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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Tax Time

Wow! Our holiday, must have weaned me good, from my incessant blog reading!!!

I've finally found a bit of "quiet time" to see what's going on in blogland! First up, I must give a shout out, and huge hugs to Colleen and Jim, who are packed and ready to go to China, to meet the ever so sweet Hannah, but Copper, their beautiful dog, has lost his fight with cancer. I'm so sorry, Guys.

I've been working mega hours, to get all our books up to date, because, here in the fair land of Oz, it's "Tax Time". The 30th June, marks the end of the financial year. A million reports must be printed, employee's tax certificates must be printed, etc etc (I'm sure you get the drift). Urgh. I hate it. Actually I hate tax, more than anything in the whole world. It just sucks. The stinky taxman earns WAY more from our business, than we could ever dream of making.

(climbing down from soap box...)

I got to thinking... if it's the 30th of June... that means it's nearly referral time again!!! WOO HOO! It's come round so quick this month, as we've been away, June has just disappeared! So, to my very special friends J&C... I hope you see your sweet baby girl's face in the next week or so!!! Absolutely EVERYTHING is crossed for you guys!!!

Oooo, and I got a new laptop! It's so sexy! It's a HP, and its all black and shiny!!! That's another reason I've been off-line... trying to get it all set up. Think it's a happn'n thing now. It has to be better than the last piece of crappola that I had (still have, but not using. It's retired.)


kris said...

If I weren't so busy digging a hole of debt in camera equipment, I'd be purchasing a laptop. I'm tired of sitting in this one room all the time. Since it's where I spend most of my time reading blogs.. :O)

amy said...

Crossing my fingers for your friends and I cant wait to see all the referrals..

a sexy laptop? woohoo!

Stacy said...

How exciting a new laptop. Isn't it funny what we get excited about now a days. Ten years ago shoes, handbags, and make-up - today digital cameras and laptops. I guess we are growing up. ;o)

Hope you get through this tax season.
Have a GREAT weekend.

Melissa said...

new laptop - cool!!! or should I say sexy!

C.J. said...

Woohoo to the new lapalicious!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

I would love an new light weight lap top....I am so envious!

Yeahhhh and referrals are coming!!!