"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Weekend over already?!

3 word Sunday...
My wonderful relaxing weekend is over already?!! We had some very good friend's over for tea last night. And Mr Ts sister over this arvo... so it feels like I didn't really have a weekend at all?!! Back to work tomorrow... joy.

I'm still searching for my next car. I think I've settled on the Hon.da Ody.ssey. Every one I've enquired about, has already been sold... must be good cars, right?! I've had enquiries on my car, so hopefully that'll be gone in the next week or so. I'm starting to think, I may as well wait til we're back from China before buying another one.

Did I mention, there's just 22 days til we leave, for China?!! I'm pretty sure, I'm all booked now. I ended up booking tours, train and plane tickets and airport transfers, all online. I'd like to think, I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl... but I'm not!!! I like to be organised, and booked. I hope they all turn up when they're sposed too!!! I got all worried about a week ago, that we'd be stranded at airports and no-one would speak english, and we'd never get to our hotel etc!!!

Our passports are being "visa'ed" as we speak. Should have them back this week. Then we're all good to go! Yikes!!! 22 days!!! H-man still hasn't quite "got" that we're not bringing home his sister. It'll be interesting while we're there, whether he befriends any little girls and convinces them to come home with him?!! It's funny when I mention to people we're going to China in 3 weeks; I can see them all thinking "for the baby?", I jump in real quick with "no, not for our child... just a holiday"!!! Trust me... EVERYONE will know, when we finally see our daughter's (son's?!!) face!!!

Happy Sunday All!


Chelley said...

oh the countdown is on!! Have you stated packing with your new swish suitcaes??

Hows your feelings about been in China knowing that we are so very close to your little one!

The tours that you are doing this trip you wont do again when you go next time??? Or are you doing ones that you wouldnt do then~~

Pug Mama said...

beautiful picture!

btw, can't you grab a kid while you are over in China? while you're at it, grab me one too!!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Love the beautiful family photo! I can't believe you are going to China in 22 days! So exciting!

kris said...

Perfect 3 words!! And here's to the countdown!

Donna & Andrew said...

What a beautiful picture and perfect 3 words.

Anonymous said...

Great 3 word pic!
Yay 21 more days!
Hope you plan on blogging your trip! ?

Alyson & Ford said...

...tis a truth never better told.


PIPO said...

That it is! Love the picture but let's get your goods in the shot as well :0)