"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Saturday, 19 July 2008

3 Word Sunday

Well, I must be doubly blessed - coz not only do I have wonderful friends, I have wonderful family too! Surprise, Surprise - this week was chaos! Apparently I wouldn't live my life, any other way???!!! Mr T, though very busy with work, home late, and out early - still manages to do everything I ask. And my kids - well, they are just gems! Yesterday I had them dusting, washing glazed plant pots, cleaning the kitchen, dusting blinds, tidying their rooms and the family room ~ all this work, for a measly $2!! They never even complained! H-man, came into our room at 730 this morning, declaring he'd just done "Poo Patrol" all by himself. (*poo patrol, is what we call it when you pick up the dog poo in the backyard!*) Miss M is sposed to do it - as Milo is her puppy... and definitely the biggest supplier of poo!!! I can't wait to be living on our new acreage... surely we won't need to do poo patrol?!!!
On that lovely note, I better be off, my office still looks like a hurricane has just swept through!


Chelley said...

But with more room to move and poo there is more chance of more cats dogs horese

snakes errrrreewwww

Are you going to auction or sale?

Briana's Mom said...

You have such a sweet family!

Mari Carmen said...

I live in canary island, we are adopting in china our LID es 5 de september 2006. you havea sweet family es maravillous.very very kiss for your family.

Janet said...

Great picture, and even better three words!!!!

Linda said...

Love the picture!! I hope you enlarge this and frame it for your new home. It takes a special Mom to have kids that will work for 2.00... Pat yourself on the back!!! Linda

Shannon said...

Beautiful picture of a beautiful family!

I would totally pay H. $2.50 to do poo patrol at my house. A big ol' raise! Tell him to hop on over! =)

Gen said...

Such a cute pic!

I'm still catching up with all the blogs and life in general :)

I sure have missed out on a lot!

Sean and Lana have poo patrol since I take care of everything else...and that's ok w/ me