"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Friday, 31 October 2008

Need a little pick-me-up

No rumours. No house buyers. Exhausted. And got people coming to dinner.

I just wanna know, if we're in, or not in... I'm starting to get very frustrated. I think its just my mood today. Not pleasant.

We had people book and appointment to see our house this arvo... picked the house to pieces then offered $100k less than our lowest price.... $100k? Morons.

Had H-man's sports day today. I'm exhausted. Sore voice from yelling, to get kids to stay in their lines for the next event. Will post pics later - too tired now! Just got message on my phone, asking me to organise a dinner for next week... I've had it up to my eyeballs, with people passing crap onto me!!! What the heck is it with people?? I'VE GOT A LIFE... a very busy life. Flippin' do it yourself!!!

(are you getting the picture, I'm a little "toey" today?!!!)

For pete's sake...
Give me some news about Mini
Someone buy my house (for the price we want ~ even within $20k should do it!!!)
If you have an idea.... flippin well do it yourself!!!
... and I'm getting take away tonight, whether the visitors like it or not... and I might even go to bed before they leave - I'm just not in the "entertaining" mood!!!

*breathe in* *breathe out* ~ repeat

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Early rumours

A european agency are saying they think the cut off will be the 20th. You can't put too much stock in the early rumours - but if it is true... I'm not surprised - disappointed, yes! But not surprised. I always had a feeling we'll miss out by a day or two.

At least we'll know FOR SURE, we'll be in Dec. And be in with PIPO! It'd be great if we were allocated a child from Guangdong (or we get allocated children from the same province!)... then I might actually get to meet PIPO and baby PIPO!!! I guess, waiting another month has its perks?!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Still matching

Apparently CC.AA are still matching. I'm kinda thinking, IF we are in this next batch of referrals, we won't see our referral til next week. What's another week, when we've waited nearly 4 years?!! If they send the referrals out in the next couple of days, our Agencey MAY get it by Friday. I'm pretty sure, the file will need to be translated, and we won't get a call, until AFTER the file is translated. So at a guess, we could hear something around next Wed... if we're in!

When I wake up every morning, my first thought is Rum0ur Qeen! I also check it right before I go to bed (as USA is awake when I'm asleep!) My stomach churns, something fierce, and I'm sweaty and clammy!!

Today, I'm extra "nervy" as our Church wants Mr T & I to come in and do a little "testimonial DVD", on our marriage breakup/divorce and our re-marriage! I really don't know that I'm in a great frame of mind, to be doing that - all I can think about, right now, is Mini!!! I am worried about it though - what if I say/look ridiculous?!! What should I wear?!!!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Keeping busy!

What's that saying about "idle hands"?!! I can't remember... but I know if I stay idle, my mind will run wild, my stomach will churn, and I'll be a big basketcase!

So... I whipped this up, when we got home from school today! I love it! How cute is my baby?!! She's 11 now!!! Not quite so "cutesie" but still a pretty good lookin' chick, which worries me a bit, she's a huge hit with all the boys in her class! She's often the only girl invited to the boy's birthday parties!!! I'm hoping she's more "tomboy" than "floozie"?!!

Now, I better go make one of the little man, or I'll be done, for being a "favourites" mother?!!

**I woke up this morning thinking "referrals"... my stomach was churning something fierce!** Hopefully there'll be some rumours floating around tomorrow?!
DONE IT! I just love these beach pics of H-Man... it took about 5 mins to throw together... yeah, you can probably tell! Not so many "elements" in this one, just gorgeous pics of my little fella! Its hard to pic a fav. pic - but I love the one of him running - it captures the "essence of H-man"!

Can you tell, I'm really "gettin' into" this digital scrapbooking deal?!! I bought another couple of kits last night! I was a bit crappy though - our AUS$ has shrunk to a mere 60USc!! Bummer! It was up to about 93USc about a month ago!!! Better lay off the Gymb0. and US shopping sites now!!!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

I'm Addicted!!!

Thanks to the Amazing Scrapping Guru, Julie (sorry her blog is password only now!) she has given me enlightening guidance in the art of digital scrapbooking! I also need to thank Chelley for her early guidance! (yes... I need alot of help!!!)

Look what I made this morning!

