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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Whirlwind Week!

Man O Man! What a week! Can you believe that I haven't posted for a whole week?!! I can't! I haven't even had a chance to leisurely sit, and read my fav blogs this week. (ok, I snuck in a couple, while I drank my cuppa tea for breakfast - but thats it!)

Monday started out with work, and my parents came for tea and stayed the night, as Mum was heading interstate first thing Tues morning. Dad stayed the entire week, as he's just had his gall bladder out, and needs someone to look after him! (he'd probably be fine on his own... but I felt sorry for him, and asked him to stay!)

Tues, I started at school in uniform shop, then collected the kids and headed to the dentist. It was H-man's first trip (I'm a terrible Mum... the kid is 6!) - his teeth are perfect... maybe I'm not so terrible after all? Miss M (who's been to the orthodonist a couple of times) was also given the clean bill of healthy teeth, but with the possibility of braces at around age 12. Me... the abcess that has been coming and going since November last year - is apparently the result of an infection in a tooth. He thinks the nerve is dead (which I thought was good... no pain!!!) he didn't think it was so good - so I'm booked in for a root canal when I come back from China... something to look forward to - NOT! Have I ever mentioned my petrified fear of the dentist? He cleaned my teeth (if you call cleaning - grinding, picking, scraping and hacking at my teeth) - I think I sweated 2 buckets of sweat!

Wednesday, was payday. 5 hours of processing and paying employees. I hate payday. We had a late basketball game (515pm) after school, then had to fly home, as I had a dinner date with the Grade 5 Mums at a Japanese Restaurant. I've never eaten Japanese food before. Not a big fan of fish - let alone, RAW fish!!! But, I went there with my "experiment" hat on, and tried everything that came out - even raw fish! Actually, I had raw squid. Can't say it really had a flavour, and it wasn't as chewy as I thought it would be. My favourite thing was the "traditional japanese pancake" - a thin pancake base, with a rice concoction on top with some finely shredded seaweed and lettuce with a dribble of bbq sauce on top - it tasted way better than it sounds or looked!!!

Thursday was stocktake day at the uniform shop at school. I had to count every single item in there. Just to give you a taste of my counting - Girls navy winter socks 104 pairs. Yep - it was a blast.

Friday, do final banking for the term, for uniform shop. Then off to the hairdressers to get a cut and colour. Far out - it was looking like a real disco ball up there!!! Came away nearly 3 hours later feeling like a movie star! Must've looked like one too, coz heaps of people commented on my great hair at the end of term assembly at school! I did my final tally on the stocktake, and faxed it off. Mum flew in from interstate, and they stayed for tea.

Saturday - I didn't even get to sleep in! H-man had a birthday party at Maccas about 20 mins from home - at 9am! We got home around 12, and I cracked the whip on the kids (*not literally!) and got them "thoroughly" cleaning their rooms. They pulled everything out from under their beds, and pulled everything off their shelves! Sorted, and ended up filling up our huge bin, full of a thousand pieces of paper!!! Mr T vaccuumed through, while I was baking "honey joys" and cupcakes for our cake stall, at Church tomorrow. I cleaned the bathrooms, did about 6 loads of washing, cooked tea.... and here I sit.

Ahhhh.... my back hurts (among other things).

Here is my 3 word Sunday pic -

... I'm babysitting 5 extra kids tomorrow (and they're sleeping over)... I don't know if I'll survive, so I'm posting it a day early. Although I've been flat-out with so many other things... Mini is never far from my thoughts.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Don't worry... I really HATE the dentist... have been banned from 3 in my life... I bit their fingers... as for those who are not Aussies... the word 'Maccas' is in fact McDonalds...(I bought the DVD 'Puberty Blues' off Ebay the other day... just had to have a flashback... hehehe) take care

Made in China said...

OMG I'm exhausted just from reading about your week!!

I feel for you regarding the dentist bit - I sweat so much I practically slide off the vinyl chairs!

Here in Montreal McDonalds is McDo (mic - doh) and they serve a local favorite - poutine (fries with gravy and curd cheese) - just thought I'd throw in that fun local fact! :o)

PIPO said...

Good thing to keep whirlwind busy. It keeps you out of trouble and stifles the interest in sheep shagging ;0)

Alyson & Ford said...

Can you squeeze in any more activities? I would be calling for a strike!! Working full time with kids seems to agree with you - It will be a challenge for me since I have never had children living in our home.
Thanks for all your wonderful comments!!
Happy Sunday (if you survive the babysitting!!).

Alyson LID 01/27/06

rubyiscoming said...

Eek -- good luck with sleepover night with the extra kiddos! I think my mom aged 10 yrs every time we had a sleepover when my sis and I were little - haha

Jodie Ho-Ho said...

Holy Smokes, Woman! You've been B.U.S.Y!! Those Honey things look interesting, how much is 90grams of butter, a half a stick?

I have TOTAL fear of the dentist as well. Everytime I do go--it's bad news. I have a empty spot where an implant was supposed to go, but I chickened out! It's a molar in the back so nobody can see it...

Jenn said...

Yep, I'm tired too from reading your post! I bet you can't get to China soon enough!!!

Debz said...

Busy, busy girl!
Just think 6 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope your dad is feeling better.

Debz said...

Oh and ps.
Not a fan of dentists either, mine catered to my cowardness at my root canal and I never felt a thing......it's the needle that gets me first thing....I should be taking oragel with me! ;O)

Briana's Mom said...

Eeeeekkkk! Root canals are no fun!

Love your three words!

You have been a busy girl!