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Thursday, 5 July 2007

The latest...


OK, so the latest gossip around the traps, is that CC*AA have allocated up until the 14th Nov 2007. Crap, only 7 days. BUT, it is absolutely fabulouso news for my friends who were logged in on the 11th! They are in! Of course, you can never count your chickens until they arrive in the mail... but I'm celebrating anyway!!!

7 days. Geez Louise. We have 99 days, (between 14 Nov 2005, and 22 Feb 2006 - our Logged In Date)... making our approx wait = 14 months. If they start allocating 10 days per month, we get down to only 10 months. 15 days per month, lands us at 6.5 months. It's incredible what a difference only a couple of days can make. I was still really hoping for a Christmas referral... I know things can change, but recent events have proven things lengthen.

Maybe I should start planning our next family holiday?!!! That seemed to be a fantastic distraction, and sure did make the time fly!

I went to Uni today! (University). Ooo... I did feel very clever, young and funky!!! haha! I was invited to a talk on the Great Wall of China, spoken by the Curator of a Great Wall of China Museum exhibition, currently showing in Melbourne. It was really interesting. Here are a few facts that I picked up:

* It took 2,000 years to build the Great Wall

* It isn't one wall, but several walls, built by different Provinces for different reasons

* You cannot see it from the Moon

* Alot of Chinese people don't like the Wall, as many of their ancestors were forced to build it and died.

* It isn't all built out of brick and stone. Some parts are made from a sandy cement mix, made with local sand

* In 1987 it was Heritage Listed, you cannot remove any part of the wall, or you will be fined thousands of dollars

* Just a few weeks ago, a coal company pulled down a part of the wall, so their trucks didn't have to drive around it.

She showed some great photos, and the exhibition people have released a book about the Great Wall.

I can't wait to see the Great Wall, in "real life"! I'd love to see the Terracotta Warriors too... but we'll see how much time we have. China is so rich in history... I love it!


kris said...

Nice history facts- thanks for sharing.

And here's to PRAYING for some 'surprise' bigger matches in the future. Seeing as I'm logged in only in April this year... ouch to YOU having to wait 14 more months!! I probably have 33 more to go!

Melissa said...

wonderful facts, thank you.
Not going to comment about the CCAA.

Lisa and Doug said...

Thanks for sharing the facts on the Great Wall! So interesting!

I hope the CCAA moves faster soon.

Catherine said...

Interesting stuff about the Great Wall.

It's still such a long way to referral but congrats on moving from triple digits into doube! Oh yah...that's are reason to celebrate!

amy said...

Love the blog and hope more days are done each month..I will always hop!

Jenn said...

Sounds like a great presentation-thanks for sharing.

As far as CCAA goes,no matter how I figure, with a March 2006 LID I keep coming up with a May 2008 referral and travel in July. I think that once they start referring December, we'll have a better idea of what to expect. Hang in there!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Wow those are some interesting facts. So did the coal company get fined?

The only good news for us reguarding the CCAA is that we are in the review room finally.:O)

Shannon S said...

Sounds like a very interesting lecture. Thanks for sharing.

Janet said...

For your next family holiday you should go to...CANADA!!! It's not so far away.....:-)

Made in China said...

Good stuff to know!! Happy for those that made the cutoff sad for those still waiting ...

C.J. said...

Ohhh...I love the history too! Did that coal company get a fat fine???

I hate to say it but I think we'll be referred in April and may be looking at that wall in early summer.

C'mon - prove me wrong on the GOOD side.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for sharing those neato facts. As for the wait time, i have no comment =(

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I too would LOVE to go to see the TerraCotta Warriors. I have wanted to see those for as long as I can recall... sorry I haven't dropped in sooner. Oh and so you know... I stole your Aussie blinkies... I just love those to death... it was funny seeing pictures etc of Surfers again... haven't seen that in the longest time either. We were in Adelaide once... I really liked it but then I love Sydney too... Love Fliss