The first few attempts, were all wrong! I found it so frustrating, that things weren't doing what I wanted them to do!!! I had no idea what I was doing, and found the "help" menu, unhelpful!!! I'm going to attempt to do an online course or two... and perfect the art?!

So HUGE thanks to JULIE! (Mama to Tess!) and CHELLEY (Mama to 5 beautiful kidlets... at the moment!)

Friday, 24 October 2008


* Rumour has it, that matching has begun! Woo Hoo!! Now can any set me straight.... what the heck do they do for the first 3 weeks of the month, if they only match in the last week?!! That has always puzzled me! **EDIT**: I found THIS POST on RQ regarding the matching process. It appears it takes them 3 weeks, just to pull files?!!

* I made Satay Chicken last night, it was delicious - don't think I'll be buying it from the restaurant anymore, mine was waaay less oily!

* I'm sure Milo craps more than he eats.... although he does eat alot!

* I love my car

* HMan drives me nuts. He will ask a question, and will not rest until he is satisfied with the answer. His teacher even commented on it at Parent interview! I can barely cope with it, just in the evening and the weekends - she has him all day!! Example: last night Miss M was watching a tv show (it didn't finish til 830) My kids are normally in bed 730-800pm. I put Hman to bed at 8pm but he realised Miss M wasn't going to bed. So he sneaks out of bed, and sits behind the door frame and watches the tv show. I caught him. Told him off, and told him to go back to bed. I told him earlier in the night, he could stay up tonight (Fri night) and play his playstation. (stay up means til about 9 or 930!) Anyway, he kept getting up. So I said he couldn't stay up tonight (Fri night). He then proceeded to get up 3 more times, to come see me, to question me on whether or not he could stay up?!! I said, You're not doing yourself any favours - go back to bed, we'll deal with tomorrow night, tomorrow night. He says "So you'll tell me in the morning?" ARRRRGH!!! And the first thing he says when I saw him this morning "can I stay up tonight?!" Now that is persistance for you!

Now, Jen tagged me to do a Meme, and I'd forgotten (til now) to do it! (I just went to bl0gl!nes to copy the info from Jen's blog and BL isn't working! gggrrr!) So here's my answers, and I'll add all the rules and stuff when BL decides to work!

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules.
2. Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and link to them.
4. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I can't stand "sticky" stuff. I won't hold an esculator rail, coz it's always sticky. If theres a sticky spot on the floor, I'll whip out the mop and bucket straight away. Just can't stand it.

2. I must have painted toe nails. No one is to see my toes naked.

3. I was on Wheel of Fortune when I was newly married, I think I was 20. I only got one spin, and said "S for Spike" (I had it all worked out, all the letters were going to reflect my friends etc!!!) No "S". I said "Oh come on!" I don't know that that was very appropriate. The answer was Unforgiven - the Cl!nt Eastw00d movie. I didn't go away empty handed, I won a (crappy) cordless phone, that worked for about a week, and the Wheel of Fortune boardgame!

4. I hate all things dentistry. Even the kids wobbly teeth give me the willies, and I send them to their father!

5. I have my motorbike licence. (I guess thats not very weird - its just a fact!)

6. I had both my babies without any pain relief. I know, I'm a sicko.

7. Most people have put in something weird that they eat... I don't think I eat anything weird?! I have tomato sauce on just about everything. Especially love it on Scrambled eggs. Is that weird? I think that is normal?!!! (I'm pretty sure, tomato sauce is ketchup)

I'm not sure if I can come up with 7 people that haven't already done it!!!
I choose:
Donna at Waiting for Lauren
Ford at Imagine Alyzabeth An (although they're not imagining anymore!)
Kim at Ruby is Coming
Mama Bear at Forever and a Day
Shannon at Elena r u? (and yes, she is now definitely an Elena!)
Rachel at Bound for China (that was about 3 years ago!!!)
Connie at VaChina Monologues

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Papers through!

...Our re-registration papers, that is! Yay! We've been "re-approved"!

This particular line in our letter, jumped off the page and slapped me in the face
"I am pleased to inform you that your registration as prospective adoptive parents has been renewed and you are eligible to be considered for the placement of a single female child aged 0-18 months from China."

My heart was quietened! We've been specifically approved for a female child! Just when I think we've settled on a boys name?!!

