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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Family Day Video

I'm SO SO ANNOYED with youtube - they canned the audio track to my Family Day Video (which not only had music but Tiny giggling and talking etc) So now its boring as watching paint dry. I've deleted the video. Will see if I can make one with a different programme and upload to my blog a different way.
GRRRR..... SO TICKED OFF!!! That movie took me an entire day to put together.


Briana's Mom said...

Try uploading to Vimeo instead!


They are nicer there. :D

Trudi Case and Kim Sondergaard said...

Hi Lee-Anne

Oh bummer. I had my coffee ready to go. Kim managed to see the video with audio and said it was great.


Michelle said...

I was going to suggest Vimeo but I see Lisa already did. Youtube did the same thing to my video. They suck.

Polar Bear said...

It is still a very touching video! It made me teary with no sound. I bet with sound I'd go through a box of tissues. :o)