"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Well... I'm breathing, does that count?!! All was well. I started out in a very cranky mood - I think the "rush" of the week piled on top of me on Sunday... and I was stressed about having extra bodies, needing me every 5 minutes. By the afternoon, I'd relaxed, the kids left me alone, and all played really well together. A friend also called in for lunch, and my folks called in for a coffee in the afternoon! (did I mention that Mr T was out all day, he had business stuff to attend to!!!) The kids finished the evening watching Karate Kid 1 & 2 - in their beds (5 matresses lined up across the family room floor!) The youngest 3 were asleep half way through the first movie, and the older 2 watched the 2nd one and wanted to watch KK 3!

I thought I'd have a nice easy week, this week, as we lead up to "the big trip"... no such luck. Have something booked in every day! I thought today would be a quiet one, with a trip to the shops to get some last minute, medicines & cosmetics (and those tiny travel bottles), and make a meal for a family at Church that has just had a baby. But my SIL rang at 1045am, and suggested we switch our movie date, which was scheduled for Thurs, to this afternoon! Holy cooking-frenzy Batman, I haven't even started making the meal, and they live about 25 mins away! So, I put my butt into gear, whipped to the shops to get the ingredients I needed. Threw it together - and had it made in 20 mins! I even impressed myself! Apricot Chicken, rice and vegies.

(oh, talking about cooking, Jodie hoho asked how much 90g is - I have no idea how much is in your "stick" so I'll convert it to lbs/oz for you... 90grams = 3.17 ounces or .198 of a pound) online conversion - is a fantastic site, I use it all the time for all sorts of conversions - bookmark it!

We're seeing Ni.ms Island (with J Foster) - it looks really good.

Now I have Thursday free... I wonder what I can squeeze into that day?!!

6 more days ~ the kids are packed, haven't started on our gear yet, most of it is either in the washing or ironing pile! Bummer... looks like washing & ironing will be my treat on Thursday?!!

Oh yeah - I scared myself half to death yesterday! I was typing up our itinerary (as I've planned the whole trip myself, booking everything online). I thought we were leaving Hong Kong on Mon 5 May and arriving home on Tues 6 May... our flight itinerary said we leave Sun 4 May and arrive home on Mon 5 May!!! Holy cow! We would've missed our flight!!! I'd booked our Dis.neyland Hotel for Mon 5 May as well. We've decided to keep the booking, that way we can use the room, right up until we need to go - as we don't fly out til midnight! I HOPE everything goes ok... I'm starting to doubt my powers of organisation!!!


Chelley said...

I am sure that your trip will come together all fine!!!

its porb good that you have so much to keep you busy before you leave! Otherwise you would have more time to worry!!

Sending your ironing to me I do a busket for $20!

3D said...

It will be a great trip! Take things as they come and you will manage it all.

Keep smilin!

kris said...

Damn woman you INSPIRE ME. I CAN get stuff done. And fast. You're like a genius multi-tasker!!

PIPO said...

Woohoo...glad you caught that little itinerary debacle. Now, everything else must be perfectly stress-free for your trip ;0)

I am so impressed. That sounds like a quite yummy meal to whip up in no time. There's a time when I would give up DIY and be picking up the phone...for carryout!

Ewe are amazing and I'm sending you a wooly good wish for a trip that does not see you being fleeced.