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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I was a bit slow on the "Christmas" message... so instead you're getting a HAPPY NEW YEAR message!!!

We went on holidays on 12 Dec - 28 Dec, up to the Gold Coast where it's nice and warm, with lots of theme parks! We had a fantastic time, except for the part when Mr T slipped down 6 wet (stone) stairs, and has possibly fractured his back (again).... oh, and the part, where a nob driver ran up the back of the hire car I was driving... oh, and the part where the car insurance excess cost me $3300 - other than that - it was a smashing trip!

Here are some pics:

In the rain on Christmas morning... it was still 34 degreesC!
Kisses for big sister


Flume Ride at Seaworld

Waiting to take Tiny on the kiddy rides

Posers at Seaworld!

Googles for Christmas:
More googles for Christmas!
Layer upon layer, of kids!

Big brotherly love!

We had "old time" photos done... Tiny wouldn't smile!

How old does my girl look, in this shot?!
Serial killer in the making?!!!
Family of gangsters! Check out the rack on Mummy?!!! Honestly... it's all the dress!

Fly Tiny, Fly!
Fashionista... heels and googles - it's all the rage, this season?!
Hangin' with Porky... (and the pig statue?!)

Daddy and Tiny chill out at Wet n Wild (its the name of the water park... not a p0rn0?!)

Christmas morning was a very small affair - because we were on holidays, gifts were light on - but thoroughly enjoyed! Tiny's absolute favourite thing EVA... is Dora. Urgh. Dora? I find her EXTREMELY annoying!!!! Tiny wants to watch her every waking moment! "Dooorah? Dooorah?"

Well, from us down under - we wish you all an absolutely fantabulous new year! May 2010 be the year that your dreams come true - May you smile and laugh more than you ever have before - May you find where your treasure truly lies.
God Bless!
xxx Love OziFamily!


Polar Bear said...

Looks to me like a sensational Christmas!!! What FUN!!!

Love all the pictures!!! Especially the 'Flying Tiny' ~ what fun!!!

Have a WONDERFUL New Year!!!

Ps. The verification word is untori! Ryan and I just made it official over the holiday that we are changing the babies name from tori! (We engraved her new name on an ornament) I just had to laugh. Now I guess it's officially, official - untori! LOL

Debz said...

What a wonderful way to spend Christmas!

Love the look on Tiny's face on the 1st pic where she'd standing in the rain. Too cute!

Happy New Year my Ozi friend!

Canada to China and back! said...

Happy New Year! Looks like you all had a blast! Look how happy Tari looks! I always love when you update us on your family!

Chelley said...

Oh that looks like SOOOO MUCH fun!!

You guys make family holidays LOOK sooooo GOOD!

Tiny looks like she has always ment to be in YOUR family!


Happy New Year!

Julie said...

Wow, swimming outdoors and sunny hot days ... lucky you! Then again I think it would be weird for me to not see snow on Christmas!

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like a great Christmas..
Sooo much fun..
Love the photos..
Happy New Year girly..

Special K said...

Wonderful pics of your gorgeous family. Happy New Year!

Kris said...

oh my gosh what GREAT pics!!! and by a "smashing" time i'm sure there was no pun intended. in spite of the mishaps sure looks like you guys had a great holiday!

all the best in the new year :O)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It has been a while since dropping by I see that all is going well... I am so happy for you... want to wish you all a great 2010... take care...

Shannon said...

What fun looking at your pictures and reading your comments! Your family is just lovely- I wanna go on vacation with you!! Big hurrah on your celebration of one year with Tiny! =)

Alyson and Ford said...

I'm just a little late to the party but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all as well!

Alyson and Ford said...

We need updates! How are you all doing? Need some pictures of the cutie beauty!

Alyzabeth's Mommy