But then my busy mind started thinking.... with our Agency, when the allocation comes in, they will only ring us, if they think the child is suited to us. For instance, if we're allocated a "special needs" child, they may not ring us - as we've not indicated that we're prepared to take on a special needs child. This whole thing, has got me a bit hot under the collar... surely its up to US to decided whether we're capable of caring for ANY child?!!! Maybe I'm reading more into it, than I should? I know our Govt is extremely fussy about "special needs". But I started to think... maybe they won't ring us if we're allocated a son?

Yes... I think, I'm thinking about it too much.

Did you know it's the 23rd? We COULD be seeing our child in about a week's time?!!! Its funny, you know, I've been putting things into my calendar - there's lots happening at school, and now I think "ooo, what if we get "the call" when I'm at Sports Day, or on excursion"?!!! I'm sure that finally seeing your child after 4 years of praying and waiting, constitutes an emergency?!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Monday, 20 October 2008

My baby boy...

The first pic, is my first attempt at digi scrapbooking! Not terribly flash, but hey, it did the trick!

The words in the second pic are a bit blurry, but we gave H-man his pressies the night before his birthday, as we need to leave early tomorrow, for basketball practice. I'm so annoyed that stupid basketball practice is cutting in on H-Man's special day... but he said tonight "This is the best day of my life"! So funny!!! We gave him all his favourite things (St@r W@rs)Leg0, PS.2 games (both Leg0 games!), 2 DS games and Miss M gave him a Bean!e K!d. No wonder it was the best day of his life?!!!

I plan to take him to Maccas for dinner tomorrow night, his favourite meal. (yeah I know... eeeww). I made cheesy pasta bake with bacon for dinner tonight, which apparently is also his favourite meal!! Pretty easy pleased, hey?!

So for tomorrow, my blessed son,


Care Package

So I've got my care package sorted out (in my head!) but was thinking yesterday, about how I would get it there. Our agency is not fond of sending packages, AT ALL. But being the "rule-breaker" that I am... I sending a package anyway!! This is my package list, in my head:
*Sassy "Who loves baby" album... with pics of us inside
*a "lovie" - little satin/chenille blanket with a teddy on it - Mary-Mia gave it to me, when I met her in Sydney
*a disposable camera (with instructions on use, in chinese)
*some sweets for Nannies

Yesterday I stumbled acrossed Blessed Kids, which lists HEAPS of orphanage address both in Chinese and in English! Yippee! I knew BK sent care packages, but didn't know about the address list! So bookmark it, for easy finding when it's your time to send a package!

Looking at all those Orphanage names, and Cities, I just kept staring at them (willing Mini to come to us soon?!) Where is she?

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Guess the Name!

Looks like Jiangxi is out in front by quite a bit, in my sidebar poll! If you haven't voted for Mini's birth place... go do it!

OK... so I'm still convinced Mini is a girl. Wanna have a crack at guessing her name?!! (No guessing if you know what it is!!!)

Your clue:

It ends with

Anyone got Ph0t0sh0p Elements 6, and know how I can use my new digi kits?!! I've worked out how to add my photos to PSE... but thats it. Email me if you know! four2five@gmail.com

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Dawned on me

Did you know, we could "possibly" be seeing the face of our son/daughter in less than TWO WEEKS?!! Yes, I'm a bit slow, it just dawned on me this morning, as I was getting dressed!!!

YIKES!!! Am I ready? Yes, and No! I've suddenly got a case of the "happy scareds"!! What happens now? Have I got all the paperwork etc that I need? Am I going to be able to get it all ready in time? If we do get a Nov allocation, are we going to be able to secure flights, so close to Christmas? If he is a boy, I have NO clothes for him - will I have time to shop, between paperwork?! (duh... there's always time to shop!)

I was at the hairdresser today, she's heard me say for 3 years... "We're adopting from China... no, still no news". BUT Today... I told her we'd DEFINITELY see Mini before Christmas (if only in a photo!) I said, the next time I see you, I'll have a photo! I also pre-warned her, that I'm definitely seeing her the day before I leave for China, so I can have fresh colour and she can straighten my hair (it usually lasts about 5 days, when she washes & straightens it!!!). Priorities!

