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Saturday, 15 September 2007

Another day at the Show

We left home at 7:50am to pick up M's friend.

It was great weather, a little windy, but sunny! We met some friends at about 11am.
We had a couple of rides. Watched a singing and dancing stage show with Humphrey Bear (sorry overseas readers, you'll have no idea who this is, he's a "Barney" style Bear who doesn't talk, uses hand motions to communicate, but has a young chickie singing, dancing and interpreting for him! - he's been around since I was a wee lass!) We held some more chickens, goats, pigs, ducks and patted some dogs & some calves. We sampled local foods (yummo!). Bought a show bag. Watched some wood chopping champions. Ate hot chips, drank a couple of cappacino's. Saw a trapeze display. Sampled some dairy products and had a milk shake. Played a couple of (those rip-off) games. Won a couple of pathetic soft toys. Made our own teddies, and picked out an outfit for them. Watched the grand parade of the winning animals. Watched the V8 utes race. Watched the freestyle motorbike stunt jumping. Had a couple more rides. And finished the night off by watching the fireworks display. Home, in bed... exhausted... at 1045pm.

H is the one on the left hand slide, in the grey tee... can't go down like a "normal" kid, goes down on his back, head first!

M is a very brave soul and goes on ANY ride... alone! I did go on a ride with her in the afternoon... I was very scared, and had fingernails embedded in my palms when I got off!!! She said, "Yeah, you wouldn't stop screamin'! I wasn't scary, just really cool!" Ahhh... to be 10 again?
**I apologise it's on it's side! M is wearing a pink top, and is sitting on the left hand end of a row... not sure if you can spot her!**


Jeter Mama said...

I laughed at H going down the slide - too cute!!
I want that pig H is sitting on!

Janet said...

It looks like so much fun! And I would be exhausted after that long day too!

cougchick said...

looks like fun! My son made me replay the coaster ride 3 times.

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

What a fun outing.
I'm a rollercoaster freak, the faster the better!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

K jumped the gun there....it wasn't a coaster it's like a crazy swinging claw!! I love it!

amy said...

what wonderful pics..I know you tagged me a while ago, please dont think I have forgotten my friend

Chelley said...

Ahh the fun of the show!! why isnt there a pic of you on the pig?


Oh I will have to send Tiarna down to go on rides with M!

I felt sick just watching!