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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Kangaroo Island

Playing Catch Up!!!
Been ridiculously busy of late!!! We've just been to Kangaroo Island (a little island just off the coast of my home state South Australia). If you come to South Australia - you MUST visit Kangaroo Island. I've been there four times, now - when I was on a Year 8 School Camp, again when I was about 14, then with some friends & their 6 month old daughter - when I was about 20, and last week! This was the first time our kiddies have been.
The holiday house we rented, had no TV. Yep - you read that right... NO TV. H-Man was devasted when we pre-warned him. He took his DS, and packed a couple of card games. Just before we left, H-Man says to us "Thank you Mum and Dad for bringing us to this place with no TV"!!! He is so funny!!! I think he was absolutely gob-smacked that life actually goes on (can even be better) without TV!!!
OK, enough words - you want pics right?!! (sorry they uploaded all over the place, and I kept losing them when I tried to move them... so they're not in order... hope you get the idea though?!)

We stayed at Vivonne Bay
Pauls Place, Stokes Bay - absolutely awesome wildlife park - where you get to hold and feed the wildlife! Tiny was facinated by the snake! It was too heavy for her to hold on her own, so she held it with her dad - the photo must be on MrT's phone... will post later!
This little guy was at Admiral's Arch - hundreds of seals frollicking around - they came up so close!

Seal Bay - lots of sleepy seals!

We loved Remarkable Rocks! We climbed, played and took photos for ages here!

Sadly, we found a dead penguin on the beach... MrT thought it'd be fun to rest him up against the bucket, so it looked like he was on holidays too!!! I'm sure Tiny thought we was really on holidays!!!

The koala was too heavy for Tiny to hold too - Miss M held the koala & Tiny (that photo is also on MrT's phone!) Here's H-Man and the lovely koala!
Tiny couldn't get enough of the wildlife!
On the rocks!

Chillin' at Seal Bay

Kelly Hill Caves

Admiral's Arch - spectacular!

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Catherine said...

Wow! So many great pics of your time at Kangaroo Island. the pic of Tiny with the penguin reminds me of the movie 'Weekend at Bernie's' Heh.

Love all the different and creative angles you used to take such fun pics!

Glad you had such a great time!