I also swung by T@.rg.et as Miss M needed new hair clips for school. I walked out with a pair of Capri's and a tee for me, the BB.c version of Pr!de and Prejud!ce (with Colin Firth) DVD, a pair of tiny size 3 pink butterfly slippers for Mini (once again, hopefully she is a she!) - they were only $3! bargain! 3 pairs of boxers for H-Man to sleep in, then my "travel" thinking kicked in. I bought a travel size cleanser and moisturiser and a travel mineral foundation compact. Can you believe that "travel" could be in 8 weeks... or less?!! And no, I didn't get the hair clips!!! I must be "(paper) pregnant" - my brain is a sieve!

I feel so warm and fuzzy! Perfect for a date with Mr Darcy tonight!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Bag Lady

As you know, I'm a bored housewife. HA! Correction, I'm an easily distracted housewife!!!
If you read the post below, you'd know that I was drooling over some gorgeous handmade bags on Et.sy. And since I've got so much time up my sleeve (HA!) I thought, rather than blow $100 on a bag, online, I'd attempt to make one! (*insert fear and trembling!*)

So I whisked the kids off to the local Mega Super Fabric Store (note: not actual name!), and surprise surprise they were having a 30% off all stock sale! Yay! I looked through about 13 pattern books, before finding, anything remotely like, what I wanted! Miss M, being my chief fabric chooser, was quickly demoted, after picking some pretty hideous stuff! H-Man was nowhere to be seen, as he'd found a cardboard fabric roll and was running around somewhere pretending to be a ninja, weaving in and out of the fabric stands. Joy.

I found the "main" fabric for the bag, Miss M found the stripes, and I finished the lining off with a pink/white gingham (which I forgot to take a photo of!) I found some ribbon to trim the front pocket, and picked a hot pink zip. OK. All set. Ended up purchasing 2 patterns, just in case I get all excited and decide to make another bag one day!!! (again)HA! We walked out 30 mins later, $34 lighter.

So here 'tis. 4 hours of hard labour. Several boo-boos, and ingenious "OziMum Fix-its"...

I'm proud. It certainly won't be knocking up a hundred to sell on e.b@.y but I'm happy to use it!
It's way smaller than I thought it would be... and no, it's not because of my mistakes!!! They happened around the joining of the zip/handle area... I'm pretty sure I covered it up! BUT... the smaller size has really grown on me! I've put 2 nappies, a bodysuit, and bib inside and there is still HEAPS of room in there! And stuck a bottle in the front pocket... just so it looks like a baby's bag!

This is the back...

I made the handle longer than the pattern, coz I like to wear single handled bags, "across" me. Plus I wanted to make sure it'd fit onto my (boxed up) pram handle!

PS The patterns were the expensive bit, I think they were $14 each! And I still have enough fabric left to make another bag... so it was worth it... ALTHOUGH, I was consumed with making the bag, I missed the CSI (Vegas) Season Opener (Warrick died? And Sara came back? I only know that coz I saw the ad!) Was so ticked when I saw it was 1020pm... but really, the bag was worth it?! I'm sure Mini will thank me, one day?!

Another smidge of trivia for you... do you know how many times, I've nearly let slip our "girls" name?!!! I'm sure I'll type it one day, and forget to edit it to Mini!!! Also, have new "poll" in sidebar, if you care to vote!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Been thinking...

Mr T has been tied up with work, so I've had alot of "alone time", of late. Which is never very good, coz I think too much!!

What's been on my mind?!
* Digital Scrapbooking (I didn't say it was "important matter of State" or anything!!!) I've wanted to do Digital Scrapbooking, forever. I just didn't have the right software, and couldn't be bothered finding out more about it! Well, I purchased Ph0t0sh0p Elements v6 on E.b@y yesterday, then moved onto to check out some gorgeous "digi kits"... here's what I purchased
From Sunshine Studios:
Zen Panda Kit
Princess Kit
Farmyard Kit
From Peppermint Creatives:
Candy Fairway
Rebel Elements and Matching Paper
Chinese Charms
Chrome Lettering
And this pack was FREE! So I had to add that in too!

I'm so excited! I can't wait to get my PSE6 in the mail, so I can play!!! I'm hoping to "Announce" Mini on a Digital Scrapbook page! I have no idea what I'm doing... so we'll see if I can make it happen?!

