"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wot's up?!!

Hope I didn't shock the socks off you too much by posting!!! Crikey I've been a slacka, eh?!!!

Well... it's been SO crazy busy since Christmas last year! Its ridiculous! For four years time draaagggggged on and on - each day felt like a week. NOW... week's flash by in the blink of an eye! Can you believe that in a few days, it'll be FOURTEEN MONTHS since we first cuddled Tiny?!!!

So, before Christmas we went on our family holiday (see pics in posts below!). January was a blur of work and packing up our house, as we moved to the country! We are living directly across the road from where we are building our new house. We were hoping to rent our house out to international students, but that didn't happen. So we thought we'd have a crack at selling the house ourselves, got a few enquiries, but no buyers. Then we thought we'd try and rent it out ourselves... and after our first ad, we scored!!! So we've just had another crazy week, moving the last bits of our gear out, and organising all the stuff that goes along with tenants!!!

I'm sure you really don't want to read my dribble - you want pics, right?!!!

First week of Feb: The Slab

The very next day: The frames appeared

Second week of Feb: The roof went on, and bricks arrivedBeautiful sightAs the brickies started, the insulation was installed, and gyprock arrived Gyprock went up (we have a HUGE room in the centre of the house, the incorporates the kitchen - which is this space - dining & lounge rooms. We have huge glass sliding doors and windows the look at the following photo)

Our view - our whole house was built to take the best vantage of this beautiful view!

Walking the dog

Our Dads put up the big shed next to the house - its 20 metres x 7 metres... it's a BIG shed!

Last week our kitchen arrived

The builder calls my front doors, my "million dollar doors", I really wanted leadlight, and wanted completely solid doors... they weigh a tonne! (they won't stay that hideous green! Thats the undercoat!) The front door opens into our big room, and you can see straight out the other side, to the view... we love it!
(Tiny appears in most photos, coz we go over to the house during the day, when the older 2 kidlets are at school! .... I just realised, they're not in any of these pics... it wasn't on purpose!!)
Tiny at playgroup!

Had to show you this pic... every girl loves chocolate, right?!!!

Tiny and Daddy on the quad bike!

Sunrise, is beautiful

Fog over the hills... I think its going to be cold in winter?!!! We're only just into Autumn!!!

I must also offer my heartiest congratulations to STACY & RYAN on FINALLY seeing their sweet sweet son, Zachary! He is utterly adorable! And also, very belated congratulations to fellow Aussie (albeit, living in the US!) FLISS & MIKE, on finally holding their gorgeous daughter, Shauna!!! HOORAY!!! **Hugs and Kisses to you both**