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Sunday, 1 February 2009


We had a wedding to go to yesterday.... in the 40C (105F) heat. I'm OVER this heat! The Chapel wasn't air conditioned. It was a Catholic wedding, and I was very proud of the Priest, he whipped through it in just under an hour! Everyone looked beautiful, and remarkably, they didn't really look hot! (other than the Groom... poor man!) The camera man was dripping wet (with sweat!) eeewww.

The reception was at a big fancy Greek style Reception Hall... and their air con wasn't really working either! They even put ice in the beer!!! The food was beautiful. But I'm sorry... after 6 hours of the Greek music, my head was killin' me, and I really needed to go home! (absolutely no offense is intended to the Greek community... I'm just not used to the music... and it was SO LOUD!)

Anyway, everyone was gorgeous... it was just so friggin hot. It is sposed to be cooling down, over the next week (dropping 2-5C), should be in the high 30s most of the week. Urgh. Did I tell ou it's 4C in Shanghai?!!

Speaking of which.... we're down to single digits now!


Linda said...

Only 9 days!!! Can't wait to see Tari....I'm so excited for your journey to take place. I'm used to the heat being from Arizona... I get cold when it gets into the degree mark.. But everything is air conditioned here. Linda

Mike and Rhonda said...

I thought about you today when I heard about how hot it is in Australia. Poor thing.

I came over to your blog because I couldn't remember how many more days until you left! Oh my only 9 days!!!! I am so excited for you,

You are going to love Tari's age. Hannah is so much fun. I simply cannot wait to see you in China. You guys are going to have a blast.

EllieNat said...

Hi--I'm a first time visitor to your blog. I'm thrilled to have found your blog just before you leave for China. I will enjoy following your blog as you journey to your daughter Tari. Wishing you a safe trip, and a wonderful Family Day.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

YEA....9 days..
I am soooo excited..
Can't wait..
Have a FAST 9 days..

Ava's family said...

Single digits....WHOO-HOO!!!

Liene said...

You guys are suffering some very hot weather in Australia. I've watched all the updates from the temps on the court at the Australian open. One said down on court level it was nearly 126F. That's way too hot. Looks like the temperatures are supposed to cool down for you soon.

Can't believe you are 9 days from travel. It's got to be exciting!!!