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Friday, 21 September 2007

See... I did do it!

My friend gave me a disc with her Show pics on it... I thought I'd show you I really did go on a scary ride!!!

This morning on the way to school, this is the conversation I could hear going on in the back seat. (H= 5yr old son M=10yr old daughter)
H: "What's that new girl's name in your class"
M: "Grace"
H: "That's a weally nice name, I like that name"
H: "Is she mean to you"
M: "No"
H: "That's weally good. I weally like that name but we can't call our Mini that name"

H just cracks me up! I have no idea how his little brain works, I wonder why he asked if she was mean to M?!!

We were also following a flash B*M*W, on the way to school, and I nearly wet my pants laughing at the sticker on the back window "WARNING: H* COULD BE ON BOARD" *insert my son's name here!!! Maybe reckless behaviour goes with the name?!!! I wish I had my camera!

I've just come from the Queen of Rumours, and was VERY interested in this post about the 0lympics. I don't know whether, I'm excited by the fact that it appears things WON'T stop... or whether to be scared and have a panic attack, due to the squillions of extra people that will be in China at that time?!! The way I see it - our referral/travel will be right on 0lympic time. yippee. (note: no exclamation mark)


LaLa said...

I would not have been on that ride but my 2 yr old would it she were tall enough LOL

Hey, maybe you can catch an event or two while in Beijing!

Doris & Dan said...

Fun ride! Good for you that you got on board.

Keep smilin!

Julie said...

You are too cooL!

Colleen said...

You are insane! Couldn't pay me to get on that ride...........but I will do the Rockin Roller coaster or Tower of Terror in Disney? Yea...I don't get me either.

Janet said...

You are one brave/crazy lady for going on that ride!

cougchick said...

ooh. I would sit right next to you! Love rides and roller coasters...

Think positive about the Olympics. Maybe it will turn out okay.

Princess Diaries said...

You are way braver then me, that ride looks scary! I had to laugh at your last comment on my blog. I have to agree, Americans love flip flops- I've even seen pictures of guys going to the prom in tuxes with flip flops on. Even that's a little too crazy for me.

Ed and Lisa said...

ARE YOU CRAZY??? I thought I was a bit of a dare devil but you win! Noooooooooooooway! LOL

In regards to the Olympics. I have to say that RQ was the life and death of my waiting period. I loved being kept in the loop on the latest "good" news but the stuff that made me stop and think or just made me crazy about killed me. It's going to be what it's going to be. Do NOT let these rumors (remember, that's what they mostly are)get the better of you.

You hang in there. : )
Lisa :)

P.S. Thanks for the sweet comments on my trip down memory lane! :)

Shannon said...

The H & M chat was precious!