"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I'm Baaaaack!

OK, pics first... just in case you have better things to do than read my dribble! BUT there's a video at the bottom... I insist you see my clever girl in action!!!

Family in the baby pool (and my niece in red behind us!)I was crappin' myself in this photo!
Yippee! Hat Victory! She kept it on for five whole minutes!

On the slide with big cousin, Jake! She LOVED it!

Yay!!! I love my big sister!

I love my big brother... even though he let me slip under the water... (accidentally)!!!
Pick the monkey?!

Bali Baby!

3 little joeys jumping on the bed!

Ahhh... I'm exhausted! I think I need a holiday?!!!!

Bali was fantastic, as always. Tiny is just the best baby in the WHOLE WORLD. Really. I mean it. I'm not just saying that, coz she's my little chick... she really really IS!!! This girl, seriously, rocks our world!!! Bali was great, for all three kids to hang out together, 24/7. They all loved every minute of it! Miss M, is quite the Mother Hen! She even babysat (while Tiny was asleep, for a whole 20,000 rupia - AUS$3!!!) which in turn, gave me a good hour to two hours of shopping time!! WooHoo!!! It was just a really nice, chilled out holiday. The kids spent at least half of every day in the pool. We only did two "tourist" things, the Water Park across the road from the Hotel, and a Safari Park - both were fantastic!

I haven't had time to do many pics etc - I'll do a slideshow. But here's a couple for your delight, and I'll try and download a movie of Tiny walking on her own, which just happens to show the very first time she stands up on her own! For about a week now, she's been walking on her own, and walks more than she crawls now! She points to her nose and ear when asked "Where's your nose?" (or ear!). She knows her name. She knows Miss M & H-man. She cries for me (*insert proud Mummy smile here*) She sings "la-da-la-da-la" and wiggles her fingers... which is her cue for you to sing Twinkle Twinkle Star! She claps her hands when you sing "If you're happy and you know it".

Ahhh.... She's just so clever.... must get it from her Mother?!!

Here's the vid (please excuse my constant "proud Mummy encouragment!" - Lordie, I sound like a moron, when I hear myself!!!)


Pug Mama said...

look at her go!!!
ohhhhhhhhhhhh, mom - you are in trouble - she is mobile now!!
I love how she waved bye-bye at the end when you said "goodbye!"
the pictures are fantastic - the safari looked WONDERFUL!!!! (I have a bit of a monkey obsession)
Sounds like you had a beautiful time. You were missed!!!!

Briana's Mom said...

We definitely did miss you!

She is on the move! Good job!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like you had SOOOO MUCH FUN...
Love all the photos..
She is perfect.. they always say that they pick the perfect child for the perfect family.. and she is doing sooo well..
Have a relaxing week..yea right .. I know how that is with 3 kiddo's.
Glad you are back..

Linda said...

Welcome back!!! You have been missed. Love the pictures of the family. Everyone looks like they are having fun.. That video is great. She is on the move!!! Life will be forever changed.
Looking forward to next post with more ictures... Linda

Lisa~~ said...

Your girl is on the go!! Looks like you had a great trip and welcome home.

Ava's family said...

OMG, she is adorable! AND the walking video....Priceless!

Catherine said...

Way to go T!!

Glad you had such a great family vacay!! What a beautiful spot!

simply t said...

Awww, she's getting so big so fast! Look at her walking!!! What a sweetie~! Love the monkey pick, cuz well, I love monkey's!

Natalie said...

She is adorable. In fact your whole family looks awesome. What a fun, fabulous vacation.
Loved all the pictures.

AussieJenn said...

Your holiday sounds wonderful, perfect for family attachment (and relaxation!). My goodness you are a good looking bunch :)
btw you don't sound like a moron, you've got a lovely voice and just sound like a proud mum giving encouragement - keep sharing video and keep your voice in it I say! ;)
(gosh I've laid the compliments on thick today haven't I? But I do mean them.)

Special K said...

Sounds like a great vacay. And look at her walking. Wow! She's adorable. Love that little laugh. She looks really comfortable and happy. Like a perfect fit for your family. :)

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

looks like an amazing vaca!!!

lovin that video. my own sweet Maddy said.. 'owey" when she feel down at the end. then she said.. "she ok?" "tat hurts". :0)

amy said...

awesome pics. We just got back from China, but wanted to tell you we met an awesome couple there who were adopting and lived in Australia..Hope they stop by your blog soon

Lisa and Tate said...

Oh my gosh... she is sooooo precious! Loving the walking and the momma encouragement. SO cute!!!

Donna and Joe said...

I love the pic with the hat! Lauren wore her's for about 10 minutes at the zoo today and then off it went!

I swear, your Tiny Miss totally fits into your family. She looks like she's been with your other two kids from day one and they even look alike. So cute!

Donna :)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time. Sorry it has been a while since visiting... I have been busy life... it has been crazy...
Our turn is just around the corner... finally...

Chelley said...

Aww awww Awwww LVOE the family shot in the pool!!! its you guys all over!