"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Sunday, 31 August 2008

The highly exhaulted "Matching Room"
(although this is an old photo... so its probably from their old building?!!)
My question for the day:
"What are they doing in there?"!!!
Its been such a hectic pace around here, I really am struggling to keep up. And now, I can't even get any damn rest - I woke up at 3am, and could not get back to sleep... so here I am, at 430am posting on my blog! So much going on in my tiny brain, no wonder its overloaded! House plans, Mini plans, moving house, packing, lists of stuff I want to get rid of when we move, timber floors, timber blinds or verticals? Mini travel - will it be Christmas? .... all this plus more.
We caught up with our beautiful batch peoples last night for dinner, (minus one family - hope M's arm heals quick... ouch! H-man really missed him!) Was a great night - and of course, I reckon at least 50% of the conversation was regarding our allocation and travel. One family has already "been there done that" - so (once again) we bombarded them with lots of questions as to what to expect. I think, predominately, that's why I can't sleep. We got ourselves all riled up, that we are so close! We reckon either a Christmas referral or (2 of us think) Christmas travel. Could it be true? Geez, I hope so. I've always thought, with a logged in date of 22nd, we'll be so lucky as to be one of those batches, that Cc.A@ allocates til 21st, and we'll have to wait yet another month. I know there's pro's and cons to that situation, but I know that'll be us. I've convinced myself Cc.A@ will get through min. 7 days this month.... I really really hope so! I think the entire China adoption community is hanging out for this next batch of allocations - to see what happens "post Olympics". We probably won't geta good idea, til next month though - when they've had a full month back at work.
OK... just realised I'm really dribbling on. Sorry. I can't even seem to "bore" myself to sleep?!

Thursday, 28 August 2008


Nothing much going on... we'll actually that's not entirely correct - HEAPS going on, just nothing exciting!

What have I done this week?
*The usual housekeeping
*Seen the Chiropractor
*Taking kids to various extra curricular activities
*Babysat my nieces and nephews
*Baked a cake (and ate it!)
*Had several coffees (all hail the DeLongh!)
*Paid wages
*Paid bills and did loads of paperwork (and still not finished)
*Hubs did a quick trip interstate, and back
*Our land settled, last Friday (so it's all OURS now!) - so been checking out sheds and rainwater tanks on line
*Going for a drive today, to actually look at some sheds
*Organised future Open inspections with Real Estate Agent
*Did Poo Patrol
*Filled in huge hole under fence, that Chewy Dog decided to dig (Milo doesn't have time to dig... he's too busy poo'ing)
*Did some running around for work (banking, buy new kettle etc)

And there are a tonne of other very uninteresting things I did, but don't want to bore you anymore!

Here's what I'm going to look at today...

One of our ides was, to build a "live in" shed, while we build our house. I don't think AF.IS (our govt adoption agency) are too keen... but we'll see what the shed people can do. We thought, once we move into our house - we can use the "top" of the shed as a guest house, and the bottom... as a shed! If its a no-go, we'll have to rent.

Monday, 25 August 2008


We've had a huge hulla-ba-loo in our Church this week, with links to a Pastor who apparently faked a 2 year illness.

I'm so reminded this week, that we are saved by the Grace of God ~ who's mercy endures forever. We have all sinned, lets not throw stones.

For we know, ALL things will work together for good, for those who love God, and are called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Shes 40!

To my wonderful Sister-in-law

D has had a bad trot the last couple of years. Her strength and determination, astounds me. She has 5 children, that she is raising - single handedly. She looks amazing. She is incredibly smart, and works some kind of magic with her budget, so that the few dollars she has - stretches the farthest. The kids are well clothed, and fed. They want for nothing. Her house is impeccably clean and tidy. She works mega hours, yet come school holidays, she attempts to take her children somewhere special, everyday. Yes, she sounds to good to be true - Wonder Womanish?! Well, she is! She is one-of-a-kind, that is for sure.

