"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Monday, 12 November 2007

Her Name

T used her name tonight! (Mini's name!!! Just in case you thought he was calling his girlfriend's name out, in his sleep!) Yes - I am excited!!! We actually had a "civilised" name conversation at the dinner table - and the consensus is the kids love the name we've (that should probably read I've) settled on! T admitted he wasn't completely won over, but within the hour he was even making up nick-names for her!!!

Ahhh - it warms the cockles of my heart! (I'm not sure which warms more... the fact that he was making up cute nick-names... or that I've "won"!) hehehe! T pretty well chose our 2 children's names, and I agreed on them (although, I'm still not into H's middle name, which is a family name on his side)... so I figure it's about time I got to pick one?!! The good thing is, now that we have children, they can have a say (as long as it sides with me!) and MAJORITY RULES!

I've had 2 dreams now, that we have a son! Yikes! Here's a few names I've been pondering on:
Wil (T's Grandfather was Wilfred, not into that, but don't mind Wil! ~ I'm playing the "family tradition" card!!!)
Luke (already have one in the family though)
Jarrad (I don't even know how to spell it - is it ed or ad?) Maybe I should stick with Ben?!!

OK, let me have it - which ones do you like, which ones should be scratched?


Ava's family said...

I LOVE the name Aiden! Jeff has a brother named Ben and a brother named Aaron...That's nope and double nope for me! =)

Shannon said...

Evan, Wil and Quinn. All of those little guys will need a closet makeover though

Debz said...

I like Aiden and Quin. I'd have to confess if it were me I'd be more happy that I "won"!!!

cougchick said...

firstly, I think Jarrod is the spelling.

I'm digging Aiden, but I'm partial to Luke since that's my oldest's name. Not Lucas, Luke. It drives him nuts when people call him Lucas.

Actually, I'm liking several of your choices. I can't decide...

Janet said...

I love: Wil, Evan,Jay, Ben, and Aaron. Many of them are nice!!!

amy said...

Love all of those. Luke and Andrew are my 2 favorites right now

kris said...

Quinn, Aiden I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Quin by far my fave (is it one or 2 n's?? Or just a preference?).