"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Monday, 28 July 2008


Sounds like "Change" is the theme of the season?!! It's certainly happening around here... and as I read my fav blogs - it's happening all round the world!

So tell me... how many of you have decided to change your baby's name, from the one you'd picked out when you started? (heaven knows, our name changed 3 or 4 times!!!... and look out! could easily change again!) I'm not asking for you to spill the beans, just tell me if yours has changed!

A note on our changes:
The whole "keep your house immaculate for open inspections" is wearing incredibly thin... and we're only 2 weeks in!!! Yikes!!! We only had a handful of groups through last weekend, so the agent wants to have a mid week open. Yeah, great. Coz I've got nothing better to do, on a freezing winter's evening, than take my 2 kids and 2 dogs out for an hour?!! He's only doing 2 of these, before our auction. I think I'd claw his eyes out, if he suggests more. I'm not sure, where I'll go... maybe I'll just drive round the city, with the heater going flat out in the car, for an hour? But for the price of fuel... it's a pretty expensive exercise!!!

Lord, Grant me patience.... QUICK!!!

If there's one thing this "wait" for our daughter, has taught me...

OK, I'll be honest... I've learnt nothing!


Janet said...

LOL! At least you're honest! LOL!

I know how hard it is to haul kids out of the house just so someone can walk in to look at it. ARG!!!!!!

Sam said...

Didn't change the kidlets names, but I keep threatening to change mine and move to another country!!! 29 days until school starts!!!!

The open house thing really bites! Good luck. You are welcome to hang out here, but it would cost you more than the price of gas for your car!!!

Catherine said...

Keeping the house 'open house ready' is a tough, tough job!! Hope it sells quickly!

Miss Hannah has been Hannah since a couple of days after deciding to adopt her and it won't change. I've been tempted to change her middle name a couple of times but I think it's going to stay too.

Looking forward to learning your sweet baby's name after her referral.

kris said...

I changed her name and my hair :)

Hang in there- I think you've learned way more than you realize!


Sometimes, you need to see your baby's pretty face to see who she really is and then the name is so much easier!! You are definitely normal. I can't seem to keep my home tidy two days after the cleaning lady has come with a two year old running around. (It is so not all her fault, but it is definitely a nice excuse when someone drops by the house) :-)
Good luck,

Shannon said...

Totally honest-You crack me up! I've learned nothing from the wait as well so they might as well bring on our kiddos! Keeping the place clean with the new puppy, too. What timing you have! =)

Lisa and Tate said...

I think one day of "clean house" would do me in and I do not have two kids and hubs to add to the mess.

As for name change??? I did not pick Tate.... it just came to me and I knew that this should be her (or in a rare case, his) name. I am toying with changing the middle name though.


Elisa. said...

Just going through the same thing...finding it hard to keep things nice..every time I turn around I see mucky finger prints on my patio doors or someones covering the sofa with chocolate etc!

PIPO said...

Well, not a complete change. I will just call her by her middle name. She will not be called Jadyn after all.

I was thinking...'Wooly' (Yes, I crack myself up).