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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Q&A ~ China Holiday

I thought I'd answer a few questions asked in the last post - comments. (whether you want me to or not!!!)

From Chelley: Have you started packing with your new swish suitcaes?? No... we're only packing 3-4 outfits each... I figure that won't take long!

Hows your feelings about being in China knowing that you are so very close to your little one! Trying not to think about it, it'd send me crazy if I dwelled on where she might be, and how old she might be etc... we'll know in due time. This is purely holiday trip. (at least that's what I keep telling myself, until I think about it being our child's "birth country"!)

The tours that you are doing this trip you wont do again when you go next time??? No, probably not. Australians don't tend to go through Beijing, as it's at the top of China, and we're kind of, under China! And I desperately want to see the Great Wall. We'd only see the Terracotta Warriors if Mini was from Xian. And we're not taking the kids on the "Mini" trip, so we wouldn't bother with Disneyland. One place we know we'll definitely visit on the "Mini" trip, is Shanghai, so I purposefully, left that off our itinerary this time.

From Pu.g Mama: btw, can't you grab a kid while you are over in China? while you're at it, grab me one too!!!! You certainly aren't the first person to suggest this!!! Somehow, I think that might affect our chances of being seen as "responsible, eligible, good parents"?!!! I reckon, they'd notice the big lump, under my shirt (or heaven forbid if I tried to stuff one down my pants?)!! **I am kidding people... just incase you fancy ringing my social worker** I am happy to wait. Tell a lie, I'm not happy about it, but we will wait!

From Anonymous (who I'm pretty sure is my friend J?!): Hope you plan on blogging your trip! ?

I don't think this was really asked as a question, more of a demand, but I'll answer anyway! I wasn't going to take my laptop, but most of the Hotels were booked into, have internet, so I'm considering trying to squeeze it in. Then we'd have a dvd player and I could blog/fiddle when we're sitting around doing nothing (which btw, isn't scheduled on any day!!!) Plus I have a "thing" about downloading photos off my camera. I hate having heaps of photos on there... its my pet hate. I download daily, usually. I mean, what if someone steals your camera - then you've lost all that good stuff.

On a completely different note:

I bought these fancy new shoes about a month ago (actually I bought them for myself for my birthday). They are fancy "Stegmann" German Made shoes. They are 100% leather, and even smell like leather! Apparently they're a "special" brand, my neighbour "oooo and ahhhh" when she saw the brand. They were on special, I thought they were funky, I bought them. Anyway, even when I tried them on briefly in the store, they rubbed on my heels. I tried wearing them with bandaids on my heels... ouch, still killed me. Today I wore them again with bandaids and socks (ewww....) it certainly isn't a look I would normally go for, but I have to break them in, coz I bought them solely to wear in China! (pun intended!)

I think I made progress today. They did rub a bit, but didn't give me a blister. Maybe I should wear them around the house with Mr T's big thick work socks on?!!! Nice. I really like em. THEY WILL BE COMFORTABLE, DAMN IT!!!

(It was 14 degreesC (57F) in China today... I hope it warms up a little before we get there... 20 more days!)


Emma said...

i hope you manage to break the new shoes in before you leave! otherwise, grab yourself a pair of skechers for your trip - so comfy!

hey my parents are heading to china some time soon and going to Xian and the Great Wall in Beijing etc. I'll have to find out what dates they're going!

Chelley said...

Really do you want someone to carry your bags???

Sorry that I asked so many questions.......

At least when you are in China you can test if you can blog there!!

AND YOU CANT leave us all hanging can you?????

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Have fun on your trip. Hope you get those shoes broke in. There is nothing worse than shoes that hurt your feet cause when your feet hurt... it seems everything hurts. :0(

M3 said...

I have such wimpy baby feet that if a shoe doesn't feel great the second I put it on, it never even gets the chance to come home with me. So many beautiful shoes left in the store... :-)

If you need any help packing that laptop, just yell. I *need* updates. Heehee.

Lisa and Tate said...

Okay.. if you are bring home Ava for P. mama, then you MUST bring home Tate for me!

I think you are so wise to do this holiday in China. The closer we get to referral and travel, the more unsure I am about going to Beijing before Family Day. I toy with the idea to head over just to do the Beijing and Xi'an trip. Cause I work for an airline, I can just hop a flight for free....

Good luck with those ADORABLE shoes!!!


Janet said...

Those are cute shoes!! I ALWAYS get blisters from new shoes, doesn't matter what kind they are! Sniff sniff. Feel sorry for me? :-)

rubyiscoming said...

shoes are DARLING but if they don't break in, I swear by my Danskos when travel-walking.

Your trip will be FANTASTIC - enjoy every minute :)


Anonymous said...

try rubbing the stiff part with rubbing alcohol. i just read about this.

Special K said...

You sound like me... stubborn. I'm determined that if I like the shoes..they WILL fit. Good luck!

PIPO said...

Yeah...but if there is a poor, squirming lump in your pants! Advice: just DON'T sit down.