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Thursday, 1 December 2011

What happened to Christmas?!!

OK... this is probably going to end badly but I'm going to say it anyway, coz I just don't get?!!
Quick question... how come American TV shows (talk shows like ellen or the view) don't say Christmas?!! What's the go with that? It IS Christmas... not the holidays? The holidays is something you do when you hook up a caravan, and go away, or catch a flight to anywhere with the express purpose of not working!!
My Dad tells me, its because of the diverse cultures, that tv shows are trying not to offend anyone?!!! What the?!!
I don't think I'm racist - I'm all for freedom to believe in whatever you want to believe in - don't expect me to agree with you, or want to do what you do - but hey - you are welcome to do whatever you want to do, if you feel thats good for you. I'm a Christian. I believe 100% in God, His Son and the Holy Spirit. I talk openly about my belief - and am happy for people to talk to me about their belief - I think knowledge is good, and helps give understanding.
When I visit a muslim country (which I have), I respect there views & rules etc - I don't enter Mosques or enter into prayer sessions - because its not my belief. When I visit a Buddhist country (which I have) - I don't enter Mosques & won't have my child "blessed" by a monk etc - but respect their beliefs and ceremonies. When I visit a Hindu Country (which I have)- I don't enter into the Ceremonies etc - but respect their beliefs & rituals (I don't walk on their little offerings etc)... surely I'm not alone in my thoughts? Surely I'm not the only one, that is happy for folks to worship however they please, but in my Christian Country - don't mess with Christmas and Easter?
If not for Christ... there'd be no Christmas... or as some like to say Happy Holidays.


Catherine said...

Amen!! It is very sad here in Canada too. The children have 'holiday' or 'seasonal' shows for the parents in December and often are not even allowed to say the word Christmas. It breaks my heart! At work we have a 'Seasonal Singalong' and the committee has to gain permission every single year for people to be able to sing songs about Christ.

Sad...SO sad!

It is Christmas! Jesus IS the Reason for the Season!

So my friend....Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Cristina said...

I hear you sister!!!! This 'happy holidays' nonsense makes me go all grumpy old woman!!! We need to keep the Christ in Christmas - if not for Him, why have Christmas????

Jen said...

People have lost their minds... It seems to be okay in America to talk about any other thing except Jesus it seems. People are going out of their way not to offend anyone, but they are trying to banish the name of Jesus. It's just wrong. They are not holiday trees - they are Christmas trees.

I'm with you! Good preaching!

Jen said...

Oops, should have proofed that - didn't mean to say "it seems" twice! LOL!

Anonymous said...
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