rise in the donation (at such late notice). I scanned the net and found several, very nice looking hotels for approx US$70 (approx AUS$100) per night. I still think $100 is alot - but it's alot more do-able!!! I forwarded my suggestions to our co-ordinator, who will pass them on to the travel service.

We're just simple folk, ya know.

(D: the gorgeous box & tee, below, were sent from RedThreadMaps-CafePress)

Thursday, 15 January 2009


I'm blown away, by that amazing generosity of such wonderful, kind hearted people! This gorgeous gift, came today, from a wonderful family in Chicago. Gosh, this gift brought tears to my eyes. The photo really doesn't do it justice. The "PingYuan China" gift, is actually a highly polished wooden jewelry box, with a white tile with the graphics printed on the tile. Its absolutely stunning. Such a precious gift.

Next is a "collection"! (coz I'm too lazy to take individual photos!) Starting on the left, and moving right - the white outfit, is from me! (couldn't resist! how cute is it?!!!) I was also trying to experiment with "non-pink" outfits!!! The second gift are the 2 little fabric books, that came from an amazing couple in Queensland... who are only DAYS from seeing their sweetpea! (finger crossed guys!!) There is a little "ladybug" book... its so CUTE! Next is a gorgeous little dress from some good friends, who brought their gorgeous Jiangxi Princess home in August 2007 - a cute little blue dress with polka dots! I love it!!! (apparently the little Jiangxi Princess has one too!!!) Cool! Twins!!! And last but certainly not least - is a "too die for" coz its so darn cute sleepsuit, with little fairies all over it!!! Aaawawww!!! And I must say a huge THANK YOU to this very generous and beautiful spirited girl! She also sent a "bow holder" (the orange ribbon you can see in the pic) and some cutesie little pink bow clips! I was stoked to received the bow holder... coz (amazingly!) I don't have one!!!

(I probably should've taken this photo on the plain sheet... rather than the quilt... makes it all a bit "busy!)

I'm so so grateful. YOu guys are just too much! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I can honestly say, without you guys... I think we may've thrown in the towel a long time ago and never seen our beautiful daughter.
We have our itinerary.. .more details tomorrow!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I'm going to BURST!!!


Our itinerary has been CONFIRMED!!! WoOoHOooo!!!

Here's the skinny...

We fly out on Tues 10th Feb (confirmed flights :) - to Shanghai
Get to Guangzhou on Wed 11th Feb
On Thur 12 Feb 2009~

I don't actually remember, what we're sposed to do after that! Better go check the itinerary again!!! Just the thought of finally seeing/holding/kissing our baby girl has wiped my brain!

We are sposed to fly home (from Shanghai) on Fri 27th Feb... but my agent is having some issues securing that flight, nothing the day after or even the day after that!!! Hopefully the computer was just updating or something - was showing "not available" (I know they have a flights, coz they're online!!!) I gave her Tiny's details and ordered a bassinet for her... hehehe....
Oh Lordie, that's just 28 DAYS AWAY!!! (til we leave!!!)

Are you getting the vibe that I'm so excited ~ I'M GOING TO BURST!!!

Mummy & Daddy are coming, Sweetpea!!

Monday, 12 January 2009

I'm HOT!

That is probably a very deceiving title!!! ..... hmmmm.... ok, you're right... I AM HOT!!!

It's friggin 38 degreesC, today and forecast 41 degreesC (108F) for tomorrow!!! Yikes!!! We're staying inside in the air conditioning, tomorrow, and watching movies, ALL day!!! We have a very dry heat, here, in Summer... so you absolutely FRY if you sit out in the hot sun!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on the new do - I'm so happy its shorter for summer!

FINALLY... after about 3 months, of watching him wobble his tooth.... IT CAME OUT!!!

(doesn't he look like the "MAD" comic kid?!!)

Thought I'd add some "refreshing" photos from the weekend, too ~

H-man "surfs it up"!
Miss M... future Miss Australia?!!
H-Man and Cousin K - mid air!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

New Do

I had a "hairy"!!

