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Wednesday, 4 February 2009


(The Panda shoes are in honour of you, Tongu-Mama!)

With each day closer, I think... "ahhh, I can relax today"?!! WRONG! Everyday, just gets busier - and I need to cram more in! There is so much to be done, and so little time!!! Sounds absolutely ridiculous doesn't it? I've waited for four years for this moment... and I'm running out of time?!!! Had the carpets cleaned today, to trying and get rid of the hideous mold spot on Tiny's carpet (which hasn't done a darn thing! $88... thanks for comin'!). 4 loads of washing. Wages for 60 staff. Banking. Dishes. 4 hours of bookwork (and another 4 to go?!)

~AND Milo had his first haircut today! He looks so skinny without all his fluff! I don't know what's going on with his mouth... but one of his teeth, seems to pull his lip up all the time! He's got a permanent "snarl"!!! Truth is... he's THE woosiest dog I know!!! Doesn't he look like an "old man" dog, in the 2nd pic?!! He's 9 months old!!!

It was also another exciting day at the post box! These gorgeous goodies came from Rachel, THANK YOU SO MUCH! The kids squealed with delight when they opened their tee shirts! I love the luggage tag for Tiny too!!! (PS Miss M's tee doesn't say IG sister... I accidentally cut off the "B"!)

H-man's hair is looking a little funky - he wanted his hair cut like Tiny's... but the clippers stopped "clipping" half way through! So he's got a funny little "tufty" on the top of his head! Bought a new clipper set today... will finish the job properly!


3D said...

Milo is just adorable! He looks like a big puppy with is new do.

Love the shirts!


Keep smilin!

Catherine said...

Oooo....6!!! Great gifties for you kiddles! It's so nice when people remember the big sister and brother too. Way to go Rachel!

Praying for you and celebrating with you!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I love Milo almost as much as I love those panda shoes! You have GREAT taste. (Of course.)

Deb said...

Oh Milo! Such a cutie and he does look a bit embarrassed and naked in the last photo ;-)(my goldens felt the same way for a day or so when they were clipped). Happy last few whirlwindy days.

Deb M in MT

LaLa said...

Awww..so excited for you!!!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Your doggie is stylin' with his new haircut!!

I am LOVING those t-shirts! They are too adorable!

Shannon said...

H and Milo gettin' their hairs chopped ---too funny! Love how H wants a 'do like Tiny's. =) The shirts are wonderful. Counting down with you! wooo-hooo!!!