"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Friday, 6 March 2009

One Week

since we came home.

So how's life in a family of 5, I hear you ask?!

Here's some things I've noticed:
*you need to get up alot earlier when you have a baby in the house!
*Thank God for Grandma... who does all our washing EVERYDAY!
*I've had to come to terms with the fact, there are some super cute clothes, that will just never fit Tiny's weeny waist. (they'll be donated to a "fuller figured" beauty in our batch... love ya Z!)
*Tiny's volume has increased ten fold, since we came home (both her chatter, and her screamy/cry!)
*Having a business, that relies on me for certain things, having 2 kids at school, running uniform shop at school, all while juggling a wiggly baby ~ has proven difficult (and I'm not even "totally" running our household yet - my Mum has been a legend and helped me so much!)
*Tiny loves food. Especially Roast (thats the whole meal - meat, roast potatoes, and veg with gravy) - all mashed up... I reckon she ate as much as I did!
*I've lost 5kgs. Partly due to my gastro bout, but mainly because I feed Tiny, change her, put her to bed... and forget that I didn't eat lunch. Most days, I get to 4pm, and wonder why I'm so hungry - it's because I haven't eaten since the 1/2 a piece of toast at 730am!!!
*Tiny is sleeping a minimum of 10 hours a night - all the way through. She's not waking up at all anymore. Ocassionally she wakes at 430am, I go in to her. Hold her for about 2 minutes. Then put her back down, she has a whinge, and goes back to sleep. We're having trouble with the naps during the day though. Its all my fault! Tiny has always had a sleep right after breakfast, around 9am. But I'm still at school at 9am. Sometimes, she's fallen asleep in the car, going home. But most times, she's just skipping that sleep. I've also discovered, she won't go to sleep in the stroller, if I'm out. Well, she will.... but under protest, and after a long time of whinging, and wiggling. I think I'll just stay home for 2 years!!!

In a summary ~ Life is Good. Tiny is such a great baby. The kids adore her, and have been so helpful. They love to play with her - and especially love to walk her around the school yard, bragging to all their friends! Its busy. There is no doubt. Its different. That's for sure. But its wonderful.

I ordered a "Photo Book" of our China Trip, online, last night. I can't wait to get it.

I've just collated all our photos... all 600+ of them!!! (that's not including video - I still need to do that!)

I think I've finally come to the point, where I can say whole-heartedly
"She is definitely WORTH THE WAIT"!
To be honest, even after we received her allocation, there was quite a bitter taste in my mouth, because of the way our allocation was handled by our Agency. I was then worried, because I was so upset/angry, that I wouldn't be up for the challenge of raising our little girl? I prepared myself for the utter worse. Screaming for weeks. Rejection. Exhaustion. Sleeplessness.

But to my complete surprise, she is more beautiful and easy going, beyond my wildest dreams. I had a dream, very early on, in our process (I think it was in 2004). It was about the day, I met our daughter. In my dream, I felt a total "belonging" and sense of "this is MY child". Once again, not something I thought would really happen. But it has. From the second, I saw Tiny. My heart was overwhelmed, with MY daughter. She doesn't look Chinese to me. She looks like my daughter. She doesn't look like she wasn't born from me. She looks like my daughter. Her personality, IS US! Its uncanny.

All I can say is, I prayed ~ and God answered every prayer. God DID create this little girl ~ just for us.


a Tonggu Momma said...

About the excessive sleeping and eating... the Tongginator did that for almost a year. I think it's their little bodies just healing and growing stronger physically with all of the healthy food and exercise that they didn't necessarily have access to before.

Also... is she sweating a lot?

Jenn said...

First, I can't believe with all that you have going on that you found time to comment on my blog. What a sweatheart you are!

And next, when I saw your new photo with your THREE cuties next to your comment, I got a little teary. It's been such a long time. It's wonderful to see your dream come true!

I've been wondering how you have all been adjusting at home. To be honest, now that we are getting close, I'm starting to freak out about going back to baby duty. We've done it 4 times before, just not with such a large gap of 'freedom' in between. I know that it will be worth it. Hopefully, I remember what to do!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

sounds like things are settling in.

to the end of your post statement... all I have to say is... AMEN!!!! I too worried if I could like Maddy was "my" daughter and I sincerely do. I can't see our lives without her. I don't see "cute Chinese" when I look at her. I see my sweet little girl.

Linda said...

Great post. Happy that things are good with all the children. You will get in the grove again, Your lucky that your older ones like to take care of her.
Pretty amazing how these girls just seem to fit right in. Lauren does look more Chinese then Tari, but what we see is a beautiful smart, brave little one, with beautiful eyes that take in everything she see's and then tries to do it. She seems so smart and to know what we are saying. She is saying some words and did put together two words the other day..."I go" when we were getting out of the car. We were amazed. Oh how wonderful to be given such a gift as these beautiful children.... Linda

Lisa said...

I am so glad you are having a nice transition period. Glad to hear the kids are all getting along too! :)

"She doesn't look Chinese to me. She looks like my daughter." Preach it sister! I know what you mean!

Janet said...

I am so glad that things are going well for you! SO glad!

Adam ate and slept like that too. He just ate and ate and ate, I thought sometimes he would throw up! We had to stop him a bit because I think he thought that he wouldn't get a next meal. So I would give him a GENEROUS portion, then stop him. The doctor advised it for him. Plus, we had to give him a LOT of protein and a lot less carbs. He had a really big tummy from getting too many non-nutritional foods.

nikki in Guangzhou said...

It is so greatttt that everything goes well with everyone there!!

Enjoy your days and your family with Five!!!!

All the best!

scarlet said...

So glad to hear you are all adjusting to your new family member. I am the same with my daughter I dont see dark skin anymore, I just see OUR daughter. Having never had bio children I cant compare but I dont think I could love another child anymore than I do Priya.
Its great she is eating so well, 4 yrs on Priya still loves her food and hasnt slowed down much, she eats anything and everything I make..no fussyness here lol
Thanks for the updates and remember if you ever need anything just give me a ring,

Natalie said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. Yes, the children are really "yours" in every way. It is a miracle, but it's true. I am so glad your family is adjusting so well. I wish all the best for all 5 of you.

rubyiscoming said...

Beautiful post - I'm so very happy for you all :)

Deb in MT said...

I love the end of your post (describing how you don't even notice Tari is Chinese)...that is exactly how I've always felt about our 2 daughters...They are quite simply - our daughters. Period.


Perrin said...

Oh, so well said. What a thrill to see you and the baby so happy. I know exactly what you mean when you see them for the first time and they look like they belong. How great.

Shannon said...


Special K said...

Glad to hear you're settling in. She looks happy. And I know she was certainly worth the wait. :)