*Houses. Yep I'm still spending hours, looking over different plans and crunching the $$ numbers. We visited some people the other day, and they'd moved into their new house, just 4 weeks prior. We absolutely loved their design! It was so open and spacious. So my new favourite house, is a similar plan to theirs, with the same builder. I would show you the plan, but we want to make several alterations to the plan - so its not really worth showing?!! On our "current" house. I've seen 5 cars, stop and read our sign in the last 2 days.... PLEASE God, let one of them have money!

*Benchtops. Well, that's all tied in with the house plan, business. What benchtop should I have? I'm loving a "Wild Birch" timber look laminate, Mr T likes the black granite looking one. Tiles. I think I'll go white... just don't know what shape yet! (I think big rectangle ones, for the bathroom... still haven't decided on kitchen!)

*Nappy Bags. (or diaper bags if you're not from Australia!) I was on Et.sy for a few hours yesterday morning, looking at "handmade bags". There was lots of "Oooo Ahhh!" coming out of my mouth! Gy.psy R0se makes absolutely gorgeous bags - I'm waiting to hear if she'll ship to Aust. I bought a red chinese brocade bag from T@r.get a few months ago... and already, I'm looking for something else?! There truly is something wrong with me!!! Here's the thing. Our stroller and jogger pram, are still in their boxes. I didn't want to get them out, til we had our referral (just in case we're allocated a 5 year old Italian speaking boy ;) ~ PIPO knows what i'm talking about!!!) So... I can't see if my red Chinese bag will fit over the handles. The bag has twin handles, and they don't seem very long to me? I've spied this one. I'm thinking "messenger" style bag may be the way to go? I'm not into "flaps" - I wanna get straight in there, without mucking around! (geez... that doesn't sound very savoury, does it?!)
I'm loving these too:
Black & White
Pink / Cream / Green Floral
Pink / Brown Floral

*My car. FINALLY after taking it into the Dealer 3 times... they've decided to actually order the part and fix it. It should be going back in sometime this week. Its a pain in the butt. I absolutely love my car. I'm sooo happy with it. It looks sexy. Drives like a dream. Kids love it. I've already used the "extra" back seats 4 times! The engine light thing is just inconvenient. But I've been reassured by the Dealer, that the "problem" won't effect how the car drives at all - it may use more fuel than normal. I'll take out a second mortgage, shall I?!

*Mini. Of course, Mini. When has he/she ever been out of my mind?!!! Been thinking alot about boys. (once again, not sounding very savoury, hey?!!) I mean - if Mini is a boy! I still don't think he is - only because I keep going in and looking at Mini's FULL wardrobe of PINK! Oh what to name him?! I think I've decided on a name - then I change my mind!!! And it's not just me, it's Mr T too! He'll say he likes a name. I think about it for a few days, then say, Yeah! That's good - what about a middle name, and he says "I didn't say I liked that?!!!" What the?!!!
We seem to like one syllable names (for boys). So I want a 2 syllable middle name. Give me some suggestions!!! Only stipulation, the first name can't be "common"!!! No Zac's, Joshua's, Connor's, Jake's, Samuel's, or Jack's!!! I love all those names... but we are surrounded by dozens of them! Our surname begins with "SH" so - so no names ending in SH... like Josh - it's just too much SH! Now that I've narrowed your choice down to two names... let me have it!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

3 word Sunday

Schools back on this week... bummer. No more sleep-ins. No more playing on the computer in my pajamas til 11am!

I don't really like 4th Term. Its great that the year is coming to a close, but 4th Term is always SO busy! Junior Primary has a sports day in the 2nd week. Miss M is back at Basketball (and I'm back coaching *jamming fingers down throat!* The School Musical is in about the 8th week, with rehersals leading up to the performance (extra trucking the kids around). Miss M is in the Choir, so I'm sure they'll try and jam in an "old folks home" performance or two! Not to mention the endless Christmas parties, and birthday parties, that spring up from Nov!

Add to all that... my desperate hope that we'll see Mini in Nov, and I'll be running around town picking up paper work, arranging money and travel arrangements... all the while keeping on top of the house (SELL DAMN IT! SELL!!!), the business paperwork... tax paperwork coming up again at the end of the month *urgh!* I'm sure there's more stuff I'm meant to be doing, but my brain is frazzled... and I haven't even started all that work yet!!! (oh, and IF we do sell our house... I've got to find a new house, pack and move all our stuff!!!)

Life is busy...but good!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Are we in there?

THIS is the Matching Room. Its where the miracles happen!

