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Saturday, 28 May 2011


We waved goodbye to Disneyland, and chewed our nails off as we navigated our way from the LA area to LAS VEGAS! Mr T did a superb job driving (except when we turned on to the 15 - he wanted to go SOUTH, and I was screaming THIS LANE, THIS LANE - because we were in the 15North lane... he thought, because he was in "this lane" I meant, he had to change lanes?!! Male logic, eh?!!!) Anyhoo - after almost side-swiping a car, we pulled back into the North lane, and were on our way!

I'm so glad we opted to drive. #1 we could stuff all our crap into the boot of the Crown Victoria we hired, instead of packing properly to board a plane #2 its cheaper #3 apparently by the time you get to the airport 2 hrs before boarding, then the flight time - the time is the same anyway #4 we got to see the landscape (crikey, its mountanous, hey? we thought it'd be the flat desert!) #5 we have a car, to choof around to the supermarket etc

We arrived around 2pm, ITS HOT HERE!!! Hooray!!! Some warm weather!!! The last 3 days in Anaheim were nice and warm, but its definitely desert weather here in Vegas! So we unpacked the car, and our gear into our fantastic 2 bedroom suite, then hit the pool! Our friend from London, arrived, so we had some drinks with him, then went to the Rainforest Cafe at the MGM Grand for dinner. Was really good! My salad was MASSIVE! It was served in a washbowl, it was so big!!!

I didn't sleep well the night before we left, so after dinner I went straight off to our king size pillowtop bed (the drinks with Ian, probably helped me nod off too)! Ahhh.... I like Vegas already!!!

(Mr T is in heaven! Hooters is next door, MGM Grand across the road (where his UFC fight is on Sat night), and we're all hanging out for our helicopter ride on Miss M's birthday)!!

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