"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Monday, 2 February 2009

I'm packin'!!

This is Tiny's bag... (and it's contents!)

I'm sure I will revise it once again, before travel... but here's what I'm taking (today!)...


2 x jeans (1x sz 6-12 mths - 1x sz 12-18 mths)

3 x leggins (3x 6-12 mths - 1x sz 12-18ths)

3 x long sleeve tops (2x sz 6-12 mths - 1x sz 12-18 mths)

2 x long sleeve bodysuits (1x sz 6-12 mths - 1x sz 12-18 mths)

2 x short sleeve bodysuits (1x sz 6-12 mths - 1x sz 0 (9-12 mths)

1 x teeshirt (sz 12 mths)

1 x onesie sleepsuit (sz 6mths... think this will be too small - but has no feet in it)

2 x pjs (1x sz 9 mths - 1x sz 12-18 mths)

2 x dress (sz 0)

3 x jackets (2x sz0 - 1x sz 6-12 mths)

5 x bibs

5 x tights (sz 12 mths)

2 x socks (sz 6-12 mths)

3 x slip on shoes (ro.bee style) (sz 6-12 mths)

2 x headband... (no clippies!!! poor luv, needs some hair!)

Baby Care:

20 Hugg!es nappies

1 x Pk wipes (200)

1 x Pk travel wipes (80)

1 x pk scented nappy bags

1 xCurash baby powder

1 x Butt Paste (thanks to my US secret pal!)

1 x Dim.etap (childs cold n flu liquid) - with dropper

1 x Pana.dol - with dropper

1 x Clox.ol drops (for consitpation)

2 x boxes cold water sterilising tablets

Baby Care Kit (inc. thermometer, eye dropper, clippers etc)

4 x bottles (will fill with che.rios before leaving)

1 x Formula dispenser

1 x container of baby formula

4 x tins pureed fruit / and fruit custard (this really helped H-man when we was constipated!)

1 x baby toothbrush & paste

1 x dummy & holder

6 x baby spoons

3 x tiny containers to hold snacks

1 x box ziplock bags

1 x sm. thermos

1 x small thermal bottle bag (2 bottles inside)

1 x Qu!nny hip-Sling

1 x sm. Blanket

1 x stow away duffle bag - with wheels (opens up as big as Tiny's red bag!)... for all our souvenirs!

1x pk lithium batteries for camera


1 x F!sher Pr!ce "Dragonfly" doll (with rattle/bell inside)

1 x baby mirror

1 x bath book

1 x set stacking cups

1 x squeekie crocdile (this was Miss M's & Hman's... they LOVED it!)

1 x pk of 3 "pet balls" with bells inside!

1x taggie


Mum has knitted about 20 baby beanies, for the orphanage

**I'm not taking any onesies with "feet" in them... just in case she's too tall!** I'm also packing one set of clothes for Mr T & me, in Tiny's bag, and one set of her clothes + Pjs in our bag... just in case one bag goes astray!

For Mr T & Me (each):

3 x jeans

4 x long sleeve tops

1 x lightweight jumper

1 x polar fleece jacket

1 x outerjacket

1 x long sleeve thermal top

1 x pjs

5 x undies

5 x socks

Spare pair of shoes each

Scarf, hat & gloves

(Plus the clothes we'll be wearing)


All travel size - will buy replacements in China

Feminine products (they are near impossible to find in Asia!)



1 x lg box of cold n flu tablets

1 x box hydrating sachets (can use for baby as well)

1x nur0phen

1 x Mr Ts diabetes meds


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

So super excited for you... can't believe it is your turn after such a wait... I remember watching December people getting theirs and thought I would never see someone I knew get their referral... am SO happy for you all...

Cristina said...

You are so very organised!! Can I make a suggestion though?? Ditch the formula - it weighs a tonne and you are better off keeping her on whatever she has been using in China (your guide will let you know if you ask). We took two cans of formula with us and didn't touch it - ended up leaving it in our hotel room before we flew home!

Cristina xxx

a Tonggu Momma said...

Looks great... although I do feel strongly that you didn't pack nearly enough pandas. I only counted three.

I can't believe it's time.

Jenni said...

Holy crap! I forgot how much stuff you need when you travel with a small child!!! You're such a crack-up, you are so organised it just about hurts my head! I'm so excited for you and can't wait til you get home. I can imagine Miss M and H-Man will be very impatiently waiting for your return. Who's looking after them? When do you get home? It's still hard to believe that after all this time you're finally just hours away from getting your beautiful baby girl. Hope you're sleeping well....even in the heatwave (which I am just so completely sick of!). Lots of love, Jen

Jen said...

Oh my goodness - 8 days! I can't believe it. And you're looking so organized. I'm going to have to post a pic of Emma's room so you can see what a mess I am with double your time left. Hopefully it will come together soon.

I am so excited for you!!!!!!

PIPO said...

Luv, I am just begoggled. I am going to have to steal the photo of your packing and post it next to my entire packing. LOL.

My China trip has an underlying motto: "Walmart, here I come." (Hope it pans out like I expect it will ;0)

I'm just so excited that you're almost on that plane to your girl!!!

Ava's family said...

I'm going to be back writing down your list! I feel so un-prepared!!!! Yikes!!

amy said...

love your list..This helps me as we leave in less than 2 months. Glad to see you taking baby clothes..Everyone is telling me not to, but to buy cheap clothes in China but I want to bring some of the gifts we have gotten

Briana's Mom said...

You look like you are ready to go! I am so excited for you!!!

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

How wonderful that you are ready for travel to China and your little one!! I have followed your tale/blog for sometime and love your enthusiasm. You have quite the list, not sure I took that much, maybe I did!! Looking forward to your travel.

Another Ohio...ian.

Made in China said...

OMG!!! Packing!!! So exciting!!! That looks like a ton of stuff! All that cute baby stuff brings me back .... wah!

8 sleeps ....

Teresa said...

I think we will just call you Mary Poppins! Can you also fit a hat rack in that bag? I'm thoroughly impressed that you can get all that in that bag!

Congratulations and happy traveling! Enjoy and savor every moment of this time. It is precious. Take lots of pictures and video for us (oh, and yourself too ;)

H2C said...

Congratulations and happy traveling!

Yes, take lots of pictures and videos. Your family and your little one would love them years form now....

So exciting!!!

Liene said...

You are going super prepared. I know right now I'm looking at it and thinking Holy Crap! But when it comes to my turn I'm sure I'll be packing as much stuff.