"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Sunday, 3 May 2009

All I do is scrapbook?

Quick update on family news: We are so busy!!! I'm slowly getting my head around, all that needs to be done each day, and prioritising certain days, to get certain things done. I guess its a start?! I've got so much bookwork to do, but I'm getting there. This week I started a "one sleep" a day routine, with Tiny. The first couple of days, she only slept just over an hour. She's getting better, I think the longest she slept was 2.5 hrs. (thats more like it!) Tiny has had a few tough days, this last week. She truly is an amazing little girl. Not sure what brought on the little tantrums, maybe it was the kids going back to school, after 2 weeks of holidays? I'm finally taking Tiny to the Paediatrician this week. That'll be fun, I'm sure!
Miss M had her sports day, on Friday. She did really well - didn't come first or anything, but did a great job anyway! It rained (again - it rains at her sports day, every year).
Before the kids go to sleep, I say prayers with them. H-man tends to have bad dreams, so he's taken to asking God for particular dreams! (ie. "Dear God, I pray that I dream about playing soccer and playing with my friends etc). Well the other night he prays "Dear God, I pray that I dream about my friends having a sleepover, and Miss H* (Hman's teacher), can sleep in that bed over there"!!!! (he has 2 beds in his room!) Oh gosh, took everything within me, not to pee my pants laughing.
OK, so you're probably thinking, all I do all day, is sit around scrapbooking?!!! Its not true!!! I do spend about an hour or so a day (more, if Mr T is out late) putting together special pages for my kids. I love the challenge of a blank page (and a new kit)!! Sometimes when I take a photo - I already know, what kit I'm going to use, to present that photo!!! Oooo - I got it bad, don't I?!!!
Well the juices most have been flowing on Thursday night (while Mr T was out late!) and I whipped up a few more pages!


Linda said...

Your pages are so great. I especially like the last one, so true.. I think scrapping is great, your kids will have such a beautiful book of beautiful memories.
Tari is getting so big and looking cuter and cuter. Your right, she probably misses the big kids.. Lauren loves to be with other kids and now just goes and joins right in. So great to see.
Keep up the great work... Linda

Janet said...

I love the pages too, and I think H-man's prayer was ADORABLE! Tee hee.

Julie said...


Special K said...

The pages look great. I need to learn how to do this one of these days.

Delvene said...

How do you do this digital scrapbooking? What do I need to get started? Please educate me!!! Im a South Aussie adopting from Ethiopia and would love to do this too.