My hair has been long, and the same style for about 2 years now... time for a change?! I don't think I look too different, so hopefully Tiny won't freak out (what am I saying?!! she'll freak out, regardless?!!!)
This was me, Christmas Day... (I've cut myself out of our family photo. I put this family photo in the front of Tiny's "Who Loves Baby" album)
This is the new do... straightened... straight from the Hairdresser (a guy at work says he thought I was going "emo"?!!!!)

This is me this morning, after I washed it, and decided to see how I look "shaggy'... (doing some "test styles" in case I don't take my straightener to China... hmmmm.... if only I didn't have a halo of frizz.

I like it short. Its easy to do. It's alot "lighter" (I have thick hair... and alot of it... its like a blanket in summer!) And I lose far less hair, when its short - which then makes cleaning up, much easier!

Friday, 9 January 2009

Its good news all round!

Happy Anniversary to my Mum and Dad... 38 years of marriage! (Dad has mentioned a few times, that you get far less, for murder!!!) :) Good on ya Dad!

Also... I thought I might just mention... we're looking good to go, second week in Feb! WOOHOO! I've got the shakes, I'm so excited!!!

I must wish a very very good friend CONGRATULATIONS! On expecting her sixth beautiful baby! We are just so so HAPPY for you all!

Have seen Ruby? If not... you need to go see her... she is SO GORGEOUS! Her Mama and Daddy aren't too bad either!

And if you haven't bookmarked Lauren... you might want to do that too! They leave today, for China!

Aaaaahhhh... I'm in seventh heaven! I'm hoping and praying that my best "waiting" friends might just see their sweet baby's faces, before Chinese New Year! Got everything crossed for ya!!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


The Nursery, is a "proper" nursery now!!! Up until now, we've used Tiny's room as a guest room. Its had a queensize bed in there. Miss M and I dismantled the QS bed, her single bed, and then Tiny's cot! Miss M has scored the QS bed (which now takes up almost every bit of floor space in her room!!! But she loves it!) and Tiny gets Miss M's single bed, and I moved the cot into her room. The little room we had her cot set up in, which is right next to her bedroom, I've made into a bit of a "toy room"! I don't think, for one minute, she'll actually stay in there and play with her toys... so I may as well call it a store room?!!

When I took out the QS bed, I found a large black patch on the (pink) carpet. I was so mad!!! Its mould. I have no idea how/or why its there, but I need to get a carpet cleaner in here, straight away - just in case, the folks that looked at the house, decide to come back! I'm secretly hoping they don't... I want Tiny to enjoy her room!!!

See the black patch by the left foot of the cot? Urgh. Look, look!! I've put Tiny's 100 good wishes quilt on the bed!!

PIPO, Chester the pink pig, is awaiting our Princess in the cot!

When I put the 100GWQ on her bed... I reckon I stood there staring at it for about 1/2 an hour, remembering all the beautiful wishes, each square came with. Thank you to everyone who sent squares - its such a precious gift. Miss M painted the "love" canvas, and H-Man painted the "hope" canvas (its a bit primitive ~ he was only about 4 when he painted it!!!) Miss M made the green/white banner - I painted her name! I love it.... I just hope they're the right characters for her name!!!

The toy room/store room!! Note: four Christmas presents, for four Christmas' we waited for our daughter.

Lastly... While I was doing her room, I pulled out some clothes I thought I'd take to China. I've decided the 6-12 months will (hopefully) be the best size. The Gym3oree clothes have actually childs measurements on the tags. I think they should be just right. I'm taking about 3 sets of clothes. 3 onesies (instead of singlets). And 3 sleepsuits/pjs. And one "spare" set of clothes to put in the baby bag, (just a bodysuit & leggins)... for those "blow out" emergencies!

(Yeah... I really like pink!!!)

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Where is our beautiful girl? (if you click on the image above - it'll be clearer).
She is in Ping Yuan County SWI. In the far north of the Guangdong Province. (which is the yellow province in the far south of China) The closest City is MeiZhou, which is 50kms South of Ping Yuan. I can't get the map to save clearly, its much easier to see, if you go straight to the Red Thread Maps Website.

Once we have Tiny home, I totally intend on getting on of the Lifebook Map kits. They look fantastic!

