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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Off and Racing

Well the big race finally arrived this week... and I'm now, officially, a Race Car Driver's Wife!!! Or as others like to put it, a Trophy Wife (I get to dust the Trophies)!!!

OK, there isn't a trophy, but he DID finish (unscathed) and he did get a silver medal! (no, he wasn't second either!) I'm not sure what his final position was, somewhere in the 30s I think... out of 160 - that's pretty darn good, I reckon!

Here's the low-down. Its a four day, road race. The racers drive on normal street roads (in traffic etc), to get to a "stage". The Stage is a blocked off part of a road (usually in hills, all windy, as in corners/curves, not as in lots of wind!) Each stage only takes about 5-10 mins to race. The racers have the entire road to themselves, and can go as fast as they like. Once they finish the stage, they get their time, then drive to the next stage (this is called the "transport" stage). Drivers come from all over Australia, and we even had some New Zealand entries - it's a good way to showcase our beautiful state, and see some gorgoues country.

It was T's first time ever, doing any kind of competative racing, I'm proud-as, he's amazing. I love you Sweet Cheeks!

And I forgot to mention, we're off to a fancy schmancy dinner in about 15 minutes... I'm dressed to kill, hopefully get a pic, so you can all swoon!


Anonymous said...

wow, that sounds like fun!!! can't wait to see you all dressed up... linda

cougchick said...

How exciting! What a stud.

Janet said...

Congratulations to ....ahem...."Sweet Cheeks". (cough)

And I can't wait to see you all gussied up! :-)

Chelley said...

Woohooo! how super cool is he!

Even looks the part!

how long before he is doing Bathurst!

rubyiscoming said...

how exciting - wanna see your photos now :)

Shannon said...

Have a fun night out!

Doris & Dan said...

Good stuff! Hope you had a fun time.

Keep smilin!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Seems like it would be fun. I just went to the Turkey Rod Run in Daytona at the Speedway... never thought I would get into 'old' cars... must be married life. Not long until I get home... I do miss Australia... ahhh

Shannon said...

4 inch stilettos? Yowza! You dress to kill! A trophy wife indeed! =)