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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Snapshot 29.04.2012

Its Sunday again!  I haven't done Sunday snapshot for a few weeks... we went to our friend's daughter's birthday party yesterday, so I got all excited and snapped lots of pics!

This is my favourite... so it'll be my Sunday snapshot!  She's my friends youngest daughter - and she is ever so sweet!

Here are my kiddies!  (a slightly over exposed pic of Miss M!  The lighting was terrible! Miss M likes to "over exposed" look... she says it washes out all her blemishes!!!)

Sweet pea, pulling a pose!

My handsome H-Man (slightly out of focus!! Its was hard!! They were running around playing soccer!!!)

Stephanie (from NiHao Y'All) asked participants to leave photography advice!  As you can see above, I need all the help I can get!!  My preferences are: Outdoor photographs, in late afternoon light.  I use Photoshop CS5, to do some editing.  I don't edit all my photos - but if I do - I generally use "Curves" (in Adjustments Menu) and I like Increased Contrast or Medium Contrast - and fiddle around with the settings. 

Ni Hao Yall


Freeze Frame said...

I love your picture. There is something about it that looks old-fashioned to me. What a cutie pie she is.

I know what you mean about photo advice. :) I wish I could have my own private teacher....because I just don't have time to read up on it on my own.

Life with Kaishon said...

Your children are ADORABLE : ) I also adore the little girl that belongs to your friend. I love her socks : ) Cute as can be.

Cheri said...

Nice pics. Your children are adorable. I also enjoyed reading your post from your trip to China. Very memorable.

Jen said...

Great photos! No more Sunday Snapshots for me - I've just got a basic point and shoot camera! Maybe one day I'll branch out into the photography world. I think it would be fun to learn!

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