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Monday, 2 March 2009

I'm not a shopaholic...

Call me "Imelda"! 12 pairs. (sadly, I didn't think this was excessive?!!!) Size One:

Size Two:

Size Three: (I didn't even ask to buy the red dress in this pic... yet it ended up in my bag... I'm sure I paid for it!!!)

Size Four:

OK. I AM a shopaholic. But its worth it.

For those about to go to China, (or are THERE) here's what I paid... you can probably get them cheaper? But I was happy with my purchases! (AUS$1 = 4.5 Yuan)
Traditional dresses - ranged from 35-15 Yuan, depending on quality (the sz 3 red one and sz 4 pale blue one, are definitely not as nice quality - they were only 15 Yuan - AUS$3.50)
Tu-tu with traditional top - 40 Yuan (but I reckon I paid too much!!!)
Boys "dragon" kung fu outfit - 60 Yuan (once again, probably paid too much?!!)
Shoes - ranged from 35-25 Yuan. Only a few are leather. Most leather ones were going for about 60 Yuan.
Chop (personalized marble carved stamp) - Medium size, in gift box with ceramic ink pad - 50 Yuan
Paintings - varied depending on artist, but I got my bright colourful ones for 50 Yuan each
Tee shirts - 15-20 Yuan
Tea set - 30 Yuan

Favourite Shops on Shamain Island - Jordons Place, Jennifers Place and Michaels Place. We got all our laundry down at Michael's Place - we got 50% off, a large bag of washing would cost about 60 Yuan, and you'd get it the next afternoon.

Favourite Shopping Jaunt in Shanghai - YU Gardens. Amazing. Wish it wasn't raining the two times we went!!!

Shopping regrets: Wish I'd bought a big painting for the house... but couldn't find the right one - I wanted something like cherry blossom. Wish I'd bought more small "traditional" souvenirs. They were all around AUS$3, I kick myself now. I still think - I didn't travel to China, to bring something back for everyone I know!!! Although- I guess, in a way I did... our daughter!!! (this is the only one I got yesterday! sorry... its the back of her head!!! I did think it was cute though, how she is consulting with her new teddy toy!!)

Lastly, I must send my hearty CONGRATULATIONS, to a wonderful lady, and friend (whom I've never had the pleasure of meeting!) PIPO. She finally got to hold her beautiful daughter in her arms, yesterday. "CONGRATULATIONS C - You will be an amazing Mummy -coz you're pretty darn fantastic, at just being you!!!" Isn't this the most gorgeous photo... I love how little C is staring up into her Mama's eyes!!!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I will come to you for advice when my turn comes around... Imelda you are!!! :)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You can help me also..
I can not wait to go shopping in CHINA..
Love all the shoes and dresses..
Have a great week..
And I am with you on Pipo and Pipa.. they are beautiful together..

Chelley said...

Hey I didnt think it was THAT bad!! consdiering you got all that and you were still underweight!! LOL

Love all the gear in the photos!!! Very cool!

Chelley said...

YOU won! check out my blog

cougchick said...

wow! Haven't checked in for a bit. Your pictures are fantastic. LOVE the shoes and I don't think you are a shopaholic in the slightest. Just a proud Momma from what I can see...
Congrats on getting back home and settling in.

Jenni said...

hi- great to see you all settled in. looks like the older kids have a new way to pass their time, with their little sister! Do they have an exemption from homework for a while?!
let me know when you're ready for coffee - or a casual catch up in the kitchen aisle of toys r us! lol
welcome home

Briana's Mom said...

Yes, you are a shopaholic. LOL! But you got some GREAT goodies though! There are still a few things I wish I had gotten now when I was in China, but I know when Briana is older that we will go back one day!

Jen said...

I'm joining the "not a shopaholic" club with you, because I think I bought more shoes than you! LOL! I bought a dress in every size to 18 I believe, and more than one in some sizes... tomorrow we must try to pack all our souvenirs up - scary!

Teresa said...

You're not a shopaholic. Every one of those shoes are NEEDED by your baby girl. Besides, you know a great deal when you see it!

Congratulations and welcome home to you and your Tari from S. California, USA

Deb in MT said...

Oh how I miss those adorable shoes! My favs are the red ones with the flowers across the strap...Anna had those same ones in bright green. Cute Cute Cute! Good job shopping!

Alyson and Ford said...

I am in agreement with you.. buy as much and more than you think you will need. We slighted some family members as we bought for some and not for others... our mistake! Buy, buy!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy