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Sunday, 9 September 2007

"The Wait"

It sounds like a movie or book title doesn't it? In the "Adoption Community", "The Wait" refers to the time from when your file is sent to Country of your adoption choice, until the time you receive your Allocation or Referral (photo, paperwork, medical information about the child the country has matched with your family file). "The Wait" varies from Country to Country. One (of the many) reasons we decided to adopt from China, was because "the wait" was, at the time, 6 months. And as our fortune/Murphys Law/destiny/fate would have it... it's now a minimum of about 22 months, and increasing with each passing month. Lucky us. On a less selfish note, truly, it is very lucky for the children, because more families are sending files to adopt these beautiful family-less children.

So why am I rambling? Who knows!!! I can only say, that some days "The Wait"/our child/travelling etc is ALL that occupies my mind. Trust me, not alot happens up there, so it can't be a bad thing?!!!

Today is one of those days. I was just folding about 6 loads of washing, when I felt the urge to come share this with you!!! (lucky you?!!) Yes folks, I'm obsessing about names again! Oh my, you are going to be SOOO tired of me, and you'll all be praying that we receive our referral soon... coz all this agonizing will be over!!! My friends have just returned home, from China, with there sweetpea daughter... and I can't stop thinking, of what it will be like for us. Will it be hot or cold? Which Province is our little one from? What will her Chinese name be? (I'm very odd, because I think about her Chinese name alot! I love reading new referrals, just to see what their children's Chinese name is! Weird, hey?) Yes... there's alot to think about... hubs keeps saying to stop stressing/thinking about it, coz we can't change it or do anything about it... but I can't stop.

So here are my "new" names, that I've thought of in the last week or so... do you like them?
Skyla (means Scholar) - T loves the name Skye but with our surname, it's just wrong. (a bit like calling your child Sandy if your surname was Beach). Anyway, he chose the name Bella, which I'm now disliking coz every second girl is named Isabella or Bella, where I live... so I combined the two names! I haven't run it by him yet... so we'll see if its a goer or not!

Kyla (means narrow) - I actually come up with this one after reading a new referral, and the little girl's Chinese name was Kai (pronounced Ky).

Ella (means young girl) - is quite popular here, but not as "common" as Bella!

Yes, I do have a "thing" for names ending in "la"!!! I was talking with a very good friend the other day, and she said, "Oooo wouldn't it be nice if your girls names ended the same", so that got me thinking... (as if I wasn't thinking enough, already?!!!) And from my other list, I'm still loving Lila and Ruby (M LOVES Ruby... but it's winning over Daddy that is proving a challenge).


amy said...

I love all of them. I will say that Isabella and Lily are very popular here. There are a lot of Chinese little girls named Lily!

Chelley said...

I wish that I had the words that make the wait not so long but I dont...

I can say that each new day brings you one step closer than you was yesterday, last week and last year...

All the names are sweet.. And the names that you have chosen for M and H are both fitting and well chosen so I have no doubt that what you will decide on when the time is right will be "the right one"

I do love Ruby!

I was told a while ago when thinking of names go out to the backyard and yell it out at the top of your lungs around 10 times!

iF you can get it out 10 times without getting tounge tied then thats the name!!

Jeter Mama said...

you know I'm still loving Lila!

Stacy said...

All of the names are wonderful. I LOVE Ella. I wanted to pick that name, but we have a niece Bella and a sensitive sister-in-law ~ long story.

The wait is tough. Hopefully one day we will forget it. HOPEFULLY!

A Special Family said...

I especially love
Lila, Ruby and Skyla!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

I hear ya, waiting with ya gurl.

Skyla is sweet, I like em all. It's so hard isn't it??? I'm totally not even close to picking out a first name yet. Perhaps I'll have to dwell on that in the next little while.

Alyson & Ford said...

They are are beautiful names but alas a choice must be made...

I was really drawn to Kyla. Just something about it.

Hanging in there with you.

L & J said...

I have to say that Lila is my favorite!!! The CUTEST little neighbor girl was named Lila and she was soooooo sweet. I cried when we moved away from her and her little brother. Ruby is my birds name, Bella is my dogs name so I vote for LILA! =)

Jenn said...

I vote for Lila also...probably because we love that "Hey There, Delilah" song in our house and have it stuck in our heads most days. It's a cute name!

Doris & Dan said...

Those are nice. Skyla is lovely...my fave.

Keep smilin!

cougchick said...

I'm still loving Till (short for Matilda) because my great friend has that name. She is the greatest but lately we've been calling her Matildo which she is not quite sure about. Ha!

I just can't wait to see your sweet angel's face no matter the name.

Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

pretty names!

It was hard for us the first time, I loved so many 'englishy' names since I'm a kiwi living in the USA, but DH vetoed many of them, I lost out on Daisy, Lucy, (Poppy was a favourite but since it rhymes with our last name it was a no go) Gemma and Jemima. Luckily we agreed on Piper - not one argument!
The next time we thought of Lola (love the kids show, hate the Lola showgirl song), but ultimately settled on Paisley.

In your case I love Lila & Ruby.


p.s. just as long as it's not Sheilah!

Mrs Pushy said...

I'm partial to Ruby and Ella. I love the name discussions. As for the Hubs and me, we've been trying to build our family for almost 5 years. Our list of names is now huge and changes almost daily!

I have returned to the blogging world. Click on my name and stop over!

Sam said...

Ooooo...Me likes Skyla!!! I hope she's from Kieren's SWI so we have an excuse to meet someday! (Kieren was in the first group to be adopted from JiangCheng District SWI, Yangjiang City, Guangdong, China.)

Obsess away! It's good for you. Everyone needs a hobby!!! (Mine is driving hubby crazy AND punishing my children!)

Sam @ Just Keep Swimming