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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Snapshot - 22 Jan 2012

It was a gorgeous warm day, here in South Oz! Mr T wanted to take the jetski for a trip up the River, Miss M & Tiny got to travel first, from Murray Bridge to Wellington. I met them at Wellington, to pick up the girls, and drop off H-Man, then the boys were off to Goolwa. It was a 100kms from Murray Bridge to Goolwa - they did it with one fuel stop, and got a little lost on massive Lake Alexandrina - arriving at Goolwa in just under 3 hours. The boys had lunch in Goolwa then turned around and rode back to Murray Bridge! They loved it.
Tiny and I hopped in the spa just after lunch, then had another spa with the boys when they got home.... all in all, a great, busy day for one little munchkin!! This was Tiny at 7pm tonight...

Sunday Snapshot


Jennifer said...

Love busy, good days! :) Happy Sunday! :)

Checking out Sunday Snapshot Linkups said...

I love the picture, so cute!
Thank you so much for linking up on Nihaoyall.com!
Hope you have a great Sunday! :)
~Checking out Sunday Snapshot Linkups