During our "journey"... which I like to refer to as "a friggin long wait", I read about a guy named Brian that offers services to find out more about your child's early years, including finding ads, photos, orphanage info etc. I checked out his site the other day, and found this page about Ping Yuan SWI. There's not alot of info, but the stats show why. Only 9 kids allocated since 2004. (make it 10 kids... coz we have Tiny now!) I can only imagine that the SWI is well off the beaten track, and highly doubt that we (or any other adopting family) will ever be visiting the SWI. Which leads me to my next topic...

Care package. I sent a care package last Friday. I forgot to take a photo of it.. sorry! But I sent one disposable camera (with flash), a "Who Loves Baby" baby album (complete with labels of chinese characters for Mama, Daddy, big sister, big brother and family), a baby mobile phone toy (that has lights and sound), a lovie (small satin/velour blankie), and a pack of caramel/choc lollies and a pack of marshmallows for the carers! I made labels with Tiny's photo and her name in chinese characters and stuck them to everything! I also made sure I stuck a label saying "Carer" on the lollies... it suddenly occured to me, they might think they're for Tiny?!!! I got the SWI address off the Blessed Kids website (fantastic site!), printed it off, stuck it to the post-pak along with another "Tiny" label. I put clear contact over the address and label, as my printer's ink runs, if it gets wet... I'm not leaving anything to chance!!! I also sent a letter (in chinese and English) thanking them for carer for our daughter, and asking if they could take photos in her surroundings and with her carers. I'm really really hoping to get those photos back - as I don't think I'll ever see her Orphanage surroundings, otherwise.

I don't think our Agency likes us sending gear (I didn't ask!)... but this is important to me. And I figure they dictate what we do with our files etc... but I want to send my daughter a gift ~ to let her know, we are thinking about her.

Thanks for all your "clothing" tips! I'd already figured, I'll take a couple of sz 6-12 months, a couple of our size 00s and a couple of our size 0s! I just want to meet her, so she can wear these beeeauticious clothes I have for her!!!

I'm still on Cloud 9. Not even immigration paperwork could put me off!!!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Just in case you haven't seen her...

Yes... I definitely think, I need more photos of her?!!
Man! It's been such a huge 2 weeks. I have to work for the next 2 weeks, as our wonderful Accounts Lady is on leave. :( I really miss her when she's gone! We had our second Agency appt, and dropped off our immigration paperwork. Our co-ordinator is pretty sure, we'll be in China the first week of Feb, or the second, at the latest. I think it'll be the second.
One of the two lots of people, that were going to look at our house, cancelled. The people who looked, liked it, but are going on holiday for a week, and will think about it while they're away. I'm not holding my breath. And to be honest, I'm "over" the whole idea of moving. The idea of bringing our daughter home, and settling her into her new room... appeals to me much more!!! But hey, what will be, will be. We're looking at house plans again. And changed our mind... again. Who ever thought choosing a house would be so difficult?!!
Does anyone have any suggestions of what size clothing would be best for Tiny? She will be almost 17 months when we meet her. Last stats were at 14 months, she was 7kgs and 71cms long. Yeah, I know, I've had 2 kids... and I still don't know what size!!! Miss M and H-man were short and fat! H-man was 7.1kgs at 3 months of age!!!! But didn't reach 70cm til 6 months of age!!! Are you getting the picture that Tiny, is TINY?!!!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Goodbye 2008... G'Day 2009

Christmas and New Years that was... 2008

I did a bit of an "I spy Tiny"...

Its been 2 of the busiest week's of my life!!! Full of fun, frivolity, food and family... with just a touch of sadness, as we said our final goodbye's to Grandma. December 2008, will certainly be a month that we will never forget!!!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to this wonderful lady, who is officially a Mama!!! PIPO we are absolutely thrilled for you. Your daughter is just perfect (almost as perfect as ours?!!!! :) Fingers crossed our intineraries overlap, we'll in GZ for 2 weeks?!!

Oh yeah, and after almost 3 months of no interest at all in our house sales... I now have 2 inspections in the next 2 days?!!! It doesn't rain unless it friggin pours!!!

I'm peaking with anticipation, as we enter into 2009. I said last year - "2008 will be great" and my slogan this year is

2009 will be deeeeevine!