She's never had a real "birthday party", since she was 18, but then it was combined with her Engagement Party - so I'm not sure that really counts?!! So, this year, I said, I would plan something for her. I thought it'd be easiest if we just went out to dinner - and people can just pay for their own meals. D sure can't afford to pay for 30 people's meals, she barely feeds her own children! Yet, I still had one invitee, tell me he wasn't coming, because he thought it was rude to ask people to pay for their own meal.... and tells me not to be offended. Well, I was. Silly me, for thinking its all about giving my sister-in-law and wonderful night with her friends? Anyway, moving right along. My simple dinner, has become a little more eloborate as I've had new ideas! I thought I'd get her some balloons. I ordered the cake, but will decorate it myself. I was going to buy a "signature bear", but decided to make a "scrapbook" signing book (more personal), I've bought candle decorations for the table. And created a "mourning her youth" theme, and asked everyone to wear black! I've made a couple of "tombstone" type plaques for the table too!!! All this, at the busiest time of the year for our business and family life!!!

Why do I do this to myself?

Because D is worth it.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

30 months behind us

A day early... I'm shopping tomorrow!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

When in doubt

This is for a few friends, that I know, are going through a tough time right now.

"Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock; and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; an it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.
Now everyone who hears these saying of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand; and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall".

Matthew 7:24-27

I'm thinking of you... there is always light at the end of a storm.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

House update

We had our Auction on Sat... well... we did / and we didn't! We had about 30 people here, but due to new legislation, no one registered to bid... so there was no auction!!!

We are not deterred! The auction process served a purpose. No one (inc. agents) could really tell us how much our house was worth. Its quite unique in this area, as it was an older house (built in the 50s) and we've completed renovated and extended it (almost double the size of the house!) We kept the original wide pine floorboards and hunted high and low, to match them in the new extension. We have 11foot ceilings in the original part of the house, so we kept that through into the extension. So - we have a house, that everyone who sees it, loves... but no-one knows how much to pay! Since the auction fizzed out, we now have the house "on the market", for a fixed price - which we determined, from comments left by all the people that have looked at the house in the last 5 weeks.

I have no doubt that our house will sell... its a matter of when and how much! No matter what, we will make more than double, what we paid for the house... so we're happy! Our market is still good here, although it has taken a "turn". A recent survey said that house prices have increased by 16% in the last 12 months, but sales have dropped by 16% in the last 12 months. So it's kind of just flatten out, I guess.

Our land settles on Friday! WooHOo! We'd like to get a big shed and big rainwater tank, up asap, to start catching water. We plan to camp out there with Mr T's sister and family on the October long weekend! (I'd really like a loo in the shed, but I think that'd be pushing it! ~ we'd need to get a sewer system happening etc)

Sunday, 17 August 2008

3 word Sunday

Look what I did a week and a half ago! My sis-in-law and I went along together, and got "inked"! She is turning 40 next week, and thought it might be a nice way to mark, the beginning of the rest of her life! And she insisted that I go to! Mr T was away, so I thought it'd be a nice "surprise", when we met in Queensland! I've always loved Dragonflies. My sis-in-law, who's been going through quite a traumatic personal crisis, looked up the "meaning" of a dragonfly. Apparently they symbolise strength, determination and new beginnings. Perfect for her situation! She got a dragonfly too, but a different design- and hers has colour! Looks fantastic! So much so.. that I'm thinking of going back to get some colour put in my wings!

Because my design was so "straight", I wanted it up my spine. It was either my ankle or back... I went with back. I have more options as to whether I want it showing or not! Sis-in-law got hers on her shoulder.

It did hurt (specially the wings - felt like a stanley knife!) but sis-in-law and I were encouraging each other before we went in "we've given birth, without drugs... surely it can't be any worse than that?"!!! And she has had FIVE kids! It was all pretty quick, really, mine took about 15 mins and hers about 25 (as hers is a bit bigger).

I kept stressing to sis-in-law, (who kept asking me which design she should have) - "it's on YOU.... forever... you've gotta choose it.... and love it!!!" I wanted to incorporate the chinese symbol of "hope"... but it didn't look right. Maybe I could get that somewhere else?!!!

Saturday, 16 August 2008


Is it true? Can it be?

C.C.@.@ is reported to have allocated through til the 31ST JANUARY 2006.

OMG! They are about to start allocating into February?!!! OUR MONTH?!!!

Be still my heart. They are now only 22 days from our Logged In Date.

Oooohhhhh I SO HOPE we are in China at Christmas time.

I'm all sweaty! I have goosebumps!

I know it's a few more months yet... but gee whiz! We could see our daughter (EDIT: or son!) by the end of the year?!!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

We're Back!

Phew! So much to do and so little time?!!

