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Friday, 1 June 2012

Playin with my new toy!

I couldn't wait to read my Nikon manual!  So I read... I fiddled... I read some more... I fiddled some more....

Much more reading and fiddling needs to be done - but here's some of my "test" runs!

This is the first photo I took with my new camera! 

Tiny, Diesel, me and Nikon went for a walk...

I love this pic - Diesel's ears are in the foreground, and Tari holding Bo in the background!  Would of been spectacular if Bo was looking up too!

I overlayed the same photo in black an white to get this look...

Finding Focus...

this one is entitled "The Ball"
 This one is "The Paddock"
 This one is "The Swing"!!

We went on a houseboat for a few days - saw some wicked clouds!

:) Oh what fun!


Kim said...

I have had my camera for a year in ahalf and don't know how to work it..LOL.. need a class..
Love ya .
BEAUTIFUL photos..

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Anna said...

I jumped on your page by accident - I love your pictures!!

greetings from Austria!

Jim said...

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Karolina Meller said...

beautiful photos, go to my blogspot
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Jen said...

No post in a long time. How are you guys doing?