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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pics Pingyuan

I'm not going to show all my pics of Pingyuan, particularly the SWI etc, as the Director was so gracious to allow us to take pics etc, for Tiny's record. I don't want to exploit his grace. If your child is from the SWI, please email me, I'm happy to chat and send you the pics I have, for your child's information.
Main Road, driving into Pingyuan City.
Pingyuan SWI building. Only 3 of the rooms in this building are for the children.
Small garden at the rear of the buildling. We have a couple of pics of Tiny, sitting on a blanket on the lawn, when she lived here.
Tiny next to her bed. A tiny baby boy, now occupies this bed. He came to the SWI in January this year.
This is Mr T with a 5 year old girl, whose paperwork is with the Govt. now, she is waiting for a family. She was facinated with Mr T! She is very little like Tiny, but is pretty clever, she was mimicking lots of things we were saying! If you'd like more info - please email me!
Local area of Pingyuan:

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