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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pics of silliness on the train & Guangzhou

We stayed at the Guangdong Victory Hotel, for 2 nights when we returned to Guangzhou. It was the hotel we stayed in when we adopted Tiny in 2009! We stayed in the West Wing this time, it definitely had the softest beds in China! The rooms were small, but well equiped and the bathroom was recently renovated. Breakfast was great (more western than chinese) and the staff spoke good english! Oh! It was my birthday when we were there, so the staff brought me a little cake to my room (with candles! but we didn't have a lighter to light them!). Did lots of shopping for shoes and dresses on Shamian Island and went to Lucy's for dinner!
I took H-Man to Beijing Road to go shopping (poor Mr T had a pukefest the night before my birthday, so he chilled at the hotel with Tiny, who was very tired), I tried on a pair of converse high tops, that I was about to pay RMB59 for, but my gorgeous son, whipped out his money and bought them for my birthday! We went to Pizza Hut for lunch, and he whipped out his money, and paid for lunch as well!!! Its nice to know our training is paying off!!! He is such a sweet heart!
Next and final stop (in China): Beijing

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Catherine said...

Happy belated Birthday! What fun to return to a place that holds such precious memories!