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Friday, 11 July 2008

Hit the Ground Running!

Sounds all quite athletic, doesn't it?!! Getting the Olympic Spirit?!!! I'm not - no time to think about the Olympics!

Good grief it takes alotta effort to get a house ready for sale!!! It dawned on me the other day, that this is the first house, I've ever had to prepare for sale. We've owned one other house, but hubs got that in the settlement. Other than that, we've rented about 8 houses! But preparing your own house to sell, is another kettle of fish, entirely! The Agent said "declutter" - so I've basically scooped everything off the shelves and thrown them into a box. We decluttered the kids rooms - 3 garbage bags of broken or crappy toys were removed from H-man's room, and 6 garbage bags of paper were removed from Miss M's room!!! Miss M loves to draw and write things on a thousand tiny pieces of paper... Thank the Lord, she saw the light, and has decided she doesn't need all those tiny pieces of paper!!! Miss M also loves "knick-knacks", so even though her room was deemed "clean" - it still looked cluttered with all her keepsakes. So into the wardrobe they go! But don't open that wardrobe, call it'll all fall out!!!

I've got my bro and his wife staying with us, from interstate, which makes it interesting as far as keeping the house clean and tidy goes! Our "campaign" doesn't start til after they go... thank goodness! We still don't have anywhere to go... but the Agent, assures me, that its the best way to be, sell first - buy after. I said "Yeah! Coz you buy some crap-heap out of desperation!!!" So, if you're selling a crap-heap... we'll be in the market, shortly!


Julie said...

Sounds like you were productive! Keeping my fingers crossed that all your efforts get the house sold!

Sam said...

Awe! You posted a photo of my house! How nice! ;o)

Good luck with the clutter. I think it breeds at night when everyone goes to sleep!

Briana's Mom said...

Good luck! I hope the house sells quickly!

Rachel said...

Hmmm....well I have this great house in Indiana if you really need to buy something. LOL!

Janet said...

Your daughter sounds a LOT like MY daughter! With all the little pieces of paper everywhere! I hope your house selling goes quickly! Hang in there!

PS- That house you pictured looks so....cozy. :-)

Rosie said...
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