"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Brave Face for Santa!

Its all smiles for Santa this year!!! Refreshing change! The first year, it was just blood curdling screams. The second year she embedded her nails in my flesh as she clung for dear life (I had to sit next to Santa for the photo)... this year, she was apprehensive, and would sit next to the jolly guy - only if she could hold my hand. I managed to pry her fingers off my fingers, so the girls could snap a photo - only after promising she could blow bubbles if she'd smile!!!
Tiny did find out from Santa, that he prefers Choc-chip cookies. So that's what we'll be leaving out for him.
A friend made some "Reindeer food" for her to leave out for Rudolph and the others (Sultana Bran with glitter in it!!)... no boring carrots here!! Hopefully the bran doesn't kick in straight away and they leave poop all over the lawn?!!
So here she is... in all her Christmas 2011 Glory... Miss Tiny and Father Christmas


Jen said...

Sweet! So glad things have progressed w/ Tiny and Father Christmas! Emma hates the man in red, and we've had NO Santa photos at all with her in them. Big sister just goes alone while Emma stands way way back and watches. Yeah. Oh, she also doesn't want him to come here at all. She is a committed Santa disliker!

Izzy kybird said...

I like this

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