We flew out for a super quick trip, to Australia's tropical paradise, Queensland! We went to a wedding, had lunch with some fellow waiting parents, visited 2 theme parks, went to the movies, and did a spot of shopping!!! Ooooo, the SUN! It was still quite cool, up there, but the SUN was soooo toasty and warm!

OK, so the last few days have brought about several Congratulations!

Firstly, Congrat's to our good friends on their nuptials! (oops! I thought I had some photos here, but they're on Mr T's computer! will post shortly, they are so gorgeous!)

Secondly, HUGE hugs and congratulations to F&A at Imagine Alyzabeth An.... they no longer have to IMAGINE! She is absolutely adorable. We are so so happy for you guys!

Also, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all those families logged in on 26th & 27th Jan. 2006. We are two tiny days closer, in our quest for Mini... but I'm sure to those families logged in on 26th & 27th Jan, don't think they are so tiny!!! Maybe its my recent "quick trip" - but I'm not fased. We WILL see our Mini, one day.... Alyzabeth An is the most recent proof that miracles DO happen and dreams DO come true.

Got a huge week ahead of us. Our house goes to Auction on Sat. I've got 2 people looking at my car (to buy). I've got computer software training, wages to do, cleaning and washing to do, Doctor's appt, health check for insurance policy... plus a couple of coffee's with a couple of friends! Not to mention the kid's school and sporting activities!!!

Stop the world! It's spinning to fast!!!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Take Five!

We're flat out this weekend, so I'll be taking a wee break! (not a toilet break, a scottish "wee" as in tiny break! Although I'm sure there will be wee, at some point.)

Enjoy the Olympic Opening Ceremony! I'm really looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend! Got every thing crossed for you Joannah!

I'm going to give "3 word Sunday" a miss this week! Til next week...


Sunday, 3 August 2008

All ours!

So this is it... our future home! There is a crop growing on the land at the moment... a friend asked what it was - I answered "I dunno - green stuff!"... yep... we're ready for the farm life!!! (I think the crop is lucerne/hay) Another friend asked if the land was flat, I said "gently undulating, I think is the correct Real Estate term?"!! Just in front of the arrow, on the high spot is where we're going to build our future home. (see plan in post below)

Here's the local Church - pretty isn't it?

There are ruins all around the place.

I really am, looking forward to the "country life".

I'm not sure if M is up to do the 3 word Sunday, but I thought I'd still post a pic. This totally sums up my week...

And because, I'm extra special, Milo decided to chew the crap outta the family room door frame - coz I've got nothing better to do, than sand back and repaint the door frame. Thanks Milo - you're a Champ!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

House plan

THIS is the house plan we are currently in love with. (click on FLOORPLAN tab, and we will probably have the "cottage" facade, in the FACADE tab). I said, "currently". Please note, that our "favourite" plan has changed about 6 times - and is quite likely to change again!!!

I love all the space in this house. We'd like to put a wall (roughly half way) through LIVING 1, to make a Study at the front of the house. The rest of LIVING 1, will be a Home Theatre. Another thing that I LOVE, is the big bedrooms. I don't know about America - but here, the new houses, tend to have teeny tiny bedrooms. The only thing I have a few reservations about, is the kitchen, and lack of cupboard space. I have MEGA cupboards, here, and will certainly miss them. Although, there is plenty of storage in the passage way. *Did you see the double robes in the Main Suite*?!!! Woo Hoo!!

The back LIVING areas will look out to the rolling hills in the distance. Ahhh... I CAN'T WAIT!

Once we sell our place, we'll rent, while we build. We even considered renting a 2 bedroom unit - to save $$ - but I got the impression from the Agency, that wouldn't really go down to well. So we'll rent a small 3 bedroom house. At least, I hope we can - with 2 dogs... it may be a little tricky!!

*damn*! I missed the final of Amazing Race! I'm pretty sure, we're behind, here in Oz - (no wise cracks please!) Who won?!!! The Asian Father-daughter team, the hippies (CJ/AJ or something & Rachel) or the Grandfather-Grandson team?!! Arrrrggh!!! PLEASE TELL ME!!!

Friday, 1 August 2008

Can I get a "bbbrrrrr"?!

The view from my kitchen window today... looks pretty grim! (minutes after I finished filming - huge claps of thunder broke out! - and no... it wasn't "thunder from down under!", as my kids affectionately say, when someone cracks one off!!!)