"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Year of Tiny...

As promised... here is one whole year of Tiny...

First glimpse - ("OMG! it's really her!!! IN THE FLESH!!! it's really her!!! she's really real!!!")
Can.not belive I'm really holding my daughter.

Day 2 - looks daddy straight in the eye, mimics funny faces

Day 4 (or 5?!) Getting Chinese Passport today

Last day in Guanghzhou - Tiny pulls a face... Mummy is going into ANOTHER shop!

In chilly Shanghai! We went to the Shanghai Museum, this day.

Flying from Guangzhou, to Shanghai... Tiny's first plane trip! She celebrated, by puking all over me, minutes after this photo was taken!!! She then went to sleep!!!

First morning, at home with Big Sister and Brother.

Been home a week (you can just see a suitcase or backpack in the doorway in the background... took a while to get organised!!!)

WALKING! I think this was about a month after Tiny came home?!

Love this photo. Taken May 2009 (home 3 months)

First ponytail! Just about to meet our batch for lunch, June 2009

So cute?!!

Not always a happy chappy?!!! Tiny has always been petrified of the dogs, we had to give Milo to a friend, as Tiny just wouldn't go outside, for fear of him. She tolerated Chewy, but sometimes... as in this photo... it got all a bit too much!!!

Sept 2009, unusually warm day - so we could play outside!

Eating bubbles!

First face painting! At Maya's fairy party... Nov 2009

Fun at Playgroup - Nov 2009 (had a haircut too!)

Up close and personal!

Forever Family Day, 12th Feb 2010 - Home one whole year. (Note: "Guangdong Girl" teeshirt! Thanks Jodie!)

Forever Family Day celebration... cheap supermarket mud cake, loaded with lollies & chocolate and fortune cookies for good luck!!!
Chinese New Year, 2010

Monday 15th Feb, 2010, - on the slide at the park
Blessings abound everyday.


Kris said...

how has a year passed?!! my gosh! she is so adorable, then and now. happy forever family day~!!

Pug Mama said...

oh my gosh - how she has changed. Just beautiful!!!!!!

Kelli said...

Just beautiful! It's amazing how much she has changed! congratulations!

Taylor said...

Tiny is so adorable! I like the picture where she is eating the bubbles!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Tiny is soooo beautiful! Cindy