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Sunday, 22 May 2011

America Part II

:) OK I think I'm gettin' the hang of this place!!!

We're having an absolute ball... literally!!! On Wed night, we went to a Dodgers ball game! WooHoo!!! Its been one of Mr Ts life long dreams to attend an American ball game - and it wasn't disappointing!!! (I think if we were actually Dodgers fans, it probably would've been because they lost!) And apparently we were at a great game, because the Dodgers played the Giants, and they have massive rivalary! We decided to be Dodgers fans for the night (when in LA do as the LA'ians do?!!) We had great seats - we were between home base and first base... right in line with the foul balls!!! Crikey! If I knew we'd have to pay so much attention, or we'd get smacked in the head with a baseball, I may've selected a different section!!! (Mr T LOVED the seats... and LOVED the fact that balls were flyin' at us!!) A dude about 4 seats from us, actually caught a foul ball. H-Man became best friends with him, and tried his hardest to get the dude to give him the ball!!!! The dude was very good, and listened to H-Man talking his ears off the whole game. By bout the 7th innings I had to take Tiny to the bathroom, so stopped off at the merchandise store and bought H-man a Dodgers ball. I showed Mr T, who thought it'd be an excellent idea to get the "dude" to give H-man the ball, and let H-man believe it was the foul ball!!! Mr Dude was very happy to assist (and actually said they'd bought H-man a ball themselves!!!!). H-man went to the bathroom with Mr T and when he returned, was presented with the ball... H-man's expression was priceless. He totally treasures the ball. Miss M is in on the "ball swap" secret - and said she's going to tell him on his 21st birthday!! We had SUCH a good night - it will be etched in all our memories forever!!!

Unfortunately, as we were leaving, I was carrying Tiny - she threw herself backwards, I lurched forward to grab her, and totally buggered my neck. Our plans for re-visiting Legoland went by the wayside, as we just chilled around the hotel - all because of crippled ol' me! My legend of a husband rubbed plenty of "bengay" into my sore spots - I had a bit of vodka and nurophen... and was feeling very good indeed!!! :) Seriously, the next morning, I was much better. My husband is the BEST!

Friday we had breakfast with a TOTALLY beautiful Californian family! :0) Was so so good to see them again (the last time was early Sept in 2006, in Sydney... just weeks before they met their super cute twins!) We spent the day with them in Disneyland as well as another beautiful family and gorgeous Californian lady (sorry!!! I can't find your blog to link... but you know who you are, K2 & Michelle!!!!) I hope we didn't mess up any plans you had... and if we did... I'm sorry - but if its any consellation we had a fantastic day, chillin' with you guys!!! The kids had an absolute ball (H-man is very happy to add a few more girls to his harem!!!) I just love the girl's little accents - they are so cool!!! (was so funny, when we first met the girls... they just stared at us with crazy looks on their faces... poor babies, don't think they had a clue what we were saying!) We got to watch the fireworks from our room too!!! :) Its great to just stand in the doorway of our room, in our pjs and watch the show!!!

Today (Saturday), we hit HOLLYWOOD! We met a friend of a friend, who lives just under the Hollywood sign! First we checked out the "stars on the sidewalk", the Kodak theatre and the near area. Then friend of a friend (to be known as FOAF), drove us around in his luxurious Lexus, and took Mr T to his seventh heaven the "Northcutt" collection museums. 2 massive displays of vintage cars and other cool stuff, all in perfect condition. Tiny was too young to attend the "booked guided tour" - so we got to hang out on a park bench for 2 hours! But it was all worth it coz Mr T just loved it.

We've been here a week. Its gone so fast! I'm SURE I've put on about 5kgs (even with all the walking!)... Wii fit will be getting a hammering when I get home!!! We're having breakfast with the beautiful family, in the morning, then I plan to hit some Malls! (can you believe I've been here a week and haven't done any serious shopping yet?!!!)

I know you want pics... sorry I didn't bring the lead... will definitely post some when I get home!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MIL for today! AND HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY TO MY GORGEOUS MAMA (for tomorrow!... which could be today here? I'm not sure!!!)


Jen said...

I'm so jealous that you are in America, yet still so far away! Glad you're having fun - so sorry that your injured yourself. I can relate! Enjoy the rest of your journey!

Alyson & Ford said...

What a wonderful family vacation! Glad you had a great time!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Michelle said...

I had the best time. Seriously haven't smiled that much in a long time.

hapi said...

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