I hope we've made it off the shelf and onto someone's desk! Oooo it's just spine tingling to think that our Mini's file is in the same room as ours?!! Come on [[AA! All you have to do, is open our file and put a baby file in it.... come on.... it's not that hard?!!!

They did it for Shannon!!! She has finally seen the face of her daughter, Ellie! It's SO exciting to see Feb families finally seeing their kiddies! I've been following these blogs for 3+ years!!! It just gives me tingles!
For the record... I'm only going to read Rum0ur Queens posts, and not read the comments anymore. I think I'm a pretty "thick-skinned" person, but I still get offended. What is most offensive is that people hide their "slandering" behind words like "I'm just being honest"... then say they know they are going to offend people. My question is "Why say it at all, if you know you're going to offend people"? Its just bad manners.
My Mum always said "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all". My Mum is a wise lady.
I asked Rum0ur Qeen if she could make a new "Babies" post for all the 16th Feb allocations! I'm STILL shaking about the "surprise" babies!!! It is just so exciting, I can't stand it!!!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Referrals for the 16th!

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

US Agencies are reporting they have just received referrals for their batches logged in on the 16th Feb! What the?!!! They've never just sent one day of files before... certainly not a week after they sent a big batch?!!! Who cares!!! People are seeing their babies - in particularly
Shannon - waiting for Ellie! - her agency has her referral... they just haven't rung her yet! Thinking of you Shannon!!

Who knows, maybe these two will get their referrals next week?!!
Ruby is Coming
Waiting for Lauren Elizabeth


Oooo better go change my sidebar to read... SIX more days til our LID!!! WOOOOOOHOOOO!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Long weekend

It was our Labour Day long weekend, last weekend. I enjoyed the pure bliss of rolling out of bed after 9! We went to a friend's son's 21st on Sat night, but made it an early one - as it was the start of daylight saving here, I HATE missing an hour of sleep!!

Sunday we went to Church, my brother came over so I could make him a Birthday Dinner! And we went up to check out our block. The crop has been harvested, so we can get a good look at the land now. Our neighbours, up there, have just poured the slab for their house and said there is just one word to describe the area/land ~ "ROCK". Great. Slap another $20,000 on the house cost for the foundation.

On Monday, I slept in.... ahhhh... did some boring household chores, picked up Mr T's Dad went out for lunch, then went and looked at some display homes (the budget ones). They were ok. But with these "budget" homes, they hit you hard for any upgrades (door handles, taps, doors). So it'll probably end up costing about the same as the more "upmarket" builders!! Typical. Anyway, we looked at this house, and really liked it. Its got lots on built in cupboards, a third toilet (handy when guests come), a big kitchen, and lots of windows in the kitchen, family/rumpus room areas to maximise the view. But going from our past track record... it probably won't be our final decision!!! Who ever thought choosing a plan would be so hard?

No new news on our current house. No buyers. And with the world economy crashing down, the general public are like bunnies hit with headlights! Stunned and too scared to move. We're thinking we may take it off the market. Just stay here for another year or so. Get Mini settled in, then move. So far it's cost us about $6,000 for advertising and Agent's costs. I'm not happy. Maybe we should cut our losses, before it gets too much higher, without any further prospects?

And lastly...


Dad (and I'm the baby! check out all that hair!)

Dad walks me down the aisle, 20 years later

Another 15 years flies by... Dad sits with my kids!

I really do value each day with my Dad. When I was about 3, he was diagnosed with advanced Hodgkins Disease, and given 9 months to live. That was 33 years ago. He then had a tumour in his chest 5 years after that. Miracles do happen ~ I am so grateful that God's mercy does, indeed endure forever.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

3 word Sunday

With every passing day, it is sinking in... that it's only a matter of weeks before we see our 3rd child. It gives me chills!

We've decided that if we haven't sold the house, by the time we have to travel, we'll take it off the market. We don't NEED to sell, but would obviously LIKE to so we can get on with being "country folk"! I was just thinking as I posted this photo - this isn't the room, she'll be in. Its a teeny tiny room, and obviously smaller furniture (like a cot!) makes it look a bit bigger than it is! I was thinking, IF we do take it off the market - I'll need to do some furniture rearranging! Mini's room, is currently the "Guest Room" and has a queensize bed in it. We said to Miss M, when we bring Mini home, she can have the QS bed... so it's just dawned on me... we need to take that apart and move it! You can tell I do alot of my thinking, out loud, here on blog, right?!

