"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

We're back!

So sorry we couldn't access blo.ger while we were in China!
We had a fabulously exhausting time! We stayed in most places 3 days, before moving on to the next adventure! Everything we saw was fantastic.
We visited the Pingyuan SWI. Amazing. The Director is a lovely man, who genuinely cares about what he's doing, as do the Ayi's. After an interesting banquet put on by the Director, he offered to take us to Tiny's finding place.
What can I say but WOW! I still well up with tears, thinking about it now! Its funny how from reading the report, I had imagined what the place would be like... it was very different! I expected it to be near the city or a very public place, but it was in quite a remote rural area. I'll tell you how it all progressed... the director hopped in the van, and after driving further and further away from the city, he eventually asked the driver to pull over, and he'd ask for directions. He walked up the driveway, of a pretty ram-shackled little house, and started talking to someone in the front rice paddy / garden. A little lady emerged from the garden and talked with the Director for awhile. The Director motioned for us to get out of the van, and come over. Our guide spoke with the Director for a bit, then looked at us with an odd look on her face, and said "This is the Auntie that found your daughter".
Oh my. (my stomach still drops, and I still cry, when I think about it!). We are still in absolute awe and amazement, that we actually met this wonderful lady. Without her, we wouldn't have our daughter. Without her, our daughter most likely would've died. She was quite beside herself to see Tiny again. She even waved peopled down off the street as they rode past on their bicycles! Our guide said everyone in the village/area knew of Tiny because she was such a small newborn. She was just so so happy.
Absolutely incredible.
I booked our trip "solely" because the airline released a new route, and had cheap flights. We always intended on going back, but we thought we'd wait til Tiny was about 5-8 years old. You know... it's funny how you do things, because you think it's "your" good idea... turns out God was the mastermind?!!! We were meant to be in Pingyuan on 14 March 2012! Just the say as Tiny's Guardian Angel, walked along that road, on 30 September 2007.
Pics from our trip in posts below!


Catherine said...

Oh wow!!! Just reading this beautiful post took my breath away and gave me 'God bumps!!' You are SOOO blessed (as you know so well) to have met the precious lady who found your Tiny!! What an amazing day for both of you!

Kelliinportland said...

wow- this is just amazing! How very lucky for you! I can't wait to go through your photos and see your trip!!! How amazing to meet Tiny's finder- how incredibly amazing!

Polar Bear said...

Welcome Home!

I've loved looking at all of your pictures, but this story is PRICELESS!!! What a special piece of Tiny's story you have!