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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Summer is comin!

Its been over 30 degreesC (86F) for a week now, and by next Tuesday it'll be up to 39C! (102F) We're visiting the cousins on Sat, course we're going to see them... the fact that they've got a huge swimming pool... well that's a bonus! Conversations of warm weather should always find its way back to the discussion of shoes...

Just had to own these when I saw them in the shop a couple of days ago ~ of course, I never pay full price, so $16 was a bargain!

Warm weather, obviously lends itself to spending more time outside as well. Specially since it doesn't get dark til about 9! Miss M, is a Girl Guide, and part of her responsiblity as a Guide is to do certain things to achieve badges. She's done really well, and has about 8 badges, from a year of being a Guide! This week she wants to get her "Pet" badge, so she set about giving Chewy Dog a bath!

H thought he'd help by feeding him Schmacko's to encourage him to sit still! Chewy just LOVES Schmacko's, and if you've seen the adverts with the dog singing and doing all sorts of things to earn a Schmacko - that's our dog! We call it Doggy Crack!

The kids are home from school today, as they have their school concert tonight. It was my choice to keep them home, the school is open to take the kids, but H's teacher thought it'd be a GREAT idea if he had a quiet rest day at home!!! Gotta love that?!! She's right though, as we near the end of each term, H slowly loses the plot. It starts by a few tears when I leave in the morning (which is VERY unlike him), to whining non-stop as soon as I pick him up, and I've learned he does this all day, too! I can only put it down to the fact that he plays hard = he crashes hard! Last year, at Miss M's concert H was asleep on the floor by 8pm! I'm hoping he doesn't do that this year - as he's actually IN the concert!!! Oh, I've diverted a long way off what i was going to say! (surprise, surprise!) While M is home, she's vaccuuming my car! (of course, $$ are the motivation!) Who knows maybe she can convert it into a Guide badge as well?!!
Who would've thought, I didn't think I had very much to say, today?!!


Julie said...

Cute shoes!!!!!

Lisa, Doug & Briana said...

Love the shoes! So cute! Fall is here in the states and winter is comin'! Brrrrr!

Catherine said...

Hope the concert went well.

Great shoes!!

Love the fact that your summer is a coming. Will live vicariously through you.

Doris & Dan said...

Loving the snazzy sandals!!

Keep smilin!

Made in China said...

Wow, great shoes!! You are so lucky to have summer now! We're already into the winter coats, hats, boots, etc. My son is anxiously awaiting the outdoor ice rink!!! :o)

Janet said...

I love the shoes. And I'm totally jealous that you get SUMMER now. It's just plain cold up here.

My sister was a girl guide and was always getting one badge or another. I was never much into it. Too much camping for moi.

Debz said...

Awsome shoezies!

ugggg! Winter is on it's way here. We have had a few flakes but nothing has stayed yet. Hope you have lots of sun shiney days ahead.

Chelley said...

hehehe money is always a good motoivation!!

Santa is working well in our house as well!!

NICE Shoes! And even BETTER bargin!

Shannon said...

Cute shoes and nice Pedi! Can't believe the kids stay home before the performance. Understandable in H's case, though! Please send M. my way as Bernie & Gracie need a bath horribly!! The way my girls react when they hear the word bath could help earn her three badges! =)