Anyway, we're still praying we'll get a buyer in the next couple of months. Nothing like moving house, right on Christmas and in the throws of organising an overseas trip to adopt a child, to keep a marriage alive!

So if 3-4 weeks or 7-8 weeks, we'll see a little face, that we've been dreaming about since Sept 2004.

Friday, 3 October 2008

My boy

Mr T and Miss M are away, and its just me and my boy for 3 days.

Yesterday, we baked a banana cake, played Wii, and as all mother and sons should do... we folded the washing! H-man beat me to it, and says to me "Are you happy that I'm folding the washing" - I said "Yes! Thank you!" He says "I'm not doing it so you say Thank you. I'm doing it because I love you"!!!

Another pearler:
I said to H-man this morning "Would you like pancakes for breakfast, even though its not pancake day?" (we have pancakes every Sat morning!) He cracks up laughing. I say "What's funny?" He says "You said SNOT PANCAKES"!!! Ahhh, boys... always got poo and snot on the brain?!! (I said itS NOT pancake day... just in case you missed the snot!)

If you haven't voted in my "Nov cut off poll" - scroll down to last post and vote!

Thursday, 2 October 2008


Yep. 3:07AM! And I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed. It appears, I'm to get NO sleep tonight.

My brain feels like one of those "whizzy" rides at the playground... I'm just waiting to come flying off it, and fall face down in the dirt!!! (that'll probably happen at about 6am... when I'm sposed to be getting up!)

What's on my mind? I'm glad you asked... here's some verbal diahorrea for ya!

*House plans* Hubs has given me a "talking to" about our "new house" budget. It appears that even before we've signed on the dotted line, the back end of the budget has been completely blown out! So, until 2am this morning, I was pouring over house plans - trying to find the best value for money. I'm pretty proud of myself - it looks like we'll have a mortgage of $8k!! WooHoo! Brownie points for me!!! And if I want a few fancy things (including a pool) - our mortgage will be $50k! I still think that's worth a Woo.Hoo.! Of course... we still need to sell our "current" house... hence financing the building of the new house.

*Associated House stuff* Once establishing my "best buy", I lay in bed pondering floor coverings and whether "timber venetian blinds" will be better than "vertical blinds"... verticals are in front at the moment. (I have timber venetians now, love them, but they've faded/warped to buggery).

*Mini* Yes, a night laying awake, wouldn't be complete without wondering about Mini. Here's what I've deduced... we will be allocated in Dec. Meaning a late Jan travel. Crap. Isn't Chinese New Year about then? Not to mention our Govt Agency workers will all be on Christmas leave etc (as matter of fact our Ch!na Co-ordinator's contract runs out in Jan... just super.) I had to get up out of bed, and go check when Chinese New Year 2009 will be. Great. January 26th. *let out sarcastic chuckle* That's Australia Day!!! (also Lilly's birthday! Hi Lilly!) Geez.... could it get anymore complicated? Now, I'm all stressed that Ch!na, and our Agency will make us wait til AFTER CNY to travel. Poo. I don't wanna go in Feb!!! It's really really cold there in Feb!!! I guess 2 weeks, would've really make a difference in how cold it will be? BUT... if we did travel MID JAN... we could be there for CNY - OMG! Wouldn't that be spectacular?!! My Mum (who is looking after our kidlets, at home, whilst we're away) is sposed to be running a conference... you guessed it.... late Jan!!! Arrgggh. Oh yeah! It's also Year of the Ox, in 2009... I'm an Ox! (well, I like to refer to myself as a "cow"... Ox sounds so masculine!)

*Bali* Did I tell you I've booked a family holiday to Bali, for late March 2009? Well guess what dawned on me the other day... it's the exact same time frame, that we went, when I got Dengue Fever (and nearly died - sorry, had to add that for some drama). Arrrgggh! I've told Mr T - if I get sick again - it WILL BE the last time I'm going. I love Bali - but won't be dying there!!!

I think I'm getting a stomach ulcer! No wait... I think I need a snack.

Its 3:21... still not tired... just hungry.

Why are the birds singing already? Its 3:22?!